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Newspaper Articles
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Newspaper Articles
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    Name(s) Newspaper Article Newspaper / Date
    Yarbrough, Dow Conversing with one of Capt. Duff's Company Semi-Weekly News [San Antonio, TX]
    August 25, 1862
    Denson, John
    Crawford, Mary Ann
    Denson family homesite receives historical marker Houston County Courier, TX
    24 May 2001
    Ticer, Annie Abbie
    Newsom, Gilbert
    Annie Ticer Is April Bride Lubbock Newspaper, TX
    April 1943
    Whitley, Georgiana E. Yarbrough Early Days Recalled by Grapeland Woman Grapeland Messenger, TX
    20 Oct 1938
    Yarbrough, Earl Grady
    Anderson, Virginia Marie
    Wedding Announcement San Antonio, TX
    18 Feb 1940
    Yarbrough, John Swanson John Swanson Yarbrough links McMullen, Atascosa Co. Pleasanton Express, TX
    30 Nov 2001
    Yarbrough, Scott
    Yarbrough, Joseph S.
    Yarbrough, Miss Helen K.
    Herod, Mrs. Mellissa
    Owens, Mrs. Belle
    Whitley, Mrs. George
    Longevity Record is Boosted by Eight in Family, 73 to 93. Dallas Morning News, TX
    15 Sep 1935

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    B - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Blakeney, Levia Yarbrough
    Blakeney, J. B.
    UNK (Eddy Co., NM)  / 15 May 1962 Transcript


    C - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Callison, Clydia Juanita Jones The Mena Star / Thursday, November 20, 2003 Edition Transcript
    Callison, Martha Yarbrough The Daily Inquirer, Gonzales, TX / July 12 & October 20, 1905 Transcript
    Caruthers, Ozella M. Patrick Blakeney Davis UNK (Roswell, NM)  / Feb 2001 Transcript
    Clinkenbeard, Della May Cude UNK (Downey, CA)  / Jan 1965 Image
    (received from Judy Mount)
    Cude, Mandy A. Dunn UNK (Austin, TX)  / Jan 1958 Transcript


    D - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Davidson, James Atwell UNK (Sulpher Springs, TX)  / March 2003 Transcript


    E - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Edwards, William Glenn UNK (Tucson, Pima County, Arizona) / April 2004 Transcript


    F - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    French, Emma Cude Dungan UNK (Lubbock, TX)  / Mar/Apr 1960 Image
    (received from Judy Mount)


    G - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Gilmore, Rosa Bell Yarbrough UNK (Gilmore, TX) / Sept 1984 Transcript


    H - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Hindes, Tommy Kuykendall My San Antonio, TX / 3 Aug 2003
    The Progress Online, TX / 6 Aug 2003
    Herod, Melissa Ann Yarbrough

    Grapeland Messenger, TX / June 2, 1938



    M - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Morris, Mary T. Yarbrough Grapeland Messenger,  TX  / February 8, 1940 Transcript


    O - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Oden, Alonzo Van

    UNK (Marfa, TX) / August 1910

    Owens, Isabella "Bell" Yarbrough Grapeland Messenger, TX  / January 9, 1936.  Transcript
    Owens, John Robsinson Van Zandt Newspapers, TX  / Sep 13, 2004 Transcript


    R - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Ritter, Gladys Buck Pleasanton, TX  / Mar 2001 Image 
    (received from Judy Mount)


    T - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Tollett, Joe Edward Uvalde Leader News / February 27, 2003 Transcript

    W - Surnames Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Walker, Jewel Tilley UNK (Laredo, Texas) / June 1970 Transcript
    Image 2
    Watson, Patsy Kuykendall UNK / April 2001 Image
    Whitehead, Ida Gertrude Cude UNK / Dec 1980 Transcript
    Whitley, Georgiannah Elizabeth Yarbrough Grapeland Nespaper / August 1939 Transcript
    Winters, Charles Franklin Austin American-Statesman / 16 Mar 2005 Transcript


    Yarbrough Surname Newspaper / Date Obituary Source
    Yarbrough, Francis Burney Advocate News Service  / Dec 1980 Transcript
    Yarbrough, Helen Kansas Grapeland Messenger, TX  / May 1950 Transcript
    Yarbrough, Jessie J. Henry Tyler Morning Telegraph, TX / 18 Aug 1968
    Victoria Advocate, TX / 19 Aug 1968
    Yarbrough, John Giffen Victoria Advocate, TX / Feb 1965 Transcript
    Yarbrough, John R. Palestine Harold Press / 26 Oct 1972 Transcript
    Yarbrough, John Robinson UNK (Palestine, TX) / Jan 2004 Transcript
    Yarbrough, Joseph Swanson Grapeland Messenger / May 20, 1937 Transcript
    Yarbrough, Nancy White Unknown (Cotulla Paper) / February 13, 1931 Transcript
    Yarbrough, Otis Swanson Tyler Morning Telegraph, TX / 1 May 1956 Transcript
    Yarbrough, Seth Wright possibly Victoria, TX / July 1975 Transcript

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