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Elizabeth Galbreath

Posted by Dave Moore
February 25, 2001
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My mother, Nina Moore, makes the following note as to her source for Elizabeth GALBREATH being the wife of Swanson YARBROUGH and the mother of Joseph Randolph YARBROUGH:

"I got my information from Bertha Brazoria (Lancaster) Whitley who married George Whitley, a son of Georgianna Elizabeth (Yarbrough) and James Whitley. Bertha lived with Helen Kansas (Kittie) Yarbrough after the death of Kittie's sister Georgianna. Georgianna and Kittie were daughters of Joseph Randolph and Phoebe Clementine (Crawford)Yarbrough."

Bertha listed Joseph Randolph's mother only as Elizabeth Galbreath, not Mary Elizabeth.  Perhaps someone can verify Bertha's parents. There was a note in Georgianna's Bible that Ezekiel B. Lancaster married Martha A. Skidmore in 1878. Bertha was born in 1882. Were they her parents? 

     Renee's note: Bertha was the daughter of Ezekiel B. & Martha Skidmore Lancaster

I believe that Elizabreath Galbreath's children were Joseph Randolph; John Swanson, Jr.; Lucinda Jane; and Mariah Elizabeth. After seeing the 1835 census, according to the ages of the children, Ervin W. would have also been her son. I furthermore believe that he died young because he is not included in any of the family history that was handed down to me.

That was Mom's source.  I might also mention that shortly before Swanson and his family came to Texas, a Mathew Gray filed suit against Swanson Yarbrough in Hempstead County, AR, to collect on a debt. On 17 June 1831 Swanson appeared before the justice of the peace and acknowledged that he was indebted to Mathew Gray for the amount of $88.50 plus interest of 10 per cent per anum until paid. Later, notice was given to the constable of the Missouri Township in Clark County, AR, that a bill of attachment was placed on all of Swanson's properties. The constable was ordered to summon anyone who might be in possession of Swanson Yarbrough's properties, "and particularly that you summon Joseph Galbreath, John Green and Absalom Mading . . ." I suspect that this Joseph GALBREATH may have been Swanson's father-in-law but have no concrete proof.

Below is some additional information concerning Joseph Galbreath.

According to the "1820 Census of the Territory of Arkansas (Reconstructed)" [Morgan, R929.3767], Joseph Galbreath was in Clark County, AR, in 1819.

The Joseph GALBRETH of 1830 Clark County, AR, (p 202) was born 1760-1770: Joseph Galbreth 000020101 / 010000001.

A Joseph GILBREATH was listed in the 1810 census for Opelousas Parish, LA (p 312): 11110-11110-00. [males: 1 under 10, 1 from 10-16, 1 from 16-26, & 1 26-45; same for females]. This Joseph GILBREATH was likely 40-45 when the census was taken--based on two of the children (assuming they were children) being over 16 years of age; consequently, he was likely born 1765-1770.

Could the Joseph GALBRETH of 1830 Clark County, AR, have been the same Joseph GILBREATH of 1810 Opelousas Parish, LA? Another point of conjecture (and that's all I claim this to be at this point)--could the Joseph GILBREATH of Opelousas Parish have been the Joseph GALBREATH who was earlier in Adams County, MS? "Early Settlers of Mississippi as taken from Land Claims in the Mississippi Territory" (by Walter Lowrie, p 814) lists abstracts of certificates of pre-emption claims entered with the Register of the Land Office west of the Pearl River during Novemer 1806. On 15 Nov 1806 certificate #37 was issued to Joseph GALBREATH for 455 acres situated on the River Homochitto; nearby, certificate #31 was issued to a John REED for 210 acres, also on the River Homochitto. In 1810 Opelousas Parish, LA, we find a Joseph GILBREATH on p 312, a John REED and Samuel REED on p 301, a Jane REED (widow) on p 304, and a James REED on p 316. There is no existing census record for 1810 Adams County, MS. Joseph GALBRANDTS is listed in the 1810 tax list for Adams County, but is not found in any subsequent records for the county. Could he have gone to LA about 1810?

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