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John Gilman George Lester
Zephriam Forties Joseph D. Bliss
Robert McConnell              Thos. H. Desmond
Orra C. Hardy John McCauley
Patrick Ledlow Jas. Richards
Chas Smith Cornelius Creed
Saml. Sleeper George Langdon
Linder Maruize Andrew Blair
Ferdinant Meyer Warren W. Hamlett
John Taylor Thos. Presley
James Green Oscar F. Washburn

    In the adjutant-general’s report the Canaan enrollment on April 30, 1865 was 139 men, the total quota under calls since July, 1863, up to that time was 93 men. The total credit by enrollment and draft was 108 men, there being a surplus of 15 men. The number of male citizens in town between 18 and 45 years liable to military duty was 139, the estimated number who entered the army and navy from April 15, 1861, to April, 1865, was 49 as reported, but the latter number must be a mistake. The number of men the town was required to furnish during the war can not be told nor the number it did furnish. But so far as the records go every name has been taken that has been credited to Canaan, some whose residence was unknown are known to have enlisted from this town. This record includes only the names of those who enlisted from this town and went to fill out the quota required. Some of them were residents, others were hired by the brokers employed by the town to obtain men in place of those drafted or volunteered. Some men reënlisted after their term of service had expired. Many of the hired substitutes deserted.

    The foregoing lists contain the names of 183 men.