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Live Oak County, Texas - Mary Jane (Davis) Walker and John Dillard - March 3, 1870

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The State of Texas
County of Live Oak
                      To any regular
ordained Minister of the
Gospel, Judge of the District
Court (sic) Justice
of the Peace Whereby
you are duly authorized
to unite in the Bonds of
Matrimony John Dillard
and Mrs. Mary Jane Walker
according to the Laws of
the State of Texas and
of this service make due
teturn within Sixty Days
as the Law requires,
     Given under my hand and
     the Seales of the County
     at my office in the
     Town of Oakville this
     3rd day of March
     A.D. 1870
          James W. Drurry
          CCC LOC

Executed same day by
uniting the above married
parties in the Bonds of
          E Lawley

Recorded March
18th A D 1870
          James W. Drurry

Submitted by: Renee Smelley 

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