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Subj: Fwd: John Swanson Yarbrough
Date: 4/22/00 8:12:57 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Mazock
To: IRSmelley2, MBWalker10,
CC: Goscote,, JBMox

Hi Renee and Beth:
I am forwarding a copy of a query I received this past week. I will copy you on my response to Dave as you will note I have strong recommend that he contact the two of you as I know you are both intimately familiar with the JSY line and can do a much better job of answering his questions than I.
Of interest to me is a couple of Arkansas records he lists that I had not seen and I hope they will be new to your research, too. From his query, he appears to have done some pretty in-depth research and I think he will be a valuable member of your "JSY Team."
Karen Mazock
 cc: Archive Committee
Forwarded Message:
Subj: John Swanson Yarbrough
Date: 4/16/00 9:09:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Dave Moore)

Hi Karen,
I've come accross some of your posts on the Yarbrough GenForum and am hoping that you might have some information that might be helpful to me. I am trying to find the parents of my g-g-g-g-grandfather, John Swanson Yarbrough, who was born in NC in 1776. My as yet unproven hunch is that Swanson may have come from the area of Anson County, NC. Below are some notes that I've recorded pertaining to Swanson and some other possible relatives. I would welcome any information or suggestions you might be able to provide.
Dave Moore
!John Swanson Yarbrough's wife Elizabeth Galbreath may have been a daughter of
Joseph Galbreath. It is assumed they married around 1815. Based on the 1810 census,
however, Swanson may have had another family prior to marrying Elizabeth.
!I suspect that Swanson's Yarbroughs came from Anson County, NC. He may have
been related to the Humphrey Yarbrough of 1830 Union County, AR. The name
Humphrey Yarbrough is found in Anson County. Likewise, there was a Jonathan
Yarbrough in Anson County. Swanson's son Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough had a son David Jonathan Yarbrough, and Swanson himself had a son named David (b ca 1831). Swanson was likely a near relative of the David Yarbrough (perhaps a brother?) who appears in Missouri Territory with him ca 1805.

!David Yarbrough (brother of Swanson?)--
"Marriages and Divorces of Arkansas 1808-1830" (Gen. 976.7, Morgan), Divorce, p 29:
Yarbrough, David, wf Polly, of Arkansas Co.; PE, 1820 (Pulaski Co. DR A-161)
[DR=Deed Record; PE=Preemption right, usually based on improvements made prior to 1814].

1830 Washington Co., MS, p228A:
David Yarberry--1 M 50-60, 2 M 20-30, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-15; 1 F 30-40, 1 F 5-10.
David has not been found in 1840. However, in "AR Tax Lists 1830-1839)," Parker WILLIAMS (with whom David Yarbrough was living in 1850) was in Phillips Co., AR in 1837 (Mooney Twp, p 47) and 1839 (Big Creek Twp, p 23).

1850 Desha Co., AR, p 57, #51:
David YARBOUROUGH, 76, b NC, living with William PARKER (45 NY) family,
including: Elizabeth, 36 LA ( dau of David Y?); Mary, 19; John, 17; Martha, 11; Aswell (?), 9 male; George, 7.

!There were some Yarbroughs in early Marengo County, AL, who may also have
been connected to Swanson's line. They were there by 1820 and included the
following given names: Alfred (Swanson also had a son named Alfred), Nathan (1850
Union Co., AR, b ca 1799 NC), James N. (b ca 1812 NC), Lydia, Robert, William, Laurany, Nancy, Mary (m Wilson Hildreth; 1850 Ouachita Co., AR, she was 47 b NC), Martha, Sarah, Milly, Elizabeth, Nicy, Judith. Milly Yarbrough married Cainan Pistole in Marengo County, AL, 9 June 1823. Cainan Pistole was also a JP, as was Alfred & James
Yarbrough. James is also shown to be a MG. The name Pistole also appears in Anson County, NC, in connection with Yarbrough. The will of a William Morris was signed in Anson County in 1804 (proved in 1806) and mentions 8 children : sons Nathan, Jeptha,
William Airly; daughters Patsy, Molly YARBROUGH, Betsy Hanby, Fanny Beverly,
Sally YARBROUGH, Lydia PISTOLE.  The Alfred Yarbrough of Marengo County was later in Sumter County, AL. His wife was Mary and among their children was a James Q. Yarbrough who married Mary Ann Parham. James Q. and Mary Ann had a son named Parham Yarbrough.

