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Nacogdoches Co., TX - 24 March 1837: Swanson Yarbrough to Isome Parmer

[ Transcription of Document 1 ]
No 13
Republic of Texas
County of Nacogdoches
                                    Be it known that on the
                                    24th day of March 1837
before me Charles S. Taylor Cheif Justice of the
County and EC officio Notary Public personally
appeared Swanson Yarbrough a citizen of this
County who declared that for and in Consideration
of the Sum of One thousand dollars to him in hand
paid by Isome Parmer of San Augustine the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged he hath this
day granted bargained Sold and
(note: inserted print to small to read)
and transfered unto the said Isome Parmer two thirds
of a League and one Labor of Land it being the
balance of the quantity of Lands to Which the Said
Swanson Yarbrough is entitled as a Resident Citizen
of Texas and head of a family at the date of
the Declaration of Independence is not
having been yet located, but being the additonal
quantity to which the Said Swanson Yarbrough
is entitled having only recieved one third of a
a League of Land.
    To have and to hold this Said two thirds
of a League of one Labor of Land to the Said Same
Parmer his heirs and asigns forever in Free Simple
and the Said Swanson Yarbrough guarantees
to the Said Parmer the Said two thirds of a League
and one Labor of Land with all the rights, Members
and assurtanances acc(sic)ing thereon
    And the Said Swanson Yarbrough ackn-
=oledged himself held and firmly bound unto the Said
Isom Parmer his heirs and asigns in the Just and
full Sum of Ten Thousand dollars for the true
payment of which well and truly to be made
he binds himself, his heirs, executors and admin=
=istrators as well as this before described Land
[ Transcription of Document 2 ]
to be void on condition the Said Swanson Yarbrough
shall make to the Said Isom Parmer his heirs or asigns
a good and lawfull title to the aforesaid two thirds
and the Labor of Land So Soon as a patent Shall be
isued for the Same from the proper office
    And the Said Swanson Yarbrough declares that
he hath this day Nominated, Constituted and appointed
Isom Parmer his true and lawfull Attorney for
the Said declarant and if need be in his name
to apply for, received an order of Survey have located
and obtain a patent for the Said two thirds of a League
and one Labor of Land either in his own name
or the name of declarant and to do all acts
and perform all things which May be Necessary
to procure Said patent according to law, and for
this declarant and in his name to sell aleive, convey
and good and lawfull titles in the declarant name
to make to any one he may chose for the
aforesaid two thirds of a League and one Labor
of Land, hereby granting to his said attorney
power to appoint as many substitutes under
him with like power and for the same purposes
as his said attorney may think fit hereby
notifying and confirming all his said attorny
may do in the premised declaring the same to be
as Legal as if done by declarant in his own proper
person and the said Swanson Yarbrough
declares that he fully and freely renounces all
laws as well as matters of forth which might
in any way invalidate the true intent of this
        In Witness whereof the Swanson
Yarbrough hath hereunto set his hand & seal
[ Transcription of Document 3 ]
In presence of myself and the undersigned
                            Swanson (his x mark) Yarbrough

                Chs S. Taylor
                C J of the county
                & Ex ofo N. P.

Assiting Witness                            Assit Witness
Thos J. Rusk                                George S. Stow    (maybe Stolls)

Received from Beth Walker
Transcribed by Renee Smelley

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