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Last Updated on Friday, 17-Oct-2008 22:59:46 MDT
Ok, some of this information I had no clue as to how it should be filed.  I also didn't want to make individual pages for every piece of information I have.  Of course if JSY was a little easier to research I wouldn't feel the need to provide every shred of information I have ever recieved or learned about.

Since I have recieved a lot of information from email correspondence that includes discussions I have decieded to turn some of the information into timelines.  These timelines include:

  • Records and Documentation
  • Census
  • Other Yarbroughs found in the same area as JSY
  • Email containing discussions and theories
  • A lot of the timeline information originally came from Karen Mazock and then it just grew from there.  Some information may also be found in other sections of this site.  Use this information at your descretion, as a lot of the information placed here is only to help provide possible clues for further investigation.....
Timelines County Formation Maps

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