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Submitter Notes
Last Updated on Wednesday, 13-Apr-2011 16:33:25 MDT
Submitter Notes

All documentation and information that has been placed in the JSY Archives should have the name of the person that the document was received from.  Below are additional notes about the documentation that was received from the following:

YNGHA/Karen Mazock - This documentation was received from Karen Mazock that she has collected on the JSY family over the years sent in by other JSY family researchers.  In all cases YNGHA/Karen Mazock will be supplied to any documenation in the archives that was received from that group of files and the submitters name will also be supplied if it is known.  I know that a lot of the documentation was sent to her from Beth Walker, Rae Donahue and Ophelia Kessler.

Beth Walker - A lot of documentation came from Beth Walker, who has done a lot of research on the JSY family through the years.  She gave me a binder that contained a lot of documentation and family group sheets.  It should be noted that a lot of the documentation she had that connects to Josiah Samual Yarbrough / Elizabeth Owens and their descendants is the research of Rae Donahue and Ophelia Kessler.  Over the years she has given me records for J.S.Y, Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough and Alfred Yarbrough.  Beth has given me a lot of guidence and help concerning the JSY family.

Renee Smelley - Some of the documentation that I have came from my grandmother, Carmen Tilley Pierce.  In the early 1990s she made copies of all the information and documentation that she had, put it into binders and gave a binder to each of her children and to her neices and nephews.  In turn I received the binder that was given to my dad.  It was that binder that got me started researching my Yarbrough ancestry back in January 1999.  A lot of the information was in note form written down by my grandmother and her sister Jewel Walker.  It is likely that some of the documentation in the binder came from Rae Donahue and Ophelia Kessler because it is very similar to the family group sheets/documents that I received from Beth Walker.  The majority of the Texas Death Records I obtained from the LDS site at   All their records are free to search.

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