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Butler County Atlas
transcribed by Karen Hutten,

Alexander	D.			Member, school board, Reily Twp.
Alexander	W. S.			Physician, Oxford
Allen		Jos.			Pres., Board of Education, Union Twp.;ex-member, Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati
Allen		Mrs. Jos.		Resident, Union Twp.
Andrews		Allen			Attorney, Hamilton
Auer		John			Merchant's Bank, Middletown
Ayer		Frank A.		Dentist, Hamilton
Ayers		David H. and wife	Farmer, Union Twp.
Ayers		N. D. and wife		Farmer, Reily Twp.
Bader		August			Baker
Bandiel		Christian		Resident, Liberty Twp.
Barkalow	J. F.			Grain dealer, Overpeck
Bebrens		T. J.			Physician, Middletown
Becker		Wm. J.			Butler Co. Deputy Recorder
Beckett		Wm.			Pres., Beckett Paper Co., Miami Paper Mills
Beiser		Louis			Baker and confectioner
Bell		Mrs. Samuel		Resident, Madison Twp.
Bell		Samuel			Farmer, Madison Twp.
Bender		J. F.			Prest., J. F. Bender Bros. Co.
Benninghofen	John W.			Founder, Shuler & Benninghofen  (deceased)
Berk		Frederick H.		Vice Prest., H. P. Deucher Co. with Berk, Kingery & Co., mfrs. of gelatine
Berry		P. G.			Ex-Judge, Probate Court
Bess		Albert			President, Bess Machine Co.
Betscher	A. G.			Contractor and builder
Bicker		Frank			Liquors
Bickley		U. F.			Attorney, Hamilton
Bingman		E. T.			High grade pianos and organs
Block		Henry and wife		Township Trustee, Union Twp.
Boehm		C. G.			Optician, Middletown
Bonner		Nicholas		Liveryman
Borger		David D.		Physician, Reily
Bosch		Charles S.		Mayor
Bowman		David M.		Farmer, Hanover Twp.
Bowman		Mrs. David M.		Resident, Hanover Twp.
Brate		John			Township Trustee, Union Twp.
Brate		Mrs. John		Resident, Union Twp.
Breeding	John D.			Retired contractor, Middletown
Breitenbecker	Geo. C.			Farmer, Wayne Twp.
Breitenbecker	Mrs. Geo. C.		Resident, Wayne Twp.
Brelsford	W. S.			Bridge contractor and lumber dealer, Jacksonburgh
Brosey		John			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Brosey		Katharine		Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Brown		C. R.			Farmer, Ross Twp.
Brown		Wm. E.			President, Second National Bank
Bruck		P. C.			Staple and fancy groceries
Bundy		D. B.			Physician, Middletown
Campbell	Aaron L. S.		Prest., Hamilton Ice Co.
Campbell	James E.		Ex-Governor of Ohio
Campbell	Lewis D.		(deceased)
Carle		C. C. 			Dentist, Hamilton
Carr		W. B.			Sec'y and Treas., Carr & Brown Co.
Carter		H. H.			Physician, Hamilton
Cash		W. S.			Lumber, Middletown
Cass		Harry G.		Cass Hardware Co.
Charles		Dan. W.			Grocer, Peoples' Central Headquarters
Clark		B. F.			Merchant, Ross.
Clark		F. E.			Farmer, Ross Twp.
Compton		A.			Lumber dealer
Condon		Curtis			Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Connor		Tom			Bank Sample Room
Conrad		Jacob			Farmer, Reily Twp.
Conrad		Mrs. Jacob		Resident, Reily Twp.
Cornell		John B.			Cashier, First National Bank (deceased)
Cornthwaite	David			Farmer, Milford Twp.
Cornthwaite	Mrs. David		Resident, Milford Twp.
Coulter		E. H.			Farmer, Oxford Twp.
Coulter		Mrs. E. H.		Resident, Oxford Twp.
Coulter, Sr.	John			Resident, Milford Twp.
Coulter, Sr.	Mrs. John		Resident, Milford Twp.
Crist		A. B.			Farmer, Wayne Twp.
Davidson	Archibald		Manufacturer, Hanover Twp.
Davis		Frank J.		Farmer, Morgan Twp.
Deinzer		John			(deceased)
Deinzer		L.			Mfr. bent wood for carriages and wagons
Demoret		L.			Editor, Ross.
