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John Swanson Yarbrough Archives
Genealogy Files & Notes
Last Updated on Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008 18:12:56 MDT
I really don't know what to call this page, but know that it does contain information without supporting documenation, although some files do contain source documenation.  This maybe more of a clues page to help you discover other avenues for further research.
Names Notes Author
Castleman, John K. Contains a genealogy report for John Castleman
and documentation on his family.
Renee Smellley & Asa Castleman
Dunn / Yarbrough Genealogy Notes Handwritten notes about her mother and her father. 
There is another note that I can't find that says that
Sintha and John Swanson Yarbrugh married
about 1826.
Amanda Dunn Cude
Dunn, Cude, Winters, Yarbrough Notes A little bit of this and that Unknown
Dunn, Cynthia Ann Yarbrough Theory about the burial location of Cynthia Ann
Yarbrough Dunn
Beth Walker & Renee Smelley
Galbreath, Elizabeth No documentation, so why do we use this name
for Swanson's first wife?
Bettie & Dave Moore
Yarbrough, John Swanson Jr.
and his wife Mary H. 

Notes from the files of Renee Smelley.  
Information that I have in my note sections
for John Swanson Jr. and his wife Mary 

Renee Smelley
The Yarbrough Name Some history about varient spellings Karen Mazock
Email Correspondence Trying to connect JSY to a family.  Records and
notes for David Yarbrough, thought to be a brother
or close relative to JSY, and other Yarbrough families.
Karen Mazock & Dave Moore

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