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Grimes Co. & Atascosa Co., TX - 28 June 1892: Alfred Yarborough, James Q. Yarborough to Mrs. Mant Owen (formerly Mant Yarborough)

[ Transcribed from Document 1 ]
State of Texas
County of Grimes
                                Know all men by these presents That
                                whereas, we Alfred Yarborough, Jas. Q. Yar-
borough and Mrs. Mant Owen (formerly Mant Yarborough) own in
the State of Texas, which we inherited from as heirs of our deceased
mother Mrs. Alice Yarborough, and whereas we have divided and par-
titioned the same among ourselves, as will appear from deeds of this date
made by us from & to each other for our respective shares.  New therefore
we Alfred Yarborough and James Q. Yarborough of the county of Grimes
and State of Texas, for and in consideration of the deeds of partition this day
made among ourselves & the sum of five dollars to us paid by Mrs. Marh
Owen, have granted bargained sold and delivered and by these foreunto
[ Transcribed from Document 2 ]
do grant, bargain and sell to the said Mrs. Mant Owen of the county of
Grimes and State of Texas all of our right title and interest in and to the
following described tracts of land towit: The first tract is described
as follows Being Lot No 2 in the Allen Vince one half League in Grimes
Co. Texas, beginning at a stake in the West line of said one half League from
which a post Oak 20 in dia marked x 16 vs distant bears N. 87 E an Elm 12
in dia marked x 9 vs. distant bears S. 26 1/2 E. this is the South West corner of lot
No one.  1st Thence South with the West League line 672 vs to a stake from
which a red oak 30 in dia mkd V I bears N. 3 E. 7 vs distant  2nd Thence E. 1050
vs to a stake from which a red oak 20 in dia dia marked V bears S. 50 W.
2 3/10 vs distant a post oak 8 in dia, Marked V I brs. 8 vs dist.  3rd Thence
North at 239 vs passed the S. W. corner of Lot No 3 692 vs. to a stake in the
South line of Lot No one from which a Hickory tree 8 in dia mrked x 3
vs. distant bears S. 42E a Hickory 10 in dia marked x 3 3/4 vs distant bears
S. 29 W.  4th Thence West with the South line of Lot No one 1050 vs to
the peace of beginning, containing one hundred & twenty-five acres of land
more or less.  Reference is here made for a more particular descripltion
of this tract to the (sic) of the commissioners of partition in the East of
(note: the bottom part of this document may have been cut off)
[ Transcribed from Document 3 ]
Sarah Scott dec'd as the same appears of record in Vol 6 Probate Minutes
Grimes county Texas
The 2nd tract is out of the Obedience Hill (sometimes called Obidence Ford)
League in Grimes county Texas, Beginning at the South West corner of the
Allen Vince one fourth League survey where a post oak 14 in dia brs N. 18 W.
vs. and a Post Oak 16 in dia brs. N. 4 W. 16 vs distant  Thence South with
John Williams West line 547 vs to a stake from which an oak 10 in dia
mrkd x bears N. 17 E. 9 vs. and a post oak 21 in dia mrked x bears N. 61 W. 1 vars
distant.  Thence continued South 264 vs. more in all 811 vs to John Williams
South West corner and on C handlers North line.  Thence N. 56 1/2 W. 481 vs. to
C handler's North West corner.  Thence North with Wm. Gilmore West
line 843 vs to his North West corner.  Thence East 400 vs. to Allen Vince West
line where a double post oak 17 in dia bears S. 24 W. 21 vs and a Post Oak
14 in dia. bears South 14 1/2 vs. distant  Thence South with A. Vince West
line line 300 varas to the place of beginning containing 69 acres of land
more or less.  The Third tract is in Atascosa County, Texas, In
Bexar District Known as Survey No 199, in Section No 6 on the Tordilla Creek
a branch of the Rio Frio, and the same land granted to James Scott assig-
nee of Joseph Weihl by the State of Texas on the 27 day of August A. D. 1847
Beginning at a stake the NorthWest corner of Survey No 191 and South West
corner of this survey from which a Mesquite 18 in dia bears N. 45 1/4 E. 60
[ Transcribed from Document 4 ]
1313 vs. the Barego?, 1583 vs. a branch 2687 vs. the North West corner a stake from
which a mesquite 6 in dia, bears S. 73 1/2 E. 20 vs. another 12 in dia bears S. 84 1/4
E.155 vs.  Thence N. 50 E. 2683 vs. the North East corner a stake from which
a mesquite 15 in dia bears N. 37 1/4 E. 56 vs. another 7 in dia. bears N. 87 3/4 E. 10 vs
Thence S. 40 E. 700 vs. to the Borego 1200 vs. to the Tordilla, 2687 vs. the North East
corner of Survey No 191, and North West corner of Survey No 192, and South East
corner of this Survey, a stake from which a mequite 8 in dia bears n. 45 1/4 E. 60
vs. another 4 in dia bears S. 19 E 36 vs.  Thence S. 50 West 1427 vs. a drain 2687
vs. to the beginning.  Bearrings Marked (see document for mark) containing 1280 acres of land
more or less.  The Fourth tract is also situated in Atascosa county
Texas.  In Bexar District Known as Survey No 230 in Section No 6 on Lucas creek
a branch of the Sabra, a branch of the Atascosa, a branch of the Rio Frio, and the same land
granted to James Scott assinee of Thomas Hubanks by the State of Texas, on the
26th day of August A. D. 1847.  Beginning at a stake on the S. W. boundary of Survey
No 229_ 718 varas from S. W. corner from which a Hackberry 5 in dia. bears N.
38 1/2 W. 121 vs. a mesquite 18 in dia. bears N. 40 W. 447 vs.  Thence S. 50 W. 200 vs to the
Lucas, 2328 vs. to the S. W. corner stake from which a P.O. 28 in dia bears N. 48 E
4 vs. and a P.O. 18 in dia bears S. 58 E. 10 1/2 vs.  Thence N. 40 W. 2328 vs. to the N. W. corner
stake from which a post 10 in dia bears N. 10 3/4 E. 9 1/2 vs. and a Live Oak 11 in
(Note: the rest of this document may have been cut off)
[ Transcribed from Document 5 ]
stake from which a Black Jack 12 in dia bears N. 48 1/4 E. 8 vs. a P. O. 18 in dia bears
N. 70 3/4 W. 10 1/2 vs.  Thence S. 40 E. 359 vs to the N. W. corner of Survey No 229 876
vs. to a branch 2106 vs. to the Lucas 2328 vs. to the beginning.  Bearing Marked
(see document for mark) and containing 960 acres of land more or less.  To have and to hold
the above described land & premisis together with all and singular
the rights and assurtenances thereto belonging or in anywise incident
or assertaining unto the said Mrs. Mart Owen her heirs and assigns
against the claims of any & all persons whomsoever claiming the same
lawfully.  Witness our hands this June 28 A. D. 1892
                                                    A. Yarborough
                                                    J. Q. Yarborough

