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   From 1784 to the formation of the Constitution in 1792 the chief executive, of the state was called president. This town does not seem to have left a record of any votes before 1787. The absence of all records during that period may be accounted for, because Canaan probably did not know whether it was going to belong to Vermont or not.

   The * shows which candidate was elected.

1787*John Langdon, 23.
  John Sullivan,9.
1788*John Langdon,21.
  John Sullivan,1.
  Josiah Bartlett,7.
1789*John Sullivan,4.
  John Pickering,24.
1790  John Pickering,14.
 *Josiah Bartlett,3.
  John Sullivan,2.
1791*Josiah Bartlett,37.
1792*Josiah Bartlett,53.
1793*Josiab Bartlett,35.
  John Langdon,7.
1794*John T. Gilman,53.
  Beza Woodward,3.
1796*John T. Gilman,42.
  Timothy Walker,10.
1797*John T. Gilman,47.
1798*John T. Gilman,18.
  Oliver Peabody,34.
1800*John T. Gilman,57.
  Timothy Walker,12.
  Oliver Peabody,1.
1802*John T. Gilman,87.
  John Langdon,17.
1803*John T. Gilman,104.
  John Langdon,30.
1804*John T. Gilman,110.
  John Langdon,42.
  William Tatton,1.
1805*John Langdon,54.
  John T. Gilman,104.
1806*John Langdon,46.
  Jeremiah Smith,73.
  Joshua Richardson,1.
1807*John Langdon,39.
  Jeremiah Smith,34.
  R. B. Clark, 11.
  J. T. Gilman, 3.
  Daniel Blaisdell, 3.
1808*John Langdon, 51.
  Jeremiah Smith, 49.
  John Currier,5.
  R. B. Clark, 5.
  Oliver Peabody, 4.
1809*Jeremiah Smith, 145.
  John Langdon, 47.
1810*John Langdon, 42.
  Jeremiah Smith, 140.