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McMullen Co. TX - 1861 - Muster Roll of Reserve Company

Commanded by N. H. Walker

The State of Texas
County of McMullen

I, H. S. Ward, hereby enroll and report the following names of men in said
county who are willing to serve as a reserve company or company of home
guards -- August 5, 1861:

H. S. Ward
T. W. Uzell
Wyatt Parham
John Hill
J. Walker
John Gerse
J. M. Franklin
A. E. Lewis
Nathan Avant
William Franklin
W. T. Ward
Wilson Taylor
J. M. Sanders
J. S. Franklin
N. H. Walker, Capt.
A. Yarber (Yarbrough)
L. D. Yarber (Yarbrough)
James Tope
C. C. Lewis
James Lancefort
W. W. Lewis
A. L. Martin
A. O. Hobbs
L. T. Stringfield
W. H. White, Corporal
E. E. Lane, Sergeant
G. W. Pruitt, Sergeant
Jas. Lowe
W. P. Crain
E. M. Crain
Jessee Lott
W. P. Fountain, Cpl.
M. Dillard
L. J. W. Edwards
Thos. J. West
Thos. D. W. Carter
L. H. P. Parchman, Sgt.
Wm. T. Morris
George Prewit
F. Fountain
Gregory Prewit
Robert Brown
R. C. Holland, Cpl.
W. I. Kyle
F. G. White
W. C. Goodwin
T. W. Stringfield
T. H. Hobbs
D. C. West
M. Fascal
W. D. Parchman
F. M. West
W. R. Parchman
A. Yarbrough, Corporal
G. A. Dilworth, Lieutenant
D. L. Musgraves, Lieutenant

Submitted by Renee Smelley

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