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Some Records Which Concern the Families of the Immigrant Yarbroughs Timeline.

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I am a descendent of William D. Yarbrough b. 1807, who was decended from
"Ambrose the Immgrent" Yarbrough, 1710.  The family left Laurens Cy GA
through Jackson Cy FLA, then to Texas.

Attached are some names and dates of Yarbroughs.

Some Records Which Concern the Families
of the Immigrant Yarbroughs.

1642 -  Richard Yarbrough, one of the founders of Bristol
 Parish, Prince George Co,, Virginia

1702 - Richard Yarbrough, 87, died, buried on Wells Hill (located at this 1982, within the enclosed portion of Blandford Church, Petersburg, Va.)

1653 - Christian Yarblow - York Co., Va.

1657 - Edward Yarbrough died - Court ordered that his minor son? Edward, Jr., be delivered to Col. Robert Abrall who is to dispose of him to his mother, (nee Wormley) Virginia Colonial Abstracts of York Co,

1657-59: copied by Duval, p. 28)

1695 - Feb. 2nd - John Yarborough m. Abagail lVhiteh,ead, Gloucester Co., Va.

1704 - Robert Yarborrow owned 150 A. in Glouchester Co., Va.

1704 - John Yarborough owned 150 A. in King William Co., Va.

1717 - John, son of Thomas Yarborough, departed this life, August 13th. Register of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., Va.

1720 - William Yarborough and Richard Yarborough each had 400 A. of land surveyed in King William Co., Va.

1722 - Henry Yarborough patented land in King William Co., Va.

1722 - William Yarborough and wife Elliner deed property to Martin Chandler. (Chandler family owned property between South River and Charles Yarborough - Amelia Co. Southside, Virginia.)

1727 - Sept. 29th, Edward Yarbrough received a land grant of 200 A. in Caroline Co., Va. (B. 13, p 400)

1737 - Edward Yarbrough was the Executor of the Will of Abraham Allen.

1735 - June 17th - Grigg Yarborough married Elizabeth Lewis, Middlesex Co., Va.

1736 - Sarah Yarborough born Feb. 20, daughter of Grigg and Elizabeth (they also had a son, Griffin Yarborough)

1732 - Ambrose Yarbrough left England on his journey to Va.

1732 - William, Charles and Grigg Yarborough were jurors in Caroline Co., Va.

1734 - Richard Yarborough and John Smith were jurors - April, 1734

1740 - Ed Haley of St. Marks Parish, deeded property to John
Yarborough of St. Margarets, Caroline Co., Va., March 27, 1740

1741 - John Yarborough, Jr., of Brunswich Co., Va., sold land to James Herndon of Orange Co., Va.

1742 - Mary Yarborough born Jan. 14th, daughter of Lazarus and Ann Yarborough, sponsors were William Yarborough, Mary Hicks and Mary Dickens, Sussex Co., Va.

1742 - Mar. 24th, Richard Yarborough of St. Marks, Orange Co., Va., deeded land to Joshua Yarborough same Co. (land on Robinson River, Stony Run).

1746 - Amelia Co., Va., patent B.25, p.54: Samuel, William, Hezekiah and Moses Yarborough own 1,372 A. on both sides of Little Nottoway River and Mallory's Creek. (sons of William)

1747 - Richard Yarborough of Caroline Co. married Sarah Weller, Widow of William Weller. Sarah's son asked for his guardian to be Ann Yarborough Durrett.

1748 - William Yarborough of Amelia Co., Va., died. Will witnessed by Richard Yarborough, Sr. & Jr. (Will given in this document)
1751 - A William Yarborough was listed as an orphan - ward of the court, with Mathew Peatross as guardian.

1754 - Will of Hezekiah Yarborough, Amelia Co., Va.

1754 - Abraham Yarbrough estate inventory, Brunswick Co., Va. 1756 - Will of Moses Yarborough - April 27th, Nottoway Parish, Amelia Co. B. 1, p.119, Abstract: Henry, Thomas, Pricilla and R. Stone. 1757 - Will of Edward Yarborough - Cumberlain Co., Va. 1756 - John Yarborough married Mary Todd.

1754 - Elizabeth Yarborough married William Punstall, King and Queen Co., Va.

1756 - Priscilla Yarborough m. James Jetter (sur. John Jetter); they went to Province of Onslow, N. C. before
1760. (Our Kin - p. 446 of Wm. & M. Vol. 16) Caroline Co., Va. records.

1756 - June 15th, Randolph Norman Yarborough born of parents, Thomas Griggs Yarborough and Mary Spurlock, Goochland Go., Va.

1759 - Feb. let, Richard Yarborough, son, born to Thomas Griggs and Mary Spurlock Yarborough, Douglas Register, Goochland Co., Va. (another son, James Yarborough, b. Dec. 20, 1764, is also listed in the Douglas Register as born to T. G. Y. & Mary Spurlock)

1761 - June let, Alsop Yarbrough - land in Hanover Co., Va. (Alsop Y. died in 1786 - named daughters: Sarah Pollard & Margaret Wright) (Spotsylvania Co., Va.)

