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John Swanson Yarbrough Family



 1835 Municipality of Tenehaw Census


Swanson Zanberry, Married, Catholic, Farmer, age 50, born about 1785
Name Relation Age Estimated Birth Year
Cinthe wife 30 1805
Randolph son 19 1816
Sawnson son 16 1819
Lucinda daughter 14 1821
Ervin W. son 13 1822
Mariah daughter 11 1824
Alford son 8 1827
Martha daughter 6 1829
David son 4 1831
Elizabeth daughter 2 1832


Notes: This census lists Swanson as being Catholic.  Surprised?  It was a requirement that anyone wishing to settle had to be Catholic or promise to convert to Catholocism.  Everyone listed on this census was listed as Catholic.


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This census information was found on the internet and there are two versions of this Census that I know of, but both versions contain different informaton.  Swanson Yarbrough was found on the following census.

The Residents of Texas, 1782 - 1835 - found on the TXGenWeb main page.


From the Handbook of Texas Online:

Tenehaw Municipality

Tenaha, Texas

Shelby County, Texas



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