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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania



The book "West Deer History" which is an updated version of "A Century and a Half of Progress"

This is the web site is a HTML version, and is VERY large even if you have a high speed Internet connection the download will still take time be aware it is 45 Meg in size including all pictures, however you will find searchable text and pictures in the original scanned resolution.

The reason for this republishing, reprinting and electronic publication is that so few copies of this book are available to libraries and schools to research and learn about the coal mining regions of Pennsylvania; specifically Russellton, Superior and Curtisville. My hope is that by publishing this book in electronic form in addition to the printed version more acknowledgements of our little part of the word will be more wildly known.

Since much of the text of the original book was scanned and optical recognized there will be some errors. I have tried to keep these errors to a minimum but inevitably there will be some. If any errors are found please feel free to contact me so that I can correct these mistakes. Lewetagk at (change "_at_" to @)

With this republication comes more information than the original including many new photos and additional information scattered through the book.



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