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McCoy, Wilkinson, and Neidhard Families, Butler Co OH

Corinne contributed the picture on the left of the McCoy family of Reilly township, Butler County, OH, and of the Neidhard family below.

She wondered if the woman in black in the center of the Reilly township photo (left), who is Maranda Wilkinson McCoy,
might have been the woman in black, whose name is unknown, in the Morgan Township picture (right).

McCOY Family of Rielly Twp, Butler Co, OH

McCOY search, Butler County OH

Miranda Wilkinson McCOY is buried in the Springdale Cemetery, Reily Twp, Butler Co, OH on the lot with Gideon and Mary DeCAMP WILKINSON.

Her husband is not buried there, and Corinne does not know where he is buried.

The McCOY's from a partial listing of burials in the Springdale Cemetery from the Butler County OH cemetery site includes:



Bday/ Age













Eleanor M.

Jun. 8


 Jul. 9




John W.







Maggie B. Garner







N. Everett

Jan. 5


 Feb 23




William E.






McCoy Family

Gertrude Hopkins, Albert McCoy, Ella DeNien, Gideon McCoy, Miranda Wilkinson
McCoy (great-grandmother), William E. McCoy, Anna Morris, and John McCoy

Morgan Township photo - taken about 1908?
The third woman from the left in the second row with
toddler is Maybelle Duncan George of Dwyer Road near Okeana.
Corinne wrote: "I have this photo of the McCoy family in Reily twp. Miranda Wilkinson Mccoy looks like the woman in black in your photo.

In the second row the woman second from the left looks like Gertrude McCoy Hopkins.

In the back row the fourth man from the left looks like Gideon McCoy, similar to your fourth person from the left.

Of course, I cannot be sure. But thought you might be interested in the sililarities of the two families."

WILKINSON family of Rielly Twp, Butler Co, OH

WILKINSON search, Butler County OH

Miranda Wilkinson McCoy's family

From the A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio (Reily Twp., p. 421):

Gideon WILKINSON was born Jan 5, 1815 on the farm where he now lives, in a log cabin, which stood near his present residence, which was among the first erected in this part of the township.

His father, Gideon WILKINSON, was a native of Northumberland Co., PA, & emigrated to OH in 1806. He stopped on the Little Miami River, on what is called Round Bottom, & raised one crop of corn. The next year he purchased land in Reily of Jonathan COVALT, who had entered the farm, but was not able to pay for it. His first dwelling consisted of four forks set into the ground in the shape of a square, with bark roof, & three sides of bark & brush. At the front a sheet was hung up for a door. He lived in this one season, from Spring till Fall, until he could erect a more substantial cabin.

He was married about the year 1808 or 1809 to Mrs. Abigail VAN NESS, & had by her six children. They were

Elisha, &
They are all living except Mary. (in 1882)

In the War of 1812, Mr. WILKINSON enlisted under Capt. CROOKS, but when they had marched as far as Brookville, IN, word was brought that peace had been declared, & they were discharged.

Mrs. WILKINSON & Mrs. VAN NESS, in 1817, made a visit to their old home in NJ, traveling the whole way on horseback.

Mr. WILKINSON died in 1842 & his wife in 1843.

The present Mr. WILKINSON remained with his parents until their death, they having deeded him the home farm. The other children were otherwise provided for, the boys receiving one hundred acres and the girls sixty acres each.

By industry Mr. WILKINSON has added to his fields, until now he owns 780 acres of land.

He was married in 1833 to Mary DE CAMP, dau/o Ezekiel & Mary (BAKER) DE CAMP.

She was born in Reily Twp., Jun 18, 1818.

They have had 13 children --

Mary J.,
Francis M.,
Rebecca E.,
John D.,
Sarah E.,
Harriet E.,
Gideon J., &
They are all living except Abraham, Rachel, Sarah E., & Mary J. (in 1882)

Mr. WILKINSON was one of the township trustees for several terms, & was school director about 30 years.

Neidhard Family

Neidhard family photo