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Frio Co., TX - 27 July 1938: Andrew B. Brown

Moore, Frio County, Texas
July 27, 1938

Realizing that death is certain, I, A. B. Brown, make my last will;

To my wife Pearlee Brown, I will 70% of all that I possess my estate consists of one seventh interest in a track of land that I inherited from my mothers estate, Annie Matilda Wilborn in Montgomery County, Texas, also my interest in all royalties in the Wilson-Strickland Survey.

To Cull Tilley I will 10% of my entire interest in the land and royalty in the Wilson-Strikland Survey in Montgomery County, Texas.

To U.L. Tilley I will 10% of my interest in the land and royalty of the Wilson-Strickland Survey in Montgomery County, Texas.

To T. J. West I will 10%of my interest in the land and royalty in the Wilson-Strickland Survey in Montgomery County, Texas.

Should my estate come in possession of any property in Mongomery County or anywhere in Texas or the United States. I will my share to the above named people on the same shares as stated above, 70% to Pearlie Brown my wife, 10% to Cull Tillie, 10% to U. L. Tilley and 10% to T. J. West. I hereby revoke any previous will, that I may have made.

A. B. Brown

J. S. Cochman
J. E. Dubose

Submitted by Renee Smelley
Notes: Nancy Pairlee Yarbrough Tilley Brown is the daughter of Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough and Nancy Parilee White. Nancy Yarbrough first married June 1, 1898 in LaSalle Co., TX to Valentine "Vol" Harris Tilley. After Vol's death in 1921 Nancy Pairlee married A. B. Brown (date not known). Cull and Ulysess Lee "U.L." Tilley are two of her children from her first marriage. Nancy and Mr. Brown did not have any children.

This is what I was told about the following people:

J. T. West was Thomas Jefferson West II. He was the Justice of the Peace in Moore, TX for many years.

J. E. Dubose was Jessee Earl Dubose who ran a Sinclair Station in Moore, TX.  A Maggie Lee Dubose married Benjamin Clinton Yarbrough, a newphew of Nancy Pairlee Yarbrough Tilley, Brown.  Benjamin and Maggie had children born in Medina County, but it is not known if J. E. Dubose and Maggie are related.

J. S. Cochman, was James H. Cochran who was the Constable or Deputy Sheriff in Moore, or it could have been James Lesley Cochran, his son.

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