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The Heroes of San Jacinto





The Heroes of San Jacinto

2nd Regiment Volunteers

First Company Infantry





Hayden Arnold


Robert W. Smith

First Lieutenant

Isiah Edwards

Second Lieutenant

Samuel Leeper


William P. Kincannon

First Corporal



Bailey, Howard

Hamilton, Elias E.

Phillips, Samuel

Ballard, John T.

Harvey, John

Pruett, Leroy

Box, James E.

Holmes, Peter W.

Pruett, Martin

Box, John A.

Martin, Philip C.

Rusk, David

Box, Nelson

Marvey, John

Rusk, David

Box, Thomas G.

McCoy, John

Sadler, William T.

Brewer, Henry M.

McHorse, John W.

Scates, William B.

Brooks, Thomas D.

McLinn, Stephen

Sparks, Stephen F.

Carpenter, John W.

Mercer, G. R.

Trenary, John B.

Chapman, Henry

Mitchell, James

Walling, Jesse

Doubt, Daniel

Molino, Jose

Whittaker, Madison G.

Grigsby, Crawford

Moss, John

William, W. F.

Hallmark, W. E.

Nabors, William

Yancy, John


Parker, Dickinson

Yarborough, S.



Yarborough, Swanson.

A native of Louisiana; emigrated to Texas in 1835; enlisted in the Texas army March 6, 1836. In 1838 Mr. Yarborough was issued a headright certificate for a league and labor of land by the Washington county board.


Source: All the above information came from "The Heroes of San Jacinto" by Sam Houston Dixson and Louis Wiltz Kemp, Illistrated, Texas State Library, Austin, Texas, The Anson Jones Press, Houston, Texas, MCMXXXII.  Page 339 and 254.





Second Regiment Texas Volunteers


Sidney Sherman, Colonel

Joseph L. Bennett, Lieutenant-colonel

Lysender Wells, Major

Edward B. Wood, Adjutant

Bennett McNelly, Sergeant-Major


Private Joseph Randolph

Private Swanson Yarbrough


The rest of this list includes the same privates listed above.



Received from YNGHA/Karen Mazock

Source: A Texas Scrap Book, Made up of the History, Biography, and Miscellany of Texas and its People, By D.W.C. Baker - 1875, With a New Introduction by Robert A. Calvert. Page 567.


Note: All this information was included in the J.S.Y. Archive file from Karen Mazock.


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