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Kingdom of Whispering Tor
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Whispering Tor: Azure, a Bend Sinister Or, on an Acorn Proper, Barbed Proper, a Crown Or in chief, a Tower Or in base.
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Either what we hold to be right and good and true is right and good and true for all mankind under God, or we're just another robber tribe.
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In the world most view as reality, the Kingdom of Whispering Tor Reenactment Society consists of North and South Carolina. It also includes the Embassy of the United Kingdom (Britain) and the Embassy of Australia.

The Kingdom of Whispering Tor is a medieval re-enactment group. We are not an authenticity society. We are not a historical society nor a role playing game, but a society formed to study and re-enact the Middle Ages as they could have been.

The Kingdom has medieval fighting, arts, crafts, music, sciences, costuming, bardic circles, feasting, and more. There are many guilds you can join to share and develop your skills, including armorers, costuming, and cooking. There are activities for children, adults, and families to share. There will be weekend events where all are welcome to enjoy life as it should have been during the Middle Ages. If you are interested please contact us for more information. We are always happy to welcome new members.

Please keep in mind that since this is a new society, there may not be a Crown in your area yet; however, you may still join and begin your chapter. We are very interested in anyone who is wanting to join the society and have fun. We welcome members of other reenactment organizations who are looking for an additional way of enjoying this hobby. All correspondences will be answered.

Heraldry of the Kingdom
Code of Chivalry

Gladius et Flamen Order of Knighthood
Order of the Sacred Rose
Order of the Raven
Collegium Strategema

Costumers Guild
Guild of Heralds
United Armorers of the Empires

Email King Luther
Visit King Luther
Email Queen Katrin
Visit Queen Katrin

We are always looking for people who are interested in joining or opening up chapters in all states and cities. If you are interested in becoming a member of this society please complete the membership form or email us.

Persons interested in contacting the King or Queen, or in joining the Kingdom should write or email
Lewis or Debbie Palmer
635 29th Ave NE
Hickory, NC 28601

Schedule of Events
Saint Crispian's Day
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