1769 - Will of Thomas Yarborough, Amelia Co., Va.

1770 - Will of Jordan Yarborough, Amelia Co., Va.

Between 1750 and 1780 there was a wave of migration toward the Carolina. Many reasons for this have been sighted by other genealogists, such as, the land no longer produced the tobacco crops or other crops as abundantly as in the past. History shows there was an epidemic of smallpox which wiped out some families. Fear of this urged the people to seek the virgin soil and unpopulated areas of that part of North Carolina which the Federal Government opened, Indian lands, to the white settlers. North Carolina did not become a state until 1789.

 Just who and how many of the Yarboroughs left Virginia for the Carolinas is not certain, but the story of one such group was told to Yarbrough kin of Lexington, N. C. in 1898. The story was retold by George Yarborough, who was a descendant of Manoha and Littleton Yarbrough; the story was printed in the Lexington, N. C. Dispatch, January 5, 1998. As the story related to men who came to North Carolina more than one hundred years before the article was printed, we must view it as legend. The article states: "Between the years of 1729 and 1775 seven brothers of Yarbroughs went (from Amelia Co., Va. S over to Louisburg, Franklin Co., North Carolina. Their names were Zachariah, Archibald, Mancha, Alexander, Thomas, Henry and John."

 While some of the above named do appear on the State Census 1764-1779, Dept. of Archives, Raleigh, N. C., it is doubtful that the Yarboroughs mentioned in the article were sons of the same Father. Perhaps, "brothers of Yarbroughs" meant they left brothers in Amelia Co. or elsewhere, but came as a group of Yarbrough kin.

 In a record such as this, it would be impossible to trace each man of the generation mentioned in the above article. By the 1790 Census, most of the Yarbrough Yarborough families were gone to another locality. There are many records to be found in North Carolina which pertain to those Yarboroughs mentioned in the following Censuses.

Orange Co., Virginia

Joel Yarbrough was witness to an estate settlement of John Barnett. (Will book 2 - 1744-1778) May 24, 1750.  This inventory of estate was signed by Zack Taylor and James Madison.

Richard Yarborough m. 11/24/1775, Surrey Co. Va. Sarah Watkins
William Yarbrough m. 6/26/1792, Lunenburg Co. Va. Leanns Andrews (by Sherborn, Baptist Minister). One ref. states the date as 6/26/1792. (Ref: "The Old Free State" by L. Bell, Vol II, p. 257) (History of Iunenburg Co. & Southside, Va.)

in Williamson Co., Tenn. - Richard Yarborough was witness to the will of Mark Andrews, Dec. 3, 1820.

Will of William Yarbrough-Yarborough, Aug. 29, 1825 wife: Lennah
1. William Yarbrough
2.  Rebecca m. Bennett
3.  Elizabeth m. Cochorn
4.  Richard S. or L
5.  Joseph J,
6. Brockenborough U. grandson: Wm. Yarbrough West probated Jan. 26, 1829

CHARLES YARBROUGH of SOUTH CAROLINA the Charles Yarbrough Will (1807 Newberry Dist., S.C.)

He was not listed in the Census of 1800, S.C. Was he perhaps in the household of his son, John F. Yarbrough, or did he move to S. C. between 1800-1807? Where was he before that time? From the inventory of his estate, his property included the tools of a master carpenter or a man in the hardware business.

John F. Yarbrough was the executor of his estate and the items were ordered sold. I do not have the dates or ages of any of the children of Charles Yarbrough; however, John F. Yarbrough m. Sarah Strothers who was b. 1774, so I am estimating that John was b. 1770.

If this is the Charles Yarborough in Granville Co., N.C., 1786
1 male over 16 - Charles
4 males under 21 - James, Edward, William and John
1 female - wife Elizabeth
(if Mary was b. 1771, she was already married)

In 1790 Census, Halifax Co.
2 males over 16 - Charles (55) and James (or John)(21)
3 males under 16 - Edward, William and John (or James (born after 1774)
1 female - wife Elizabeth

Some material found in the estate papers of Charles Yarbrough of Fairfield Dist., Will, March 26, 1807, proved May 25, 1807. This was not noted from the will, but listed in the Estate Papers, Box 36, File 583, South Carolina Archives.

John F. Yarbrough, Executor of the estate of Charles Yarbrough

These are some of the people who purchased or received items of property listed in the appraisement of the estate.

John F. Yarbrough  Henry Coleman Jn. Ellis   John Lowner
Fredrick Renger  John P. Kinard Barnett Rabb  Fredrick Henry
Jn. Dickson   David Autree Jn. Hollomhead  Uriah Sligh
Leml. Glypsipi  David Lesley Mathias Wicker  David Otree

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