The State of Texas
County of Grimes
                            Before one Geo D. Neal a Notary Public in and
                            for said county and state on this day personally ap-
peared A. Yarborough and J. Q. Yarborough both of whom are known
to me to be the persons whose names suscribed to the foregoing instrument
and acknowledged to me that they executed the same for the purposes and con-
sideration therein expressed            Given under my hand and seal
of office this 28 day of June A. D. 1892            Geo. D. Neal
                                                                    Notary Public Grimes Co. Texas

[ Transcribed from Document 6 ]
Deed dated the 28 day of June 1892, with its certificate of Authen-
tication was filed for record in my office this 1st day of Dec. A.D. 1892
at 9 o'clock A.M., and duly recorded the 10 day of Dec. A. D. 1892 at
3 o'clock P.M., in the deed records of said county in Vol P No 1 on pages
191 - 192 & 193.  Witness my hand and seal of the county court of said county
at office in Pleasanton, Texas, the day and year last above written
                                                                H. C. Martin Clerk
                                                    County Court Atascosa County

Recieved from Beth Walker
Transcribed by Renee Smelley
Notes:  Alice Scott is mentioned in transcript 1 on line 5 above as Alice Yarborough the deceased mother of Alfred, James Q. and Mant.  James Quincy Yarborough married Alice Scott.

I had a hard time with the name of Mrs. Owen (formerly Mrs Yarborough), but with a search at RootsWeb World Connect Project I found that her name was Mant and she was the daughter of John Q. Yarborough and Alice Scott.  Mant Yarborough married T. M. Owen.

Alice Scott Yarborough's parents are James Scott and Sarah Lane.  Sarah Lane is mentioned on the first line in transcript 5 above as Sarah Scott, deceased.  I presume that the property in Grimes County and Atascosa County was the property of Sarah or James Scott perviously, as it notes that probate minutes for Sarah Scott are found in Grimes Co., TX.

Original Land Owners of Texas Atascosa County
JOSEPH WEIHL                       J. WEIHL                           199       917
THOMAS HUBANKS                     T. HUBANKS                         230       396

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