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Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas & Texas Timeline 1799 - 1845

Created by Renee Smelley / February 2001



This timeline has been created to assist the family historian with a basic understanding of boundary changes for this time period in reguards to the locations that John Swanson Yarbrough has been associated with. The main timeline includes Territory, State and County information for Louisiana, Missouri and Arkansas in the Louisiana Territory in the early to mid 1800s. Links to maps have also been included to help obtain a better understanding of exploration, settlement, and territorial growth of the United States for this time period. Also included in this timeline are some basic Texas History, so you can see a overlap view just before and after Swanson Yarbrough and his family arrived in Texas. All source information came from the internet and links to this source information are below the timeline. Unfortunately not much could be found about Arkansas County Histories.


If you you are not familiar with the places that Swanson Yarbrough has been associated you may want to view the John Swanson Yarbrough Timeline that was originally created by Karen Mazock. This timeline, created from documentation that Karen has on Swanson, shows the places that Swanson has been located in Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. Because Louisiana Territory was very vast and many boundary and name changes took place in these areas it is rather important to understand these changes during the time that Swanson Yarbrough lived there. Many early Missouri records are still located in Louisiana today, and vice versa. I have read that some very early records for Arkansas (1803 - 1836) can be found in Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma collections. Why Oklahoma? When Arkansas became it's own territory it originally included the majority of Oklahoma. Researching these land changes may give you an idea of other places to look for information or documentation for Swanson Yarbrough.


Please Note: I have also included notes of information about Swanson Yarbrough and his family within the timeline. They are only to give you a reference to what was going on with the family during that year or time period and in no way suggest that they were in the area just described in the timeline. Throughout the timeline you will also find a "Signs of the Times" category. These are links to web pages that contain something of interest for the 1700s and 1800s that I came across while looking for the timeline information. Signs of the Time links are not listed in any particular order.


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Note: As of 2005 many of the links are broken.



Territory, State, County Event

Map Reference

Family Event


The Boone families begin preparing to come to Missouri in the spring. With cousins, friends, and the Boone's 2 daughters, 15 families make the journey. They make it to St. Louis in a month of travel. The territory is under the government of Spain--the Spanish organize a welcoming parade with flags and drums. They offer the families land around Femme Osage Creek. The Spanish grant Boone about 850 acres of land and make him a "syndic"--the top officer in the district.

Exploration and Settlement 1675 - 1800

French Louisiana 1699 - 1763

Exploration and Settlement 1800 - 1820

Territorial Growth 1790

Swanson Yarbrough was born on December 25, 1777 and turns 22 years old in December 1799

Elizabeth Galbreath may have been born about 1795.


Napoleon Bonaparte forces Spain to return to France the territory west of the Mississippi. Much of Missouri has been explored and many communities have been established by this time.

Territorial Growth 1800

Signs of the Times

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On November 30th the U.S. buys the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon, who needs the money to finance his wars in Europe. The U.S. took over the capitol (Cabildo) at New Orleans, after purchasing the entire Louisiana territory from France in what is know as the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase, extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mts. and from the Gulf of Mexico to British North America, doubled the national domain, increasing it c.828,000 sq mi (c.2,144,500 sq km).

Westward Expansion and Exploration 1803-1807

District of Louisiana 1804 - Missouri in the District of Louisiana

Signs of the Times

Making of America

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In 1804 the Louisiana Territory was divided into two parts. The southern part was called the Territory of Orleans, which became the state of Louisiana in 1812.

Territory of Orleans 1805



Estimating from several sources, Cynthia Unknown Yarbrough may have been born about 1804 - 1807


On April 10, 1805 The counties of Orleans Territory are drawn by the Territorial Legislature. Ouachita County is formed in the Territory of Orleans. The counties were later renamed parishes, because the boundaries match the ecclesiastical parishes of the Catholic Church, thus the Churches parishes became the units of local government in the territory of Orleans.

Ouachita County 1805

Ouachita Parish Today

Signs of the Times

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The Osage, a Sioux tribe, sign the Osage Treaty ceding their lands in what is now Missouri and Arkansas to the U. S.

Signs of the Times

Church History

Swanson Yarbrough turns 30 years old in December 1807.


