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1832 !Swanson's family emigrated to then Spanish occupied Texas in 1832 (Character
Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas, Gifford White, ed.):
San Augustine Aug 18, 1835
Certify Randolf Yarbrough a native of Arkansas Territory, single man,
emigrated to Texas 1832 . . . Nathan David Comr

San Augustine Aug 18, 1835
Certify Swanson Yarbrough Jr a native of Louisiana, single man emigrated
1832 . . . Nathan Davis Comr

San Augustine Aug 18th 1835
Certify Swanson Yarbrough a native of No Carolina a man of family of ten
persons . . . emigrated in Febr 1832 . . . Saml Thompson Alcd
Certificate of Charater: State of Coahula & Texas Municcaapality of San Augustine. I certify that Swanson Yarbrough a native of N. Carolina of the United States of America is a man of family consisting of ten persons and a man of good moral habits industrious and a good citizen and urdly to the Laws and religion of the country. Said Yarbrough emigrated to this Country in Febr 1832. Give at the instance of the party interested. /s/Sam'l Thompson. August 18, 1835.

1835 Municipality of Tenehaw Census
Swanson Zanberry married Catholic Farmer age 50 born abt. 1785
Cinthe, his wife age 30 born abt. 1805
Randolph son age 19 born abt. 1816
Swanson son age 16 born abt. 1819
Lucinda daughter age 14 born abt. 1821
Ervin W. son age 13 born abt. 1822
Mariah daughter age 11 born abt. 1824
Alford son age 8 born abt. 1827
Martha daughter age 6 born abt. 1829
David son age 4 born abt. 1831
Elizabeth daughter age 2 born abt. 1833

There are 2 versions of that Tenahaw census. One does not have Swanson on it.
I think that is the one I must have looked at before.
Beth Walker

Municipality of Tenehaw and Teneha, Texas:
Hi Renee:
Regarding the 1835 Census - of special interest is the name of the wife .. I wonder if Cinthe is the wife after Elizabeth and possibly the first Coker sister? Another thing I noted, it listed JSY as Catholic. I recall reading that the early settlers of Texas had to be listed in the Catholic church as it was the prevailing religion (no matter what religion they might have been) and to get land, they had to be Catholic. At any rate, the marriages and births would definitely have been listed in the Catholic church records and they might be your best bet to finding additional information.
I also ran across the following -- a tidbit for your files:
TENEHAW MUNICIPALITY. Tenehaw (Tenaja, Tenaha, Teneha) District, part of Nacogdoches Municipality in 1833, became Tenehaw Municipality in 1835, with Nashville (now Shelbyville) as the seat of government. On January 11, 1836, the name of the municipality was changed to Shelby. BIBLIOGRAPHY: R. L. Batts, "Defunct Counties of Texas," Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association 1 (October 1897). Harold Schoen, comp., Monuments Erected by the State of Texas to Commemorate the Centenary of Texas Independence (Austin: Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations, 1938).

Another good Texas source. The family histories say that JSY was killed during a horse transaction that apparently went bad. This certainly would have made the newspaper it seems. One great source I've found has been the Texas Baptist HIstorical Collection. They have the old religious newspapers published in Texas. I've found obituaries in those publications that did not appear anywhere else. These were usually submitted by the ministers of the churches where the deceased attended. You might try writing and see if anything was published on JSY. The person most helpful to me was:
Carmen H. Bruce
Archives Research Assistant
Texas Baptist Historical Collection
P. O. Box 22000
Fort Worth, TX 76122-2490
They do not do genealogical research, so I have always been careful just to ask if any articles/obituaries were published on "John Doe Yarbrough" around 18?? (give year). I have also always sent a SASE and kept my inquiry as short as possible and on only one person at a time.
One more e-mail to follow.
Karen Mazock

1837 4 Sep. Petition of the Citizens of Houston County ..Complaint against the Tariff & Ad Valorem tax law ..
Signed by (among others: Swenzen Yarbrough

1838 Feb. Board of Land Commissioners of Shelby County, TX, Clerk's Report No. 1; List of the names of persons to whom certificates have been issued in the month of February 1838:
Suanson Yarberry 1 League, 1 labor; Emigration 1832; John Barmon Ase

June 1838:
Randolph Yarberry 1/3 League; Emigration 1832; Jonathan Bittick assignee.

1846 Poll List - Republic of Texas
Yarbrough, S. Houston County

What I have heard is that John Swanson Jr & Randolph moved back to Louisiana for a short period of time, but then Randolph came back. I know that Swanson Sr had land in Anderson County.

 A LETTELR FROM JOHN R. OWENS in 1964 (grandson of Joseph Randolf Y.)
 John Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. was not killed in the battle of San Jacinto.  He  later  settled in East Texas some distance from where Nacogdoches now is.   Then he  and Grandpa (Joseph Randolf Yarbrough) both swapped for some land  in Louisiana.   I don't know wheter Swanson, Jr. came back to Texas or not.   Grandpa did and settled west of Grapeland about three miles.

 I do know this: Joseph Randolph and Clementine Yarbrough had a daughter Mary Francis who was born in Louisiana in January of 1846.  So, sometime    between 1843 and 1846 they moved from Houston County, TX to Louisiana.     The question is, what Parish?  They were back in Houston County, TX by 1848,   when the next child, Joseph Swanson was born. Since Swanson Jr., died in    Feb. of 1849, it is very likely that he died in Louisiana.  Remember, this is only  a guess.
Beth Walker

NOTE: The above letter from John R. Owens is in the possesion of Beth Walker.

1850 Gonzales Co., TX
Swanson sold all the estate of John Castleman on the Courthouse Square.
Three months later, Swanson bought all the land back.
John Castleman was on Muster Rolll of Battle of San Jacinto.
Swanson Yarbrough was the Adm. of the estate of John Castleman, Gonzales Co.

1855 School census of Gonzales Co. Texas:
S. Yarbrough listed with 4 children
3 boys (Dow Yarbrough, James "Jim" Tope, and John Moore)
1 girl (Amanda)

1856 Swanson signs the petition to form Atascosa Co., TX. In one of the Indian Depredation Depositions taken by Amanda Walker she says that they were living in Atascosa Co., TX just pryor to moving to McMullen Co., TX.

1858 Swanson Yarbrough with about thirty other families move into McMullen Co., TX and Yarbrough Bend, the first settlement of the county was formed.

1862. "Family Tradition" says that Swanson Yarbrough was killed in his corral apparently over some type of horse deal that went bad, by a man named Engate. Swanson Yarbrough was buried in the Yarbrough Cemetery at Yarbrough Bend. In September of 1982 the Yarbrough Cemetery was relocated to the Hill Top Cemetery in Tilden, TX.

!In his later years, Swanson was in the business of rounding up wild horses and selling them. Family legend has it that Swanson died prematurely when he was shot by a man named Engate in a horse deal gone bad; this may be true, but I have not found documentation to substantiate the story.

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