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John Swanson Yarbrough Archives
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YARBOROUGH, SWANSON, Jr. -- Came to Texas in 1835 as is shown in Headright Certificate No. 50 issued to him March 1, 1838 for one-third of a league of land by the Houston County Board of Land Commissioners. He was living in Houston County October 26, 1842 when he appointed Isaac Parker his agent to locate his headright. On the muster rolls at the General Land Office Mr. Yarborough is shown as having enlisted in Captain Hayden Arnold's Nacogdoches Company March 6, 1836. He was a member of Captain Arnold's Company at San Jacinto and on November 26, 1850 received Donation Certificate No. 238 for 640 acres of land for having participated in the battle.

Mr. Yarborough was living in Nacogdoches County March 27, 1837 when he sold his rights to two-thirds of a league and labor of land, due him as a Headright to Isham Parmer. This is shown in Book A, page 19, Deed Records of Nacogdoches County. He could not write but affixed his mark to the deed. He was living in Harris County December 7, 1850 when he sold his San Jacinto Donation Certificate to C. Ennis.
A Rev. Swanson S. Yarborough was a pastor of the Methodist Church at Waxahachie in 1858.

From the San Jacinto Monument

Renee’s Notes: At the time that this was written it appears that the author was not aware that there were 2 Swanson Yarbrough’s.  Some of the information may have been confused between Swanson Sr. and Jr.  Swanson Yarbrough appears to have signed his own name to his documents, while Swanson Jr. appears to sign with a X.

It has also been proven that there was no Pastor Swanson S. Yarbrough.  I wrote to the United Methodist Archives Center in Ft. Worth, Texas and they archivist that wrote me back confirmed that the name of the pastor of the Methodist Church in Waxahachie was actually Rev. Solomon S. Yarbrough.  In conclusion, I am going to include a reply that I got from Karen Mazock in reguards to Solomon S. Yarbrough.  Hopefully, this information may help somebody else, as well as give the JSY family researchers insight on who this pastor really was.

The following email from Karen Mazock contains a timeline for Solomon S. Yarbrough that also includes the information that I recieved from the United Methodist Archives Center.

Subject: Solomon S. Yarbrough
Date: 7/5/2004 7:10:52 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Karen Mazock
To: Renee Smelley

Hi Renee,
    Thanks so much for the information you recently sent regarding Solomon S. Yarbrough.  My committee and I put our heads together and tried to find a bit more information on this man.  We could not come up with his parents, but we are presently ordering and abstracting Yarbrough information and records from Tennessee, so maybe down the line we can put this spontaneous generation with a family.

But, I thought I'd send you what we've found to date for your files.  As he has been confused with Swanson in the past, maybe having more information on him in your files will be helpful.

Best wishes,
Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc.

Solomon S. Yarbrough
b. Sep 1813 TN; d. 31 Dec 1885 Waxahachie, Ellis Co., TX

Married: 1 Oct 1864 Lincoln Co., TN by John Sherrill, MG

Martha B. "Hattie" Hines
b. 21 Feb 1831 Lincoln Co., TN; d. 28 Dec 1905, Waxahachie, Ellis Co., TX
Father: Capt. Thomas Hines
Mother: Mary R. Moore

1. Thomas H.        b. 13 Jan 1849
2. Willie R.            b. 02 Jul 1852
3. John M. B.        b. 24 Jul 1867; d. 4/1/1921

1 Oct. Marriage of Solomon S. Yarbrough to Martha B. Hines, by John Sherrill, MG.  Lincoln County, TN Marriage Records  1838 - 1880, March & Marsh, 1974.  "Early Middle Tennessee Marriage" by Sistler and Sistler pg. 608?609

1847 - 1849
Solomon S. Yarbrough solemnized marriages in M.E. church in Madison Co.

13 Dec. S. S. Yarbrough witnessed a will.  [S. S. Yarbrough was minister in Limestone Co., AL 14 Jul 1849]

5 Feb. Letter from R. Malone and wife of Limestone Co., AL to Mr. Burwell Briggs of Port Caddo, TX.  "We are very well pleased with our preachers this year.  Our P. Elder was changed last conference and Bro. Scruggs put in his place.  Bro. SS Yarbrough and Bro. Cooly are our preachers this year.  Bro. Y is a revivalist and is a very jealous good precher."

Sould be in AL - not yet found.

