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La Salle Co., TX - 7 March 1910: H. W. Earnest & W. E. Earnest To Deed W. E. Yarbrough

[ Transcribed from Document 1 ]
The State of Texas
County of La Salle
                    Know all men by these presents that we
H. W. Earnest of La Salle County and W. E. Earnest of the County
[ Transcribed from Document 2 ]
of Dimmit State of Texas for and in consideration of the sum
of Twelve hundred 00/100 Dollars to be paid and secured to be
paid by W. E. Yarbrough as follows Cash in hand paid
five hundred ($500.00) Dollars the Receipt of which is hereby
acknowledged and two noted of even date - First for $350.00
due Feb 1st 1911 and the second for $350.00 due Feb 1st
1912 and bearing interest at rate of 8% per annum The (sic)
(sic) lieu being retained to secure the payment of same have
Granted Sold and conveyed and by these presnts do Grant
Sell and Convey unto the said W. E. Yarbrough of the County
of La Salle State of Texas all that certain piece or parcel of land
lying and being situated in La Salle Co Tex and described
as follows to witt 1st a tract of 21 3/4 acres out of survey No.
43 Hooper & Wade original grantee about 3/4 of a mile South
of Millett Texas 2nd a tract of 10 acres out of Survey no. 36
(sic) unto the first tract described on the north and
being the same land conveyed to J. B. Shull by C. F. Burkley
and Annie F. Earnest by deed dated Nov 2d 1903 For a more
particular description reference is made to deed R(sic)
by J. D. Spugle & wife Lucy Spugle dated Oct. 28th 1909 and
Recorded in Book Records La Salle Co. Texas Vol W (rest cut off)
[ Transcribed from Document 3 ]
232, 253, & 254.  To have and to hold the above described prom-
ises together with all and singular the rights and app(sic)
(sic) Thereto in any wise belonging unto the said W. E. Yarbrough
his heirs and assigns forever and we do hereby (sic) (sic) &
our heirs executors and administrators to warrant and forever
Defend all and any singular the said premises unto the said
W. E. Yarbrough his heirs and assigns against any person
whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any
part thereof.  But it is expresly agreed and stipulated that
the (sic) Lieu is retained against the above described
property premisis and improvements until the above des-
cribed notis and all interest thereon are fully paid acco-
rding to their face and (sic) effect and reading when
this deed shall become absolute.
Witness Our hand at Millitt this 7th day of Mar. A.D. 1910
                                                H. W. Earnest
                                                W. E. Earnest

The State of Texas
County of La Salle
                Before me W. M. Gloves Justice Peace and
Ex off. Notary Public in and for Sa Salle County Texas on
[ Transcribed from Document 4 ]
this day personally appeared H. W. Earnest known to me
to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing
instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed
the same for the purposes and consideration therein expressed
    Given under my hand and seal of office this 7 day of
Mar A. D. 1910                        W. M. Gloves J.P. and Ex off
                                               Notary Pub In La Salle Co Prect
                                                                            No 3 Tex

The State of Texas
County of Dimmit
            Before me the undersigned a
Notary Public and for Dimmit County Texas on this
day personally appeared W. E. Earnest known to me to
be the person whose name is subscribed to the forego-
ing instrument and acknowledged for that he signed it
the purposes and sonsideration therein expressed.
    Given under my hand and seal of office this 8 day
of March A. D. 1910        E. A. Armstrong Notary Public
                                        in and for Dimmit Co Texas
Filed for record Sept 29-1911 @ 1 Oclock PM
Recorded Sept. 29-1911 @ 3 O'clock P. M.
                                        G. H. Knaggs

Recieved from Beth Walker
Transcribed by Renee Smelley
Notes From Karen Mazock
1920     US Census, La Salle Co. TX, Gardendale Town, 3 Feb 1920, image 1

Yarbrough       W. E.               mw       50        AR AL AL       Farmer

                        Lawrence         mw       18        AR AR AR      Farm Labor

                        Johnnie             fw        08        AR AR MO

From this, we learn a few things - Lawrence was Johnnie's older brother.  From the census, I'd guess he was probaby a half brother.  Note his mother is shown as born in Arkansas and her mother is shown born in Missouri.  By 1930, Lawrence M. Yarbrough is still in LaSalle Co., married to a woman named Vesta with a 7 month old daughter named Opal.  Johnnie isn't listed with him -- she may have married by then.  I'll do a bit more searching when I have a few moments.

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