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Dallas Co., TX - 15 Sept 1935 - Children of Joseph Randolph Yarbrough

Newspaper Clipping

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas
Sunday, September 15, 1935

Longevity Record is Boosted by Eight in Family, 73 to 93.

Scott Yarborough
Joseph S. Yarborough
Miss Helen K. Yarborough
Mrs. Mellissa Herod
Mrs. Belle Owens
Mrs. George Whitley
Mrs. Mary Morris and Sam Houston Yarborough were not present when the picture was taken.

Special toThe News.
Grapeland, Houston Co., Texas,
Sept. 14 - The eight surviving children of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Randolph Yarborough, ranging from 73 to 93, form a record of longevity perhaps unequalled in this section of Texas.

Yarborough, son of the operator of the first hotel at Crockett and one of the earliest settlers of the State, enlisted in the Texas forces when he was 18 and fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. He was one of the guard that took Gen. Santa Anna to Gen. Sam Houston after his capture.

He married Mrs. Phoebe Clementine Yarborough in 1840, and they lived in Anderson and Cherokee Counties, moved to Louisiana, and to Houston County, settling near Crockett. During the Civil War, the husband died at the age of 50, leaving a wife and eleven children.

The eight survivors of the union are:
Mrs. George Whitley, age 93, only 3 years ago donned a late style bathing suit and enjoyed a
dip in the Gulf of Mexico while visiting a son at Corpus Christi.

Mrs. Melissa Herod, 91, still is active, and in spite of poor eyesight takes daily walks.

Mrs. Mary Morris, 89, does light chores and works in her flower garden despite her years.

 Joseph S. Yarborough, 87, looks after two farms, cultivated several acres of feedstuff this year
and rides horseback regularly to round up his cattle.

Mrs. Belle Owens, 81, lives at Grapeland with her son.

Scott Yarborough, 79, lives at Fort Worth with his daughters. He celebrated his 75 birthday
by walking the 12 miles from Crockett to Grapeland.

Mrs. Helen K. Yarborough, 76, stays with her oldest sister, Mrs. Whitley.

Sam Houston Yarborough, 73, practiced dentistry at Trinity until he retired a few years ago.

Longevity has been a distinguishing characteristic of all branches of the family. An Uncle, George Crawford, died several years ago near Elkhart at the age of 92. Mrs. Narcissa Yarborough Burns, a cousin, was 112 at her death.

John Swanson Yarborough, grandfather of the brothers and sisters, died in Nueces County when he was 87. The surviving eight have thirty grandchildren and seventy great-grandchildren.

Newspaper clipping received from Dave Moore
Transcribed by Renee Smelley

 Dave Moore - May 26, 2004
Some Clarification -- Joseph Randolph Yarbrough did not actually fight at the Battle of San Jacinto.   He was 19 years old when he was assigned to guard the women and baggage at nearby Harrisburg.   I have not seen any documentation that he was one of the guard that took Santa Anna to Sam Houston.
    Randolph married Miss Phoebe Clementine CRAWFORD, daughter of Joseph CRAWFORD and Mary Ann COBLE.   Randolph died at the young age of 50.   Mom may have more accurate information, but I believe the cause of death was asfixiation from poisonous gases while digging a well.
    The next to last paragraph mentions the long lives of two relatives.   George CRAWFORD was apparently George Washington CRAWFORD, brother of Phoebe Clementine.   George died at the age of 90 according to my data.
    It is interesting that Mrs. Narcissa Yarbrough Burns is referred to as "a cousin."   She was not a first cousin to these Yarbrough siblings, but the fact that they acknowledged a kinship may be helpful in researching the ancestry of John Swanson Yarbrough.   Narcissa was most likely born around 1829, and was therefore about 91 at the time of her death in 1920.   She was married to John W. BURNS and was widowed between 1860-1870.   She appears to have been the daughter of Richard YARBROUGH and Hannah RAINES.   Some have suggested that Richard was a son of Joel YARBROUGH; others have suggested the father was Ambrose YARBROUGH.

 Betty Moore - May 28, 2004
Corrections: (1)   Joseph Randolph Yarbrough did not die during the Civil War.   He died in 1867 from "the damp," noxious gas in the well he was digging. (2) John Swanson Yarbrough did not die in Nueces County but rather in McMullen County.

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