The first Missouri newspaper, the Missouri Gazette, begins publication in St. Louis. The Territorial Legislature of Louisiana authorizes a board of trustees to collect donations and endow a private academy at Ste. Genevieve. Fort Osage is built overlooking the Missouri River under the direction of William Clark as part of the vast federally controlled fur trade system. Its mission is the maintenance of the political stability in the region through trade and military alliances with the native tribes, in particular the Osage nation.

Signs of The Times

Westward Expansion - Banking and Money

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Spain continued to claim eastern Louisiana, but it was taken by the United States

Territorial Growth 1810

Swanson Yarbrough located on the 1810 Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Census. December 10, 1811 it is the opinion of the board that this claim ought not to be grandted to Swanson Yarbrough, 640 apents of land, situated on south fork of Saline Creek, district of St. Genevieve. Land Claims in Missouri Territory, page 154.


State of Louisiana enters the union. April 30- Louisiana becomes the 18th state; despite easteners fears of "foreigners" in Louisiana. The Missouri Territory is organized by Congress. It begins with a population of more than 20,000. Farming and mining industries have been well established. Schools and churches have been built. The loss of ancient hunting grounds arouse the Indians who lead frequent, bloody raids on frontier settlements. The Indians are encouraged in their attacks by the British who are fighting the War of 1812 with the U.S. A peace treaty is signed after the war's end at Portage des Sioux. Arkansas became part of the Territory of Missouri in 1812 and the area encompassed most of what is now Oklahoma. Arkansas Record and History Information from Hempstead Co., ARGenWeb.

Territory of Missouri 1812

Louisiana Today

Signs of the Times

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The American West America's West - Development and History


Arkansas County, Arkansas created on 13 December 1813, located in the Missouri Territory. In 1812 the Arkansas District had became Arkansas County of the Territory of Missouri. In 1819 the separate Arkansas Territory was organized, with its capital at Arkansas Post.

Westward Expansion 1815 - 1845

Missouri Territory 1813

Missouri Territory 1816

Frances Unknown Yarbrough was born about 1813 according to headstone information. "Family Tradition" says that Swanson Yarbrough married Elizabeth Galbreath about 1815. Swanson Yarbrough is listed in a book where tax records were used to show early resident in Missouri. On p. 30 Early Arkansas Residents 1814 - 1816: Swanson Yarberry, Arkansas County 1816.


Missouri asks to be admitted into the Union. This application causes a nationwide dispute between slavery and antislavery sympathizers which is not settled until 1820 with the Missouri Compromise. There are 10,000 slaves in Missouri. The cotton boom of 1818 brought the first large wave of settlers, and the Southern plantation system, moving west, fixed itself in the alluvial plains of South and East Arkansas. Clark County, Arkansas and Hempstead County, Arkansas are created from Arkansas County on 15 December 1818, which is still located in Missouri Territory at this time.

Signs of the Times

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American Memories Collection

Joseph Randolph Yarbrough was born on January 31, 1817

Swanson Yarbrough turns 40 years old in December 1817.


Arkansas still part of the Missouri Territory is reorganized and becomes Arkansas Territory in 1819. The area encompassed Arkansas and most of what is now Oklahoma. The first territorial legislature met at Arkansas Post.

Arkansas Counties; Present Day, 1819, 1836, 1850

The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803. Shows 4 different maps with dates. Note one of these maps shows that Arkansas Territory also took up most of what we know today as Oklahoma.

John Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. was born March 27, 1819


The first state officials of Missouri are elected in August. They elect Alexander McNair the first governor, 43 representatives and 14 state senators. The population of the Missouri Territory is around 67,000. Evolving from a territory to a state. Missouri needs a meeting place spacious enough to hold a legislative body. Article Ten of the Missouri Constitution declares that the state capital should be located in the middle of the state within 40 miles of the mouth of the Osage River as it flows into the Missouri River. No other state constitution proclaims the location of its capital -- St. Louis citizens are outraged. The citizens of St. Charles offer to pay the rent if their city could serve as the temporary site while a permanent state capitol building could be built in central Missouri. Missouri accepts and Governor Alexander McNair signs a bill making St. Charles the capital on November 25th. Missouri levies a $1 tax on bachelors from ages 21 to 50. Daniel Boone dies at 85.