Deuscher	H. P.			Pres't., H. P. Deuscher Co., Malsters
Diefenbach	Chas.			Watchmaker and jeweler
Dillon		L. A.			City engineer
Dingfelder	Andrew			(deceased)
Dingfelder	J. A.			Lumber and planing mill
Diver		Frank O.		Grain, flour and feed, Middletown
Donley		C. C.			Attorney, Middletown
Duerr		Frank X.		Butler Co. Auditor
Duersch		A.			Coal and wood yard, feed store; West Hamilton
Dunham		O. B.			Member, school board, Reily Twp.
Edson		R. B.			Real estate & insurance, Middletown
Ehresman	O. I.			Farmer, Madison Twp.
Eisel		Chas. F.		Contractor
Elber		Wm. R.			President, Miami Boot & Shoe Co.
Elliott		Arthur			Resident, Liberty Twp.
Elliott		E. T.			Resident, Liberty Twp.
Elliott		J. C.			Resident, Liberty Twp.
Elliott		Mrs. Mary F.		Resident, Liberty Twp.
Ent		J. M.			Township Clerk, Ross Twp.
Ervin		Ezra			Hotel, Ross.
Finley		R. T. and wife		Teacher, Milford Twp.
Finzel		C.			Hotel, Millville, Ross Twp.
Fitton		F. M.			Physician, Hamilton
Forster		Frank			Sec'y and gen'l manager, W. B. Oglesby Paper Co., Middletown
Frechtling	E. H.			Frechtling Wholesale Grocery Company
Frechtling	John			with Frechtling & Sons
Frechtling	Wm. C.			Dry goods, groceries and Queensware
Frechtling, Jr.	Henry			Dry goods, notions, Queensware
Frechtling, Sr.	Henry			retired
Fredericks	John			Resident, Liberty Twp.
Gard		Warren			Attorney
Garrett		Lemuel			Farmer, Milford Twp.
Garrett		Mrs. Lemuel		Milford Twp.  (deceased)
Garver		Harry			Member, school board, Reily Twp.
Garver		Mrs. Sam'l B.		Resident, St. Clair Twp.
Garver		Sam'l B.		Farmer, St. Clair Twp.
Good		Arthur T.		Dentist, Hamilton
Goodman		Julia			Physician, Hamilton
Gorsuch		Peter A.		Resident, Liberty Twp.
Graham		Albert			Farmer, Union Twp.
Gray		H. C.			Butler Co. Recorder
Griesmer	Chas E.			Griesmer Bros., Hamilton
Griesmer	John I.			Griesmer Bros. Undertakers, Hamilton and Monroe (Ohio)
Hafertepen	W. G.			Mangr., Hafertepen Shoe Co.
Haines		H. H.			Attorney
Hancock		J. E.			Real estate
Hancock		W. D.			Physician, Millville
Harlan		Walter S.		Attorney, Middletown
Harper		Jas. C.			Harper & Bro., drugs, paints, oils, &c.
Hartman		Philip			(deceased)
Harwitz		Ben.			Attorney, Middletown
Hasler		Geo.			Farmer and stock raiser, Fairfield Twp.
Hasler		Geo. F.			Breeder of Poland China hogs and Pole-Durham cattle
Hayden		Chas. A.		Editor, Oxford News
Heck		Peter			Carriage builder
Heerman		Wm.			Chocolate confectioner
Heiser		C. E.			Cashier, Second National Bank
Heiser		John E.			Ass't. Cashier, Second National Bank
Held		Philip			Stoves, ranges, furnaces, &c.; tin, slate and iron roofing
Helvey		John J.			President, City Council
Herman		Josephina		Staple and fancy groceries
Hermann		Rev. Chas. A.		Pastor, St. John's German Evangelical Prot. Church
Hesse, O.S.F.	Rev. Raphael		Pastor, St. Stephen's Catholic Church
Hoffman		F. E.			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Holbrock	Geo. H.			Holbrock Bros. Dry Goods
Holbrock	John J.			Boots and shoes, leather and fittings
Holbrock	W. G.			Holbrock Bros. Dry Goods
Holly		P. B.			Attorney, Hamilton
Hooven		C. E.			Sec'y, Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co.
Hooven		J. C.			Pres't., Hooven, Owens & Rentschler Co.
Hossfeld	Fred			Hotel, Reily
Hossfeld	Mary			Resident, Reily Twp.
Howell		T. V.			Staple and fancy dry goods
Hughes		Daniel			Resident, Lemon Twp.
Hughes		Jos. B.			Broker
Hughes		Mrs. Daniel		Resident, Lemon Twp.
Hughes		S. K.			Resident, Lemon Twp.
Hunter		G. W. 			Livery
Huston		Chas. N.		Physician, Hamilton
Irwin		A. J.			Teacher, Milford Twp.
Jacobs		Minor M.		Physician, Hamilton
Jacoby		G. C.			Jacoby Paper Co., Middletown
Jones		E. A.			Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Jones		James W.		Attorney, Hamilton
Jones		Mary A.			Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Jones		R. F.			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Jones, Sr.	Reuben F.		Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Joyce		Maj. Rob't.		Justice of the Peace, Ross.
Kaefer		John			Member, Board of Education, Sup't. The Phoenix Caster Co.
Kapp		Adam			Township Trustee, Milford Twp.
Kechner		Geo. B.			Farmer, Union Twp.
Keely		Chas. I.		Dentist, Hamilton
Kehm		Henry			Member, Board of Education, Fairfield Twp.
Kehm		John G.			Justice of the Peace, Fairfield Twp.
Kennel		J. J.			Farmer, Madison Twp.
Kinch		Frank			Cement walks, grading, paving and sewers; general contractor
Kinsinger	J. H.			Township Trustee, Wayne Twp.
Kleinfelder	John			Farmer, Ross Twp.
Koenig		Geo.			Justice of the Peace, St. Clair Twp.
Kramer		Adam			Farmer, Milford Twp.
Kramer		H. L.			Surveyor and farmer, Milford Twp.
Krauth		H. L.			Attorney, Hamilton
Krebs		Frank			Butler Co. Sheriff
Kriegenhofer	J. S.			Vine Street Grocer
Lafferty	D. C.			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Landis		Sam'l. C.		State representative
Laurie		Adam			retired
LeeAnido	G. A.			Dentist; Manager, Taft's Dental Ass'n., Middletown
Lefferson	Garret			Resident, Lemon Twp.
Lehmkuhl	J. B.			Druggust and pharmacist
Lesher		Sam G. and wife		Farmer, Reily Twp.
Lewis	Capt. 	A. I.			Farmer, Ross Twp.
Lewis		Mrs. A. I.		Resident, Ross Twp.
Lindley		Miles D.		Pres't. Board of Education
Line		Robert			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Lintner		J. P.			Farmer, Union Twp.
Lintner		Wm. J.			Farmer, Union Twp.
Listner		Anna M.			Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Livingston	R. J.			Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Lloyd		Rev. Frederic E. J.	Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church
Lodder		John			Florist
Long		F. M.			Undertaker, member of school board, West Chester, Union Twp.
Long		Mrs. F. M.		Resident, Union Twp.
Magie		C. D.			Dentist, Oxford
Margerum	David B.		Township Trustee, Wayne Twp.
Marki		Constantine		Physician, Hamilton
Marr		John W.			Merchant tailor and clothier
Marr		Jos. H.			Merchant tailor
Mason		C. E.			Assistant Cashier, Miami Valley National Bank
Mason		Martin			Proprietor, Eagle Brewery
Mason		Wm. F.			with Mason's Brewery
McCallay	D.			Nelson & McCallay Tobacco Co., Middletown
McCarter	John Y.			Prest., City Council, Middletown
McClellan	F. P.			Real estate, insurance
McCreary	Ayers			Resident, Lemon Twp.
McGreevy	Thomas C.		Township Treasurer, Fairfield Twp.
McKinney	R. C.			Treas. and Gen'l Mangr., Niles Tool Works
McLaughlin	Martin			Butler Co. Commissioner
Mendenhall	Nathan S.		Farmer, Wayne Twp., born Dec. 11, 1837
Miller		Geo. A.			Grocer; Trustee, City Gas Works
Miller		M. E.			Township Trustee, Milford Twp.
Miller		Prof. L. A. and family	Justice of the Peace and teacher, Milford Twp.
Miller		Wm. C.			Physician, Hamilton
Millikin	B. R.			Attorney, Hamilton
Millikin	Dan. M.			Physician, Hamilton
Millikin	Ira S.			Real estate
Millikin	Mark			Physician, Hamilton
Millikin	S. H.			Carpets, wall paper and Queensware
Millikin	Thomas			Attorney, Hamilton
Minton		Hazel			daughter of Wm. Minton, Ross Twp.
Moorhead	John			Farmer, Morgan Twp.
Morehouse	L. L.			Fine horses and vehicles, Millville
Morey		H. L.			Ex-Representative, U. S. Congress
Murphy		Clarence		Probate judge
Murphy		Peter			President, Miami Valley National Bank
Murphy, Sr.	Wm.			Deputy supervisor of elections
Neilan		J. F.			Attorney, Hamilton
Ober		A. J.			Grocer, Middletown
Oglesby		Wm. B.			Founder, W. B. Oglesby Paper Co., Middletown
Overpeck	Gaylord			Prest., Board of Trustees and Bd. of Education, St. Clair Twp.
Overpeck	Jas. W.			Physician, Hamilton
Overpeck	L. C.			Photographer and dealer in picture frames
Owens		Job Ellis		Founder, The Hooven, Owens & Rentschler Co.  (deceased)
Pabst		Chrls.			Clerk Common Pleas Court
Palmer		C. B.			Merchant miller, Middletown
Palne		John H.			Dentist, Middletown
Panter		Mary			Resident, Union Twp.
Panter		Michael			Famer, Union Twp.
Parrish		Okey V.			Banker
Pater		Jos. J.			Pres't. Board Water Works Trustees
Phares		Andrew A.		Township Trustee, Wayne Twp.
Pociey		Eugene C.		Attorney, Hamilton
Pocock		Salem			Farmer, Hanover Twp.
Pottenger	Albert			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Pressly		Mason W.		Pastor, United Presbyterian Church
Propperman	Rev. Henry		Pastor, St. Peter's and Veronica Churches
Pugh		John			Eclipse Livery
Rapp		Chas.			Groceries, dry goods and notions
Rathbone	Estes G.		Sec'y Treas. and Gen'l Mangr., Hamilton & Rossville Hydraulic Co.; ex-Ass't Postmaster Gen'l
Rentschler	G. A.			Prest., Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co.; Vice Prest., Hooven, Owens & Rentschler
Reutti		Herman			Liquors and restaurant
Rhonemus	W. K.			Attorney, Middletown
Richter		C. O.			of the Hooven, Owens & Rentschler Co.
Richter		Frank P.		Attorney, Hamilton
Riffel		C. W.			Township Trustee, Fairfield Twp.
Robertson	Isaac			Attorney, Hamilton
Rogers		John			Member, Board of Education, Fairfield Twp.
Ross		John L.			Contractor and builder
Rupp		Geo.			Fresh, salt and smoked meats
Saul		M. C.			Dentist, Middletown
Schantz		Frank			Mfr., mattresses
Scheel		J. O.			Physician, Hamilton
Schell		S. W.			Physician, Hamilton
Schlobig	John			Farmer, Madison Twp.
Schlosser	Henry			Malster
Schmidt		J. F.			Staple and fancy groceries
Schmidt		John			Farmer, Hanover Twp.
Schwab		Peter			Prest., Cincinnati Brewing Co.
Schwartz	John C.			Druggist, books, stationery, &c.
Schwartz	John C.			Druggist
Scobey		W. H.			Physician (deceased)
See		James W.		Patent attorney, Hamilton
Segers		Frank			Staple and fancy groceries
Semler		C. M.			of Hamilton & Eagle Roller Mills
Settle		C. M.			Union Twp.  (deceased)
Seward		I. Howell		Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Seward		John			Insurance, real estate
Sexton		Cora E.			daughter of Wm. Minton, Ross Twp.
Seybold		Jacob			Undertaker
Shafor		W. A.			Importer and breeder of Oxford Down sheep, Middletown P. O.
Shantz		Joseph			Farmer, Madison Twp.
Sheafor		Geo. R.			Prop., U. S. Hotel, Middletown
Sheley		D. M.			Butler Co. Commissioner
Shepherd	W. C.			Attorney, Hamilton
Shertz		J. E.			Member, Board of Education, Fairfield Twp.
Shide		Chas. W.		of Diver & Shide, grain, flour and feed, Middletown
Shroyer		Mrs. Thomas		Resident, Ross Twp.
Shroyer		Thos.			Correspondent, Ross Twp.
Shuler		Asa			President, First National Bank (deceased)
Shuler		Chas. A.		with Shuler & Benninghofen
Skinner		Geo. C.			Physician, Hamilton
Slayback	John C.			Attorney, Hamilton
Sloane		A. F.			Merchant, Oxford
Sloneker	Jos. W.			Butler Co. Treasurer
Smith		C. W.			Dealer in wall paper, mouldings, pictures, &c.; paper hanging and house decorating, Millville
Smith		Culbertson J.		Prosecuting attorney
Smith		H. H.			Physician, Reily
Smith		N.			Resident, Reily Twp.
Smith		W. C.			Smith & Huesing, furniture
Smith		Wm. H.			Township Trustee, Fairfield Twp.
Sohngen		Chas.			President, Sohngen Malting Co.
Sohngen		Edward C.		with the Sohngen Malting Co.
Sohngen		Geo. P.			Sec'y and Treas., Sohngen Malting Co.
Sohngen		Louis			Founder, Sohngen Malting Co.  (deceased)
Sommers		J. A.			Prest., J. A. Sommers Mfg. Co.
Stace		G. W.			Real estate, insurance
Stahlheber	John			Farmer, Hanover Twp.
Stephan		W. H.			Mfr., hubs and spokes
Stewart		David			Member, school board, Oxford Twp.
Stillwaugh	Albert			Water Works Trustee
Stock		Jacob			School director, Wayne Twp.
Straub		F. J.			Wholessale and retail coal, wood, lime, cement, plaster, &c.
Stroh		Louis			Township Treasurer-elect, Fairfield Twp.
Stumpf		Mrs. Catherine		Resident, Hanover Twp.
Sutphen		John T.			Physician, Middletown
Thomas		B. F.			Attorney, Hamilton
Thomas		Jas. B.			Postmaster, Hamilton 1832-51  (deceased)
Thomas		Jas. K.			Wardlow & Thomas Paper Co., Middletown
Thomas		Marcellus		Superintendent of police
Thompson	F. H.			Township Trustee, Fairfield Twp.
Thompson	Harry G.		Plumber, gas and steam fitter
Tobey		Walter L.		Managing editor, Daily Republican
Torrence	J. E.			Physician, Oxford
Townsend	Fred E.			Architect
Tucker		Wm. C.			Member, Board of Education, Oxford Twp.
Twitchell	H. E.			Physician, Hamilton
Van Dyke	J. N.			Clerk of Liberty Twp.
Van Hise	A. J.			Township Trustee, Union Twp.; merchant, Pisgah
VanCleaf	Hannah			Resident, Fairfield Twp.
Vanderveer	Ferdinand		Judge, Common Pleas (deceased)
Vanhorn		I. E.			Township Trustee, Reily Twp.
Varelmann	Rev. Francis M.		Pastor, St. Joseph's German Catholic Church
Vetter		Jos.			Dealer in fresh and salt meats, &c.
Wade		Edward			Farmer, Ross Twp.
Wade		F. W.			Farmer, Ross Twp.
Walter		John			Farmer, Oxford Twp.
Walter		Mrs. John		Resident, Oxford Twp.
Warwick		I. M.			Attorney, Hamilton
Warwick		Jeremiah		Resident, St. Clair Twp. for 84 years
Wasson		Clarence C.		Physician, Hamilton
Weaver		John C.			Butler Co. Surveyor
Webb		David			Livery
Webb		Foster			Farmer and fine stock raiser, Reily Twp.
Weber		J. S.			Farmer, St. Clair Twp.
Weber		Peter			Liquors, Middletown
Webster		Jas. R.			Real estate
Weissinger	David			Farmer, Fairfield Twp.
Wetmore		E. P.			Oxford Twp.  (deceased)
Whitaker	F. W.			Vice Pres't., Miami Valley National Bank
Whitmore	Jas. P.			Attorney, Hamilton
Wilkinson	F. M.			Farmer, Hanover Twp.
Wilkinson	John D.			Farmer, Reily Twp.
Willey		S. E.			Prop., Model Roller Mill, Ross.
Williams	Israel			Attorney, Hamilton
Williams	Nelson			Attorney, Hamilton
Wilson		C. A.			Farmer, St. Clair Twp.
Winkler		W. H.			Winkler & Straub, men's furnishers
Wintersteen	S. S.			Notions, toys, and fancy goods
Wirtz		Theodore		[no listing]
Wittman		John			Township Clerk, Wayne Twp.
Woodruff	Rob't S.		Attorney, Hamilton
Woolensnider	Wm.			Cigar manufacturer, Ross.
Wright		W. A.			Postmaster, Union Twp.; general merchandise, Mauds
Wycoff		Jas. I.			Township Trustee, Milford Twp.
Wysong		Emsley			Member, school board, Oxford Twp.
Yager		John H.			Horseshoer and wagon-maker, dealer in farm implements, Jacksonburgh
Yager		Lydia A.		Resident, Wayne Twp.
Young		Philip J.		Mfr., fencing
Zilliox		Geo. Z.			Livery, hack and boarding stable
Zoller		Michael			Butler Co. Commissioner
Zschau		A. E.			Prop., Hamilton Cornice Works; established 1883