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John Swanson Yarbrough

Historical Cemetery Marker Dedication

December 8, 2001

Tilden, McMullen County, Texas



The historical marker dedication took place in the courtroom of the McMullen County Courthouse in Tilden, Texas.  The courtroom was packed with many descendants of JSY.  Great Grand daughter, Beth Walker, led the dedication telling about JSY, his life, and family.  After the dedication everyone gathered on the first floor of the court house for a reception.  This was a wonderful time to talk with relatives, many meeting each other for the first time.  


JSY Historical Grave Marker

Texas Historical Commission

John Swanson Yarbrough

December 25, 1774 - October 20, 1862

A native of North Carolina, John Swanson Yarbrough came to Texas in 1832 and settled in what is now Houston County in East Texas.  A veteran of the war for Texas Independence, Yarbrough participated in the 1835 Siege of Bexar and in the decisive battle of San Jacinto.  He moved from Houston County about 1850 and led a group of settlers to the Frio River in 1858 to establish the Yarbrough Bend Settlement in what became McMullen County.  Yarbrough's grave was relocated to this site from the Yarbrough Bend Cemetery in 1982 as part of the construction of Choke Canyon Reservoir.  Recorded 2001

Hill Top Cemetery Entrance & JSY Historical Grave Marker


Yarbrough Bend Graves


Dedication Photo 1


Dedication Photo 2


Reception Photo 1


Reception Photo 2


Reception Photo 3



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