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SEMI-WEEKLY NEWS [San Antonio, TX], August 25, 1862, p. 2, c. 1

We had the satisfaction of conversing with one of Capt. Duff's Company who has been in pursuit of the enemy in the mountains of Fort Clark, and from him we obtained a list of the casualties of the battle in which Mr. Frank Robinson, of Uvalde was killed, but was not.  There were two killed—W. E. Poe and L. Stringfield—and sixteen wounded—W. Williams, Welch, J. Singleton, W. H. Barker, John Morris, S. Irvin, Charles Bergusen [?], Wm. H. Barker, R. Elder, Albert Elder, Benj. Rossey, John Hill, Dow Yarborough, Edmonson, and Lt. McRae.  This engagement has, we thrust [sic] broken up the foul nest in the Mountains, which has been hatching so many vile and cowardly enemies to our cause.  More than half of them were left dead on the field and the remainder ---------------- (?). [as written in article—VB]
            Among many the hardships endured by the boys on that scout they found some pleasures and amusements.  Away up in the mountains, gushed forth crystal fountains fresher than their air and perfectly limpid, to slake their thirst.  Wide and deep pools, filled with Perch and Mountain-trout, gave themselves up most readily to satisfy their hunger.  And sweeter too than all this, under the projecting rocks from the rugged brow of the mountain, hung geometrically and [illegible] wild bee's honey, which made us feel like going on a scout.  May such luxuries ever fall in their way.

Received from: Jim Yarbrough

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