30 Sept. REBECCA WILKINSON w/o John Wilkinson, died near Florence, Ala., Sept. 16, 1852 in her 53rd year; sister of Rev. Solomon Yarbrough of Tenn.  Conference.  "Reported Deaths from the Nashville Christian Advocate 1852-1856"

US Census, Ellis Co., TX, 4th Div., 5 July 1860, Waxahatchie P.O., p. 25, Image 22
Yarbrough    S. S.    40    Meth. Epis Minister    2520/4150    TN
                    M. B.    28    TN
                    Thos H    12    TN
                    W. B.        07    TN
Nelson, M. V. 02    TX

1860 US Slave Schedule, Ellis Co., TX, 10 July 1860, p. 286:
S. S. Yarborough
1 BF age 35
1 MF age 33
1MB age 21
1 MB age 10
1 FB age 6
1 FB age 4
1 MB age 4
1 FB age 3

Ellis Co., TX.  Those who took the Oath of Allegiance to the US after Civil War; names of loyal citizens who are entitled to vote in the election for delegates to a convention of said State:
# 29 S.S. Yarbrough    September 12, 1865
# 30 Thomas Hines    September 12, 1865

US Census
Should be in Ellis Co.  Read entire Ellis Co. census - not listed.  Either family was riding the circuit, missed by the census taker, or maybe listed somewhere else.  Not on indexes.

US Census, Ellis Co., TX, Pct 1, p. 384 B,
Yarbrough    Solomon    head    mw    62    M.D. Preacher    TN SC ---
                     Matthie B.    wife    fw    49    Kpg house    TN SC TN
                    John    son    mw    12    At School    TX TN TN

28 mar (Recordation Date).  S. S. Yarbrough.  Wife: Martha B., sons John M., W. R., Thom. H.
(doesn't say what was recorded but from the date, possibly a will?)

US Census, Ellis Co., TX, Sheet 17
Yarbrough    Martha    head    69    Feb 1831    TN SC TN landlady wid. 3child/3 liv
                    Johnie B.    son    31    July 1868    TX TN TN Farmer m/8
                    Hester    d-i-l    22    Sep 1877    AR AR AR     m 8 years    3/3
                    Mattie V.    gdau    05    Aug 1894    TX TX AR
                    Johnie B.    gson    04    May 1896    TX TX AR
                    Warren    gson    01    Nov 1898    TX TX AR
Sheet 13
Yarbro    Thomas H.    head    51    Jan 1849    TN
                Lucy J.    wife    57    July 1848    NC
                Josephine    dau    24    Mar 1876    TX
                John J.    son    11    Jan 1889    TX
US Census, Liberty Co., TX, Pct 4, sheet 22
Yarborough    W. R.    head    47    July 1852    TN
                        Mary    wife    44    July 1855    TX
                        Daisey    dau    16    May 1884    TX
Blackburn    Effie    dau    19    Mar 1881    TX
                    B. R.    s-i-l    29    May 1871    TN

PVT. WARREN F., son J.M.B. and Hester Yarborough, Waxahachie; enl Nov 1918 as musician 144th F.A. Band; disch Nov 1918.  This information was extracted by Lori Russo from an original copy of Pictorial and Biographical Record of the Gallant and Courageous Men of Ellis County Who Served in the Great War published in 1919 by Army and Navy History Company, Dallas, Texas


        Mrs. Martha B. Yarbrough, of Ellis county, was born in Lincoln county Tennessee, February 21, 1831, daughter of Captain Thomas and Mary B. (Moore) Hinds, natives of South Carolina and Tennessee.  The parents came by teams to Texas in 1853, locating in Ellis county.  They were accompanied on this trip by Mr. and Mrs. Yarbrough.

        Solomon S. Yarbrough was born in Tennessee in 1813, and was converted and became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of eight years.  He was licensed to preach May 3, 1834; was ordained deacon by Bishop T. A. Morris at Columbia, Tennessee, October 10, 1836; was ordained elder at Nashville, Tennessee, October 13, 1839, by J. O. Andrews, and it is supposed that he joined the Tennessee conference in 1835.  He traveled the Nashville circuit one or two years; was stationed in Nashville two years; also in Lebanon one or two years, Sparta and McMinnville one year, Shelbyville, Winchester and Fayettefille one year.

        He was married, Oct 1, 1846, and the next six years wree spent in Alabama, then belonging to the Tennessee conference.