Territorial Growth 1820

Swanson Yarbrough is recorded in the "Reconstructed Arkansas Census of 1820." This census was made from land records and county tax information because some of this early census has been lost. Clark County Circuit Records containa document (file #2032) from the March 1824 Court Term enquiring into the allegation that on 1 Oct 1822 one John Bolt did steal a hog with force and arms from Jessee Yarberry. In the original document, the name was written as Swanson Yarberry; the name Swanson was marked out and the name Jessee was written over it.


Missouri officials meet in an emergency session on June 4th to draft a response nullifying the clause that would "prevent free Negroes and mulattos from coming to and settling in this state, under any pretext whatsoever." Missouri will not be allowed to enter the Union with that clause in the constitution. So they change it, and President James Monroe proclaims Missouri a state on August 10th. Maine is allowed to enter the Union as a free state and Missouri is a slave state. An 1820 census shows 66,586 persons, including 10,222 slaves. Missouri legislators meet from November 1821 to January 1822. They create the great state seal during this session. The capital of Arkansas Territory was moved to Little Rock in 1821.

Exploration and Settlement 1820 - 1835

Missouri 1821

Missouri 1821 Counties

Lucinda Jane Yarbrough was born June 1, 1821. Ervin W. Yarbrough was born abt. 1822/1823 as shown on the 1835 Municipality of Teneha Census It is assumed that Elizabeth Galbreath Yarbrough has died between 1823 - 1828. Mariah Yarbrough was born February 10, 1826. According to "Family Tradition" Swanson and Cyntia Unknown Yarbrough married about 1826 as recorded in the notes of granddaughter Amanda Dunn Cude.


Mexico resists the efforts of Andrew Jackson to purchase Texas

Arkansas Maps 1828, 1829, 1833, 1835, 1846, 1869

Alfred Yarbrough was born October 14, 1828. Martha Yarbrough was born April 14, 1831. Swanson Yarbrough turnes 50 years old in December 1827.


Mexico blocks further U.S. colonists U. S. population: 12,866,020

Territorial Growth 1830

Swanson Yarbrough is on the 1830 Hempstead Co., Arkansas Census. David Yarbrough was born about 1831 as shown on the 1835 Municiplaity of Teneha Census and 1850 Medina County, TX census at the age of 19.


Americans in Texas territory vote to separate Texas from Mexico.

Exploration and Settlement 1835 - 1850

United States in 1832

Arkansas 1833

Missouri 1834

Swananson Yarbrough and his family arrive in Texas February 1832 as stated on Swanson's Character Certificate. Swanson Yarbrough and his family members appear on the 1835 Teneha Census, now located in Shelby Co., TX. The first census found listing family names. Elizabeth Yarbrough was born abt. 1834 as recorded on the Municipality of Teneha Census.


Indian Territory definately set apart for Indians, which included most of present day Oklahoma, from Arkansas Territory. Oklahoma does not become a state until November 16, 1907.

The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803. Shows 4 different maps with dates.

Signs of the Times

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Santa Anna leads 3,000 men in a siege of the Alamo, killing all 187 Texans inside on March 6; on March 27, his troops kill 300 soldiers defending Goliad Texans capture Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto. On June 15, 1836, Arkansas became the twenty-fifth state in the union.

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Swanson Yarbrough at the battle of Bexar in December 1835. Swanson Yarbrough at the Battle of SanJacinto in 1836. Cynthia Ann Yarbrough was born abt. 1837. She does not show up on the Teneha Census. Swanson Yarbrough turns 60 years old in December 1837.


Republic of Texas withdraws its offer of annexation with the U. S

Territorial Growth 1840

Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough born about 1839. Around 1840 - 1845 We assume that Cynthia Unknown Yarbrough has died. There are also no record of Ervin W. or Elizabeth Yarbrough after the 1835 Teneha Census.


Texas joins the union as the 28th state.

Territorial Growth 1850

North America in 1845 - Map includes Independant Texas - View Detail map of Texas Only.

The Mexican War 1846 - 1847

The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803. Shows 4 different maps with dates.

Admission of States and Territorial Acquistion shows years states were formed.

Map of Louisiana Parishes

Swanson Yarbrough marries Frances Uknown about 1844/1845. Frances Unknown brings children from previous marriages into the family; Mary Ann "Polly" Tope born abt. 1838, James Henry "Jim" Tope born February 22, 1844 and John Moore born March 1842. Amanda Arminda "Mandy" Yarbrough is born on October 20, 1846.



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