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The Harlan OnLine Family Album (Kansas)
photos and history supplied by Mary (BARR) NORRIS
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The (Judge) John C. Harlan Family

, born July 10, 1822 in Baltimore, MD, married John C. HARLAN in Richmond, IN in 1841.

In 1869, the Harlan's moved to Missouri. In 1870, they moved west to Blue Rapids, Kansas. Then in October of 1871, they settled in Smith County, KS.

Judge Harlan died around 1880, about 27 years before his wife, Sarah Jane, who died on Oct 12 1907, in Smith County, KS.

Their children were Virginia D. (JONES), Ralph, C. B., Eugene, Lulu (CROSBY).

John and Sarah Jane adopted their daughter Virginia's infant daughter, "Virgie", at the time of her mother's death in 1866.

Harlan Family History and more information

Daniel E. KELLEY wrote the music to Brewster Higley's poem, "Home on the Range". Daniel's wife, Mary "LuLu" (HARLAN) KELLEY, was a daughter of John and Sarah Jane HARLAN. LuLu's brother, Clarence HARLAN, played guitar in a local band that popularized the song. It was said that LuLu's niece's husband, Clyde BARR, made a jewelry box from Clarence's guitar, after rain had destroyed it. The box was made for LuLu and Clarence's older sister, Virginia D. (Harlan) JONES, who was Virgie (Harlan-Jones) BARR's mother.
Drawing of the Harlan residence

Map of Harlan, KS
(in Smith County)
Children of John and Sarah Jane HARLAN

Virginia D. JONES, mother of Virgie (JONES-HARLAN) BARR

"Cal" and Eva Harlan, playing "Home on the Range"
Clarence and Eva Amanda (STEVENS) HARLAN,
Smith Center, Kansas
Virginia's daugther, Virgie (Jones) HARLAN, married George Delbert BARR

George Delbert BARR
Virgie and George BARR's children
Vernon, Clyde, Faye, and Vera BARR Clyde and Vernon BARR
Lulu "Faye" and Vera Helen BARR Vera Helen BARR

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