!The 1810 Ouachita Parish, LA, Census shows 1 female 10-16, and 2 females
under 5. Perhaps the first was his wife and the others his daughters. However, if this
is the case, we have no other record of these older daughters. The 1830 Hempstead Co., AR, Census shows a male child born 1820-1825; this would be Ervin.  Another child, David, b abt 1831 TX, was in the same company of Rangers as Alfred in 1850 Medina Co., TX. I have not found any evidence of him in later censuses in Texas. Presumably he died, left Texas, or was never located again by a census taker.

!The earliest record found for Swanson is ca 1805 Missouri Territory (Cape
Girardeau area) where he and a David Yarbrough are named in a land dispute.

!Census Records:
1810 Ouachita Par. LA p345: Swanson Yarbrough 0 0 0 1 0 - 2 1 0 0 0 - 1 0 p346:
Col. English 0 0 0 1 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 3

1820 Ouachita Par. LA p111: John English 3 1 0 1 2 0 - 3 0 1 0 1 0
(Swanson Yarbrough not found anywhere in 1820)

1830 Hempstead Co. AR p135: Swanson Yarbrough
1 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 - 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Neighboring Union Co. AR had a Humphrey Yerbrough aged 50-60 living alone as
well as a Richard Yarbrough aged 40-50 or 60-70 living next to Humphrey:
2 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 - 0 1 0 0 1

1835 Tenehaw District (later Shelby Co., TX), TX--
Swanson YARBERRY, 50; Cinthe, wife, 30; Randolph, son, 19; Swanson, son, 16;
Lucinda, dau, 14; Ervin W., son, 13; Mariah, dau, 11; Alford, son, 8; Martha, dau, 6;
David, son, 4; Elizabeth, 2.
1840 Houston Co. TX p83.

!"Early Arkansas Residents: Tax Lists of Co. of Arkansas & Lawrence . . . Missouri"
(Gen. 976.7, Craig), p 30-- Early Arkansas Residents 1814-1816:
Yarberry, Swanson; Arkansas Co., 1816.

!Swanson was in Clark County, AR, by October 1822 and was perhaps related
to a Jesse and Middleton Yarbrough. Clark County Circuit Records contain
a document (file #2032) from the March 1824 Court Term enquiring into the allegation
that on 1 Oct 1822 one John Bolt did steal a hog with force and arms from Jessee
Yarberry. In the original document, the name was written as Swanson Yarberry; the
name Swanson was marked out and the name Jessee was written over it. The 1829
Sherriff's Census for Warmspring Township, Clark County, AR, lists Jessy Yarborough
and Middleton Yarborough next to each other. Jessy was 45 or upwards (b bef 1784),
placing him in the same age bracket as our Swanson; his household also had one male
18-21, 3 males under 18, and one female 14 or upwards. Middleton Yarborough was 21-45;
his household had one male under 18, 1 female 14 and upwards, and two females under 14.
Thus far, I have not found any later records pertaining to Jessee or Middleton Yarbrough.

!A Jeptha Yarbrough (b 1798 in NC) had sons Alonzo and Middleton
[info from Cathy R. Summerlin, Yarbrough GenForum, 2 Dec 1998 ]:
1. JEPTHA1 YARBROUGH was born Abt. 1798 in NC. He married ELIZABETH //.
Children of JEPTHA YARBROUGH and ELIZABETH // are:
ii. FRANCES M. YARBROUGH, b. 1834, TN.
2. iii. TALBORT C. YARBROUGH, b. April 26, 1836, TN; d. November 30, 1898, Piedmont, KS.
vii. BARNET 'BURT' R. YARBROUGH, b. 1847, TN.
[Karen Mazozck replied on 2 Jan 1999 to the above post]:
I believe your Jeptha Y. was a son of Shem Yarbrough (Mecklenburg Co. NC to TN). Also,I have yr Jeptha's War of 1812 affidavits. They say that Elizabeth married him under the name of Yarbrough. Whether that was her maiden name or whether she was a widow at time of marriage is unclear. Her affidavit says "married under the name Elizabeth Yarborough to Jeptha Yarbrough on 14 Feb 1832 by John Enum, Esq. at Mecklenburg, NC. Records say Jetha enlistedin US Arm in 1814 when he was 16yearof age and served 16 years in the army. Jeptha died in Cooke Co., TN on 0 Mar 1882. Jeptha lost his right arm in 1830, the result of a cannon misfire on July 4th.

!Swanson's family emigrated to then Spanish occupied Texas in 1832 (Character
Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas, Gifford White, ed.):
San Augustine Aug 18, 1835
Certify Randolf Yarbrough a native of Arkansas Territory, single man,
emigrated to Texas 1832 . . . Nathan David Comr
San Augustine Aug 18, 1835
Certify Swanson Yarbrough Jr a native of Louisiana, single man emigrated
1832 . . . Nathan Davis Comr
San Augustine Aug 18th 1835
Certify Swanson Yarbrough a native of No Carolina a man of family of ten
persons . . . emigrated in Febr 1832 . . . Saml Thompson Alcd

!In his later years, Swanson was in the business of rounding up wild horses and
selling them. Family legend has it that Swanson died prematurely when he was
shot by a man named Engate in a horse deal gone bad; this may be true, but I have
not found documentation to substantiate the story.

!Swanson fought at the Battle of San Jacinto in the Texas War for Independence.
He was also married to a widow Frances Coker Tope Moore.

Subj: Re: John Swanson Yarbrough
Date: 4/22/00 8:18:22 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Mazock
CC: IRSmelley2, MBWalker10, Goscote
CC:, JBMox
File: John Swanson Y..doc (126464 bytes)DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute

Hi Dave:
It is always a pleasure to hear from another Yarbrough "cousin" - I am convinced that when we get back far enough, we are all going to be related!

I wonder if I might have your US mailing address & phone number for my Yarbrough Directory. I hasten to add here that this directory is used solely for the purpose of putting Yarbrough researchers working on the same lines (or in the same areas) in touch with each other. We have some very good researchers who are not online but who willingly share records by mail.

My first suggestion (if you have not already done so) is that you contact Renee Smelley
( Also see Renee's web page at (

Another excellent researcher of the John Swanson Y. line is Beth Walker ( I would also suggest that you contact her.

Renee has a more complete list of the JSY researchers than I do. Here I will mention that I am not a JSY descendant. I am the Historian/Archivist for the National Yarbrough Association and chairman of the Yarbrough Archive Committee. The committee's goal is to locate and preserve the history of the Yarbrough (all spelling variations) Family - the records, pictures and artefacts. We not only try to preserve these records, but share them with all interested researchers. The only "fee" for this service is our request that you share with us any Yarbrough records you find. A record you find that doesn't seem to pertain to your line could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle for another researcher who has hit a brick wall. You did list a couple of Arkansas records we did not have and one of our present projects is an attempt to build a better Arkansas record database. We do not have nearly enough records from that state to help researchers.

Now to your questions. I am going to attach my John Swanson Yarbrough working computer database. As you will see, it contains a summary of records we have found so far. I recently copied all the records from my hard JSY file and mailed them to Renee (nealy 2000 pages). Renee is working to get those records organized and available to the JSY researchers.

At the end of the computer working file you will see a number of emails from researchers of the line and also the US mail addresses of those not online. Feel free to contact any and all of them.

Now for your questions. The answer to the first one - the father of JSY - we just do not at this point know. He remains what we call a "spontaneous" generation (one that just "appears" seemingly without roots).

I have suggested to the researchers of this line that they spend some time investigating the Swanson line. That name - John Swanson - may be a clue. There are some Swanson families near JSY in Louisiana. My hunch is that JSY may have been named for a John Swanson. If he was, then possibly there is a Swanson researcher out there somewhere who has a Yarbrough connection sitting in their records. In a number of Yarbrough lines, we have found the links by pursuing the allied (or possible allied) lines.

There was a James Smith Yarbrough who migrated from Virginia to Louisiana and lived in the same area of Louisiana as JSY. So far records have not linked him as JSY's father.
As to David Yarbrough who appears in the early records with JSY, we strongly feel that JSY and David are closely related ... possibly brothers. I don't know if the JSY researchers have established an age for this David. I wondered if David could be JSY's father.

You mentioned that you believed Elizabeth Galbreath might be a daughter of Joseph. This interests me as I am sure it will the other researchers.

As for the Anson Co., NC link - so far we have not made a connection with any of the Anson Co. families. As JSY remains a spontaneous generation, he might be connected with anyone at this point.

