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John Swanson Yarbrough Archives
Last Updated on Friday, 17-Oct-2008 22:41:31 MDT

Title Date Author
Box, John Andrew (Handbook of Texas) UNK Edna Box Riley
Crane, Susan B. Winters UNK UNK
Edwards, Thomas Clinton UNK Jay Edwards
Edwards, Daddy Bill and Mama Coralea September 6, 2001 Beverley Hudson
 John Swanson Yarbrough, A Man About Texas 1992 
Updated 1999, 2001
Beth Walker
The Life and Times of John Swanson Yarbrough 2001, 2005 Renee Pierce Smelley
Yarbrough, John Swanson Historical Grave Marker Dedication December 8, 2001 None
Yarbrough, Swanson (Biography from the San Jacinto Memorial) UNK UNK
Yarbrough, Joseph Randolph Historical Grave Marker Dedication 1986 Houston County Historical Commission
Yarbrough, Joseph Randolph (Biography from the San Jacinto Memorial) UNK UNK
Yarbrough, Lorenzo Dow 2001, 2005 Renee Smelley
Early Settlers of Atascosa County (created in 1856): Excerpt from book UNK UNK
McMullen County, TX (Handbook of Texas) Excerpt from book after 1981 John Leffler
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