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Harrisburg Co., TX - 16 March 1838 - Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. to William M. Cook
Note: The selling of this property happened in Harrisburg County (now Harris County, but the property was actually located in Houston County.

[ Transcription of Document ]
Republic of Texas
County of Harrisburg
                                Be it known that this day before me John
Alen Rowlands Notary Public in and for the county aforesaid duly (sic)
(sic) and qualified personally came and appeared the Citizen
Swanson Yarbrough who declared that for and in consideration
of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to him in hand paid
by him in (sic) the receipt of same is hereby acknowledged, has
bargained and sold...unto Wm. M. Cook,
his heirs and assigns, a Certificate for one Third of a League of
land granted to him the said Swanson Yarbrough by the Board
of Land Commissioners of the County of Houston on the 1st day
of March 1838 (sic) by said certificat No 107 hereunto
    To have and to hold said Certificate for one
Third of a League of land to (sic) the said Wm M Cook his heirs
(sic) (sic) (sic) he the said Swanson Yarbrough for
himself his heirs and assigns, the (sic) barganed certificate with
all the righs and (sic) thereinunto belonging or in any wise
assertaining unto the said Wm M. Cook his heirs and assigns
(sic) and will (sic) and forever defend against the claims
(sic) (sic) whatsoever
    In testimony whereof he the said Swanson Yarbrough
hath hereunto affixed his name and seal in presence of Edward
Hall and John C. Hutcheson witnesses of lawful age and me
the aforesaid Notary at the City of Houston this 16th day of
March 183_.
                                     Swanson (his X mark) Yarbrough
Edw Hall

[ Transcript of Document ]
No 107
THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that Swanson Yarbrough has appeared before
the Board of Land Commissioners for the County of Houston, and proved accord-
int to law that he arrived in______________________________this Republic
eighteen hundred and thirty two___________________________________
and that he is a single man and entitled to one third of
a League of land, upon the condition of paying at the rate of three dollars
and fifty cents for eac labor of Irrigalbe land two dollars and fifty
for each labor of temporal and arable land and one dollar and twenty cents
for each labor of pasture land which may be contained in the survey secured to him
by this certificate.

GIVEN UNDER OUR HANDS TWO                           1st DAY Of March 1838
ATTEST.                                                                           E  G Petty President.
Sam G Wells Clerk                                         John (sic) Ass'

Received from YNGHA/Karen Mazock
Transcribed by Renee Smelley

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