        In 1853, Mr. Yarbrough was transferred to the Texas conference, and his first appointment was Waxahachie circuit, which embraced Ellis county, and the greater part of Navarro county.  The year 1855-56 was spent in traveling the Huntsville district, after which he traveled the Caldwell circuit one year, was again appointed to the Waxahachie circuit, but owing to physical obstructions he did but little work that year.  He next traveled the Blooming Grove, Cleburne, Weatherford and Cedar Hill circuits, but bodily infirmities and age forced him to take a supernumerary relation to the conference, which he sustained several years previous to his death.  He was an affectionate husband, a kind and indulgent father, and he endued all his suffering with Christian fortitude.  His spirit was, "I am going to heaven to see my mother," and to his wife he said, "Farewell, Matt, I am going."  In early life he was a sweet singer and a great revivalist, and after coming to Texas Mrs. Yarbrough traveled with her husband and assisted him in his work.  About the year 1854 he bought a tract of land which was his home during life, and which is yet the home of Mrs. Yarbrough.  The tract contains 420 acres, about ninety acres of which is under cultivation.

        Mr. and Mrs. Yarbrough have had three sons, viz: Thomas M., born January 13, 1849, is a resident of Ellis county; Willie R., born July 2, 1852, resides in Limestone county, and John M. B., born July 24, 1867, is at home.  The mother has been a member of the church for forty years, and her happiest days were when she traveled with her husband, and she is yet attending to church duties.
A Memorial and Biographical History of Ellis County, Texas Chichago, Lewis Publishing Co., 1892, pp 274-5.

To the Bishop and Members of the Northwest Texas Annual Conference:
DEAR FATHERS AND BRETHEREN - Solomon S. Yarbrough was born in September, 1813.  When eight years old he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He was licensed to preach May 3d, 1834.  He was a member of the Church a little more than sixty-four years, and a minister about fifty-one and one-half years.  He was ordained Elder by Bishop James. O. Andrew at Nashville, Tennessee, October 13, 1839.  He joined the Tennessee Conference in 1836.  He served as pastor, among others, the following charges: Nasvhille Circuit, Nashville Station, Sparta Station, Shelbyville Station, Winchester and Fayetteville Circuits.  He was married to Miss Hattie Hinds October 1, 1846, after which he traveled in Tennessee one more year, serving the Duck River Circuit.  After this he traveled six years in South Alabama.  He was transferred to the Huntsville District, then on the Caldwell, Blooming Grove, Weatherford and Cedar Hill Circuits.  With these his inherant labors closed.  He then quietly settled down at his home, near Waxachachie, where he remained until life's battles ended in glorious immortality just as the departing shadows of the year 1885 were receding behind the screen of the past.  After appropriate funeral services at the Methodist Church in Waxahachie, his bond was consigned to the narrow confines of the charnel house, January 1, 1886.

        Bro. Yarbrough was an earnest and successful preacher and pastor in his palmy days.  A man of power a revivalist of the true type.  His strength consisted not in mental culture, for his literary attainments were limited, but in the endowments of nature.  While no effort was made at homiletical regulations of hermeneutical exposisiton, there was such truths of the gospel, as to captivate the auditor and rivet conviction upon the gulty.  If not rhetorical he was fluent.  With these gifts, sanctified by grace, he efficiently swayed the sword of truth.  Hundreds were converted under his ministry.  He exhibited the virtues of a true and faithful husband and father.  The pulsations of a warm heart brought him into the closest relations of friendship with his friends.  Owing to personal affliction he sustained a supernumerary relation to this Conference several years prior to his death.  But few knew the extent of his sufferings.  He often endured excruciating pain.  His last illness was protracted and painful; but he bore it with becoming fortitude.  Some days previous to his death clouds of doubt obscrued his oral firmament; but while his pastor was offering up a fervent prayer in his behalf two or three days before the final end, our beneficient Father brushed away the film of doubt and sent a thrill of joy to the heart of his dying servant that found expression in Hallelujahs to God.  When he had come to the brink of the death flood he was cheered by the happy thought of a glorious reunion with loved ones, and said, "I am going to see my mother."  A moment more the messenger came - address hislast wods to his companion, his spirit departed to the realms of bliss.  We may say he rests well since life's fitful fever is o'er.
            Respectfully submitted, R. C. Armstrong, A. M. Dechman, M. K. Little, Committee.
Northwest Texas [Methodist] Conference Journal, 1856, p. 2

Waxahachie Daily Light
For the Record

[Photo image]
Yarbrough Homestead, 1880s
This picture shows the Yarbrough Homestead in the early 1880s.  Located two miles southeast of Waxahachie off of Howard Road, the original home was built by Solomon and Martha Hines Yarbrough in 1854, but was burned in 1905 and replaced by the present structure.  Shown in the gateway is the Rev. Yarbrough, a circuit minister for the Methodist Episcopal Church and his wife, Martha.  In the buggy is believed to be their eldest son, Tom Yarbrough.

Submitted by Renee Smelley

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