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Duval Co., TX - 27 Feb 1933: Letter of Agreement between George Babb, Dave Mulholland & Cull Tilley

George Babb Dave Mulholland
Cull Tilley (signature)

This agreement entered into between George Babb and Dave Mulholland parties of the first part and Cull Tilley party of the second part relating to a certain well, known as the Wm. B. Stewart #2, drilled for oil or gas on the DUVAL COUNTY  RANCH COMPANY LANDS; (smuged) The same being on a FORTY ACRE DRILLING BLOCK out of the S.E.1/4 of the S.W.1/4 of SURVEY 362.  A portion of a 160 acre lease procured from Wm. B. Steward, of date December 24, 193?.

Inconsideration of 36 days lavor performed in the drilling of said well, parties of the first part have paid to parties of the second part at the rate of ONE DOLLAR per day (cash in hand, recipt of which is hereby acknowledged) a total of $36.00. (thirty six dollars)

Parties of the first part have furnished board and lodging for parties of the second part while perfoming such labor.

In further consideration parties of the first part, herby agree to pay parties of the second part, the sum of ($360.00) THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS; out of one half of the balance of the product io n realized after said well (and any other wells that may be drilled no said drilling block) is equipped to flow and storage erected.

It is understood and agreed that this portion of the production is to be divided among the crew of seven men who labored in the drilling of the well, each of whom have a copy of this agreement.

Each party of this agreement having read and understood all the considerations herin, agree to comply with same in all that is legal and humanly possible and set our signature

  THIS 27th. DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1933.

Martin McAda (signature)                George Babb (signature)
Jobe Foster (signature)                     Dave Mulholland (signature)
                                                        L C Tilley (signature)

Submitted by Renee Smelley
Notes: Above is Lu Cullus Tilley son of Nancy Pairlee Yarbrough and Valentine Harris Tilley.  He went by the nickname Cull.

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