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   A few weeks after the excitement attending the burning of the old academy building had subsided (it was never known who the incendiary was) a number of men assembled in Mr. Weeks’ office and proposed to erect a new academy upon the site of the one burned. It was estimated that thirteen hundred dollars would defray all charges. An attempt was made on April 15th to get the town to appropriate money from the surplus revenue to build a new town house and academy, but the article was dismissed and a vote was taken “not to build.” Subsequently, these men decided to make thirteen notes of one hundred dollars each, each note to be signed by five men, and each man to be a member of the new corporation on payment of one fifth of his note. