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Amanda Dunn Cude Handwritten Notes
Notes: These notes were written when Amanda was elderly. They are in her own handwriting. All her pictures and papers were kept by her grand-daughter, Lessie (Ida's daughter) when Amanda died. They were passed on to my cousin Sue Dykes.  Amanda Dunn Cude is the daughter of Cynthia Ann Yarbrough and John MacAlister Dunn.
                                               Judy Mount

Transcribed from page 1

Winters was Sintha Ann Yarbrough maden
name  Sintha Ann Yarbry married Mc
Allister Dunn their daughter Amanda
married Seaborn Cude her Father in Law was
James Madson Cude

John MacAllister
Born. 17. 99 in Alabama
married Jan 18. 1854 Gonzales Tex
died 1903 Hairston Cemetery
Burnet Co Tex


Cynthia Ann Yarbrough
died 1881 Tilden Tex McMullen Co.

Renee's Notes:  There is also another note paper that I can't find.  At the top of this note it says,
"Sintha and John Swanson Yarbrugh married about 1826"
I will post these notes as soon as they are located.

Received from Judy Mount
Transcribed by Renee Smelley

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