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                                                          NEATH TOWN  -  Tonna End   Section from 1877 OS map
  The map shows the area of Neath now known as Penydre from the Inn at the left ( The Bear ) to the building top right which is the old Workhouse , Lletty Nedd. In this map the road is named as Llantwit Road but in other maps we see that various sections were known by other names. In the 1881 census the enumerator seems to have started from Lletty Nedd and worked along the houses near the canal towards the Bear. He then started again near Lletty Nedd to enumerate the South side of the road.
  More detailed Archive maps show various "Courts" along the Canal side. Many Courts were built "back to back" and my own memories of the houses near the canal are of houses which were two storeys on the road side and three stories on the canal side. In comparing the maps to the 1881 census a pattern emerges of back to back houses with those on the street side being enumerated as Llantwit Road or  Penydre and those behind as the "Courts".
       Below the map is a guide as to how the houses were numbered by the enumerator. Using that guide you should be able to locate the following :    Llantwit Road;  Union Court(A);  Jenkins Court(B);  Smith`s Court(C);  Davies` Court(D);  Morgan`s Court(E);  Jones` Court(F);  Strick`s Court(G);  Water`s Court(H);  Nant Lane(J);  Sydenham Terrace(K);  Orchard Terrace(L);    Public Houses : The Bear; The Star & The Farmer`s Arms

1881 Census - Enumeration
Move left from Lletty Nedd along North side of street
                                             - 21 houses - Nos 26 to 46 Llantwit Road - Last 4 of these backed by Union Court
                            - 11 houses - Nos 47 to 57 Llantwit Road - Backed by Nos 1 to 11 of Jenkins Court
                            -  6 houses - Nos 58 to 63 Llantwit Road - Backed by Nos 1 to 4 Smiths Court + 1 to 2 Davies Court
                            - 3 houses - Nos 64 & 65 Llantwit Road - No 26 Penydre - The Farmer`s Arms backed by
                                                                                    Nos 1 to 3 Morgans Court
                            - 9 houses - Nos 27 to 35 Penydre -  Backed by Nos 1 to 4 Jones` Court 
                                                                                                          and Nos 1 to 5   Strick`s Court
                            - 2 houses - Nos 36 & 37 Penydre - Backed by Nos 1 & 2 Waters Court
                            - 18 houses - Nos 38 to 55 Penydre including the Bear
The enumerator then does Park Road before coming back to do the South side of Llantwit Road starting from the Lletty Nedd end.
                                              - 25 houses - Nos 25 to 1 Llantwit Road - The Star pub being No 20
                                              - 5 houses - Nos 5 to 1 Nant Lane - up the lane by the side of the Chapel
                                              - 24 houses - Nos 25 to 2 Penydre - These houses are shown on other maps as being
                                                                       Sydenham Terrace (16 houses ) 
                                                                  and Orchard Terrace   ( 8 houses )

Zoar  Penydre Schoolroom at the side of Nant Lane was not built until 1884. It was built on the site of the old East Gate Toll Gate and as this map was drawn in 1877, it is presumably that building which is shown in the centre of the South side.
         The 1851 census shows an Eastgate Terrace in the same area. Did this later become Sydenham Terrace or were the houses between The Schoolrom and the Star known as Eastgate Terrace.
Images :      Zoar Penydre;      The Bear


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