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Atascosa Co., TX - 11 Nov 1914 - Deposition of Amanda Walker, taken at Fowlertown, Tex.

Court of Claims of the United States

Indian Depredation No. 1791

William W. Talbert v. the United States et al.

Deposition of Amanda Walker, for claimant, taken at Fowlertown, Tex., on the 11th day of November A. D. 1914.

Claimant's counsel, Harry Peyton, Esq.; defendants' counsel, John a. Hendricks, Esq.

Question. Did you know W. W. Talbert?

Answer. Yes, sir; from the time he came here till he died.

Question. Was he a large or small owner of horses?

Answer. The largest in this country at that time. He owned a world of horses.

Question. Do you know from common report made at the time of Talbert losing horses by raids of the Indians?

Answer. Yes, sir; at different times I would hear of him losing horses. My husband was active in the stock business at that time and I would know of those things, as a woman situated as I was at the time would know of them. There were very few families living in here at that time, and these things were talked about among us all.

Question. Did you ever see the Indians at any time?

Answer. Yes, sir; at one time I saw seven of them that came near our house, within 100 yards of the house. That was the morning after they got after Salmon and Miller. There were several men on the gallery is the reason they did not come up. They had some sort of dirty blankets around them and their hair was plaited and down their backs. They were going up the Frio River. They got all the horses we had and also all the horses Talbert had. I remember one of the Indians was riding a big dun horse, and I can see them now as plain as I did then. I am now trying to get pay for my horses and hope I can get it. We lost about 75 horses, and John Franklin, who lives on the San Miguel, knows how many horses we lost.

Recieved from Melody Askins

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