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Playing With The Census Records

Hi Renee:
Tired of hearing from me yet?
I've been playing with census records ... and "playing" is the best word for it. This is what I've managed so far:

1800 - Louisiana? MO? Somewhere else?
Swanson would have been 23-26
dau - the female 10-16 in 1810?

Was there a No. 1 wife we don't know about? From 1810 census, oldest female 10-16 would have been too young to have been his wife in 1800.

1810 Ouachita Parish LA census:
1 Male 26-45 Swanson b. 1777 = 33; b. 1774 = 36
2 females 0-10 b. 1799-1810 Swanson aged 23- 33 at birth
1 female 10-16 b. 1794 -1800 Swanson aged 17-23 at birth
1 other free person except indian - not taxed

This last female would have been very young to have been his wife .. but not impossible. if two youngest females were 1 & 2, and last female was 16 -- could have been married by 14. But, it could have been that Swanson was a young widower with 2 small children and it was a sister/relative who was helping him out.

1820 - Clark Co. Ark - approximation (using 1810 & 1830 Census)
2 males 0-10 Joseph R. b. 1817; JSY Jr. b. 1819
1 male 30-40 JSY -
2 females 16-26     2 f 0-10 in 1810; could these be the females listed in 1810?
2 female 16-26     1 female 10-16 1810; 1 female 20-30 1830;
If Elizabeth was the mother of Joseph R. on - who was the mother of the young girls in earlier census records? Was there a wife before Elizabeth?

1830 - Hempstead Ark.
1 male 0-5 b. 1825-30 Alfred Lorenzo
1 male 5-10 b. 1820-1825 Ervin W.
2 males 10-15 b. 1815-1820 Joseph R. & JSY Jr.
1 male 40-50 b. 1780-1790 JSY
2 females under 5 b. 1825-1830 Lucinda & Mariah
1 female 20-30 b. 1800-1810 Cinthe or Cynthia

By 1830 -the two (or three) oldest girls shown in 1810 would probably have been married .. possibly in Clarke or Hempstead Cos Arkansas as they do not appear with Swanson on the 1830 census. Does anyone have any of the early marriage records for the Arkansas Counties?
I have only one early marriage from Clarke* Co. Ark:
1806 20 Nov. Marriage of James Yarbrough and Grace Harris. Marriage Book ? pg. ?
*Clarke county was not formed until 1818, so this marriage was probably in Arkansas County before Clarke was formed.

1840 Houston Co., TX: (Note: no 1840 census for Texas)
I don't seem to have this one.
Oh, well -- this is called grasping for straws -- but it does seem like there must have been an early marriage ... who was the mother of those first two little girls?
Karen Mazock

1840 & 1850 Houston Co., Texas Census
Dear Renee,
Texas was not a State in 1840, so no US census. However, the census was taken from the tax list to determine who was there. Here is what I have:
Samuel C. Callison 1 Poll Land T300 S4428
Swanson Yarbrough 1 " " 1/2 Town Lot in Crockett
C.D. Skidmore 1
John Box 1 " " T6226 S960 7 cattle
John A. Box 1 " " T4605
This is not really an official census; it says something like Citizens of the Republic of Texas in 1840.

1850 census of Houston County TX
Clayton D. Skidmore 30 M No. Carolina Blacksmith
Mariah 21 F Arkansas
Marcey E 6 F Houston County
John T. 4 M "
Andrew L. 5/12 M "

Kellison, Sam 35 M Alabama Farmer
Martha 20 F Arkansas
Crockett 12 M Houston County
John G. 10 M "
Louisa 8 F "
Sam 2 M "
George 1 M "

Joseph Yarberry 33 M Louisiana Farmer
Pheba C 26 F North Carolina
Georgiana E. 8 F Houston County
Malissa 7 F "
Marcy F. 5 F Louisiana
Joseph S. 3 M Anderson County
Lucindy K 1/12 F Houston County

John Box 46 M Tennessee Farmer
Lucindey 29 F Arkansas
Keziah 19 F Alabama (child by previous marriage)
Lina 18 F Alabama "
Texana 12 F Houston County
Stephen 10 M "
Mary 8 F "
John 4 M "
Louisa E. 1 F "
Kiziah 75 F North Carolina

What I have heard is that John Swanson Jr & Randolph moved back to Louisiana for a short period of time, but then Randolph came back. I know that Swanson Sr had land in Anderson County.

 A LETTELR FROM JOHN R. OWENS in 1964 (grandson of Joseph Randolf Y.)
 John Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. was not killed in the battle of San Jacinto.  He  later  settled in East Texas some distance from where Nacogdoches now is.   Then he  and Grandpa (Joseph Randolf Yarbrough) both swapped for some land  in Louisiana.   I don't know wheter Swanson, Jr. came back to Texas or not.   Grandpa did and settled west of Grapeland about three miles.

 I do know this: Joseph Randolph and Clementine Yarbrough had a daughter Mary Francis who was born in Louisiana in January of 1846.  So, sometime    between 1843 and 1846 they moved from Houston County, TX to Louisiana.     The question is, what Parish?  They were back in Houston County, TX by 1848,   when the next child, Joseph Swanson was born. Since Swanson Jr., died in    Feb. of 1849, it is very likely that he died in Louisiana.  Remember, this is only  a guess.
Beth Walker

NOTE: The above letter from John R. Owens is in the possesion of Beth Walker.

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