As to the Marengo/Sumter Co. Yarbroughs: We have not found a connection. The Alfred Yarbrough there had five children - three daughters and two sons. We have established through records that his sons were James Quincy Yarbrough and Neal Smith Yarbrough. Neal died relately young. By 1880, James Q. was in Texas. From the census records, I believe there was a third son, but he apparently died as a very young boy as he is on the first census, but not the second on which we find Alfred. We have not found a JSY/Alfred connection.

We have fairly good records on Nathan Yarbrough (son of James) and have not found a JSY connection.

At this point, I'll attach the file and let you look at what we have so far. As I mentioned, JSY is not my direct Yarbrough line and I cannot begin to discuss him with the intimate knowledge that can be provided by Renee, Beth and the other researchers of the line. After you have had a chance to look over the attached, let me know if you have any questions.
I hope this will be of some help to you.
Karen Mazock

 David Yarbrough Information (Email Correspondence)

Subj: Fw: David Yarbrough censuses
Date: 4/22/00 8:47:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Dave Moore)
To: (Renee Smelley), (Beth Walker)
File: Yarbrough-David.doc (2742 bytes) DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute

Recently, I e-mailed Karen Mazock about Swanson and his possible brother, David. I had just recently found this David in 1830 and 1850. Since Karen has already forwarded my notes to you, I won't repeat them here. I just now sent this message with the attached file of census abstracts to Karen. Of course, there's no guarantee at this point that this David is the same as was connected somehow to Swanson in the early MO land records. It could end up being a dead end, but working from the proposition that this David may have been a brother of Swanson, if we find something about the origins of David it could lead us to Swanson's origins as well.
-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Moore <>
To: Karen Mazock <>
Date: Saturday, April 22, 2000 8:35 PM
Subject: David Yarbrough censuses

Hi Karen,
Attached is a file with two censuses containing David Yarbrough whom I SUSPECT to have been a possible brother of Swanson. The David Yarberry/Yarbourough in the 1830 and 1850 censuses is likely the same one since they are the same age and the two counties are right across the Mississippi River from each other. If Elizabeth WILLIAMS is a dau of David (speculative but reasonable), then her birth in LA about 1814 would place him in the same general area as Swanson.

Near David in the 1850 Desha Co., AR, census was a Lucretia DEORTH (b abt 1879/1800 in NC--a widowed dau of David?); in her household was a John YARBOUROUGH (b abt 1834 in OH according to the census). I don't know if this John is related to David or not, or even if the OH birthplace is correct. Mom abstracted this census and somehow neglected to copy the name of the 4-year-old child. My guess is that Nancy YARBROUGH may be a widowed sister-in-law of Lucretia (i.e., Lucretia was a Yarbrough whose unknown brother married Nancy--lots of speculation here). And there's a 12-year gap between the two Yarbrough children in this household. OH is a considerable distance from MS/AR, but navigable by the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

I have also included some Yarberrys and a Yarbrough from 1860 and 1870 Desha Co., AR. I don't know if these were related to David or not.

Do you know anything about a DEORTH/YARBROUGH connection?

1830 Washington Co., MS, p 228-A, line 2
[Males & Females: -5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70]
Yarberry, David 0 0 1 1 2 0 0 1 0 - 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

1850 Desha Co., AR Census Page 57
51 Williams, Parker 45 Farmer NY
" Elizabeth 36 LA (David Y.'s dau?)
" Mary, 19; John, 17, Laborer; Martha, 11; Aswell (?), 9 (m);George, 7; Elizabeth, 5; Henry,2; All children b. AR
Yarbourough, David 76 None NC (Swanson's bro?)
55 Deorth, Lucretia 50 NC
" John 21 OH
Yarbourough, John 16 OH
" 4 (I failed to write the name) AR
" Nancy 33 OH
P.58 Deorth, William 60 Blacksmith PA

1860 Desha Co., AR Census Page 70
130 Yarberry, T. J. 23 Woodseller MS
" Sarah 23 House Keeping TN
" George 2 MS
129 Yarberry, W. D. 18 Day laborer MS
w/ J. P. Shelan (?) 51 Planter NC

1870 Desha Co., AR Census Page 551
Wilkerson, William 42 Farmer AR
" Mary E. 44 Kepps House LA
" John H. 20 Farm laborer MS
" Mary E. 16 At home MS
" Isabella 14 At home MS
" William R. 4 AR
Wilson, Joseph 5 AR
Yarbrough, Mary 15 At home MS

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