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Pan-European Reference Books and Websites

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      The books and or websites listed herein are those that cover more than two or more of the several geographical areas included within this heraldic classification.

General Heraldry Reference Books

General Heraldry Reference Websites


Armorial Books


Armorial Websites

Bio-Gen Books

Bio-Gen Websites

Geography Books

 & Websites

History Books

 & Websites


General Reference Books:

There are so many books in this category that we had to put them on another web-page ! ! !

To the PAN-EUROPEAN Heraldry Reference Book Collection.

General Reference Websites:

Armorial de Gelre 1370-1414 (Index of Names)

Armorial of the Order of the Golden Fleece (1440–1543)

European Rolls of Arms

Heraldry - Wikimedia Commons

Heralds' Roll (dating from c. 1280, containing 697 painted coats)

Images of Armorial Books

Lalaing Armorial: 1560-1570 (French, Flemish, German)

Period Rolls of Arms

Roll of Arms - Wikipedia

The Camden Roll – 1285 – 1296

Walford's Roll of Arms, c. 1275


Bio-Gen Books:

Encyclopedia heraldic chivalry: Nobility Handbook,  by Goffredo di Crollalanza – 1878

Directory of the nobility of France and Europe, André François Joseph Borel d'Hauterive,, published 1857

Bio-Gen Websites:

Almanach de Saxe Gotha (Royal Genealogical Reference)

European Nobility A-Z (Wikipedia Category)

European Royalty and Nobility  website by Brigitte Gastel Lloyd

Medieval European Nobility


Books & Websites:

A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, & Historical of the various countries, places, & principal natural objects in the world,

by John  Ramsay M'Culloch, , four volumes, published 1866

Volume 1:  AA - Caspe 

Volume 2:  Caspian Sea - Iona

Volume 3:  Ionian Islands -  Poole

Volume 4:  PoonahZytomiers


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Books & Websites:

A Concise History of Knighthood: Containing the Religious & Military Orders of Europe: Vol 1, by Hugh Clark, 1784

A Concise History of Knighthood: Containing the Religious & Military Orders of Europe: Vol.2, by Hugh Clark, 1784

History of Europe

European History Timeline

Timeline of the Middle Ages

History of Europe (Middle Ages)

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