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Transcribed by Renee Smelley


This was transcribed from the Family Bible.  At times the names and dates were very difficult to read.  Most problems ocured when the date contained a 2 or 3, which at times these numbers could be either of the two.  I have also included my notes. Remember that this is my interpretation of the Bible.  


The Family Bible was in the possesion of Lillian Owens of Greenville,  Texas, wife of John R. Owens, son of Isabella Yarbrough and R. L. Owens when  coppies were made.  Annita Powell recieved coppies from Wilva  Blue in 1992 and my coppies came from Annita Powell.  I have a letter from Lillian Owens dated as early as the 60s, that also talks about this family Bible.  I assume that these copies were made as far back as then.  


Bible Page Images Received from Annita Powell





Birth Page Image


Swanson Yarbrough was born Dec. 25th 1777  

Notes: This is the only record of Swanson's birth that I have found to date and is the date that is most commonly used.  Some also use the date of 1774 because his headstones says that he died at the age of 88.  88 from 1862 gives you a date of 1774.


John S. Yarbrough was born March 27th 18l9    

Notes: I believe this to be John Swanson Yarbrough, Jr.  I have often wondered why Swanson, Jr. is the only sibling of Joseph's that was recorded in the Bible and no information is contained here about their mother or other siblings.  From all the information that I have gathered it appears that Joseph and Swanson, Jr. were the two siblings that stuck together, like that of the kinship between Alfred and David before David's death about 1870.  Notes that I have say that Joseph and Swanson, Jr. traded land with each other in LA at some point and that was how Mary T. Yarbrough, daughter of Joseph was born in LA. The fact that Joseph's mother isn't mentioned in the bible may be due to the fact that she died when Joseph was still young.  Other notes that I have say that Cynthia and Swanson, Sr. married about 1826, which would leave Joseph motherless at about the age of 8 or 9. Anyway, this is all speculation on my part.



Death Page Image


John S. Yarbrough Deceased, February 9th 1849

Notes: I believe this to be Jr.s death date. It also is in the time frame that his wife Mary Rose Rounds sold his headright abt. 1851.  Documenation shows that she was the only heir when she sold the land.


Swanson Yarbrough, Deceased, Oct. 25th 1862

Notes: The headstone has his death date as 20 October 1862, at the age of 88.  This gives us a birth date of December 25, 1774

James D. Yarbrough, Deceased October, 31st 1863

Notes: I have seen some use this date as the death date for David Yarbrough, son of Swanson Yarbrough.  I believe that this James D. Yarbrough is the son of Joseph & Phebe.  David M. Yarbrough, son of JSY is assumed to have died Bet. 1868 - June 13 1870.  His son, David Melvin Yarbrough, with 2nd wife Mary Ann Anderson was born on March 23, 1869.  Mary shows up on the 1870 Atascosa Co., TX census with their son David.  The date on this census was June 13, 1870 thus I assume that David died Bet. 1868 - and the date that the census was taken. 


Joseph R. Yarbrough, Deceased March 26th 1867

Notes: This is the death date that is used for Joseph Randolph Yarbrough.  He is presumably buried in the Grapeland City Cemetery with his wife Phebe, but some have speculated that he was buried on the old home place.  He was never the less buried without a headstone.  The Grapeland Cemetery does have a historical marker in place for Joseph R. Yarbrough.


Mollie J. Yarbrough, Deceased June 28th 1884

Notes: I presume Molly J. Yarbrough to be the wife of John R. Yarbrough.  They are buried in the Grapeland City Cemetery.



Birth Page 2 Image


J. R. Yarbrough was born Jan. 31st 1817

Notes: This is the most commonly used birth date for Joseph Randolph Yarbrough.  It should also be noted that his birth date is listed on the same page with Phebe and their children.  

Phebe C. Yarbrough was born June 27th 1823

Notes: the spelling of Phebe.  I have been using the Phoebe spelling until reviewing these Bible pages.  It should also be noted that a lady I exchanged genealogy with on the Crawford family also uses the Phebe spelling.  She did not have any information about the children of Phebe and Joseph R. Yarbrough, so I assume the spelling she had came from some type of record or from family information.


Georgana E. Yarbrough was born Jan. 31st 1842

Melissa A. Yarbrough was born Nov. 15th 1843

Mary T. Yarbrough was born Jan. 15th 1846

Joseph S. Yarbrough was born March 4th 1848

Lucinda K. Yarbrough was born Apr. 14th 1850

John R. Yarbrough was born May 11th 1852

Isabella Yarbrough was born July 21st 1854

Scot M. Yarbrough was born March 29th 1856

James D. Yarbrough was born May 23rd 1857

Helen K. Yarbrough was born April 22nd 1859

Sam H. Yarbrough was born April 28th 1860

Laura B. Yarbrough was born Nov. 13th 1883

Notes: I presume Laura B. Yarbrough to be Laura Belle Yarbrough, daughter of John R. Yarbrough and Mollie Joe Smith, buried in the Grapeland City Cemetery with her parents.



Marriage Page Image

J. R. Yarbrough and Phebe C. Crawford was married Feb 3rd 1840

Georgana E. Yarbrough and James Whitley was married Oct. 25th 1860

Melisa A. Yarbrough and J. T. Herod was married Sept. 6th 1872

Mary T. Yarbrough and W. R. Morris was married Sept 25th 1872 or 1882

Lucinda K. Yarbrough and C. L. Whitescarver was married Dec. 15th 1875

J. S. Yarbrough and Mollie A. Hollingsworth was married Feb. 9th 1882

J. R. Yarbrough and Mollie J. Smith was married Nov. 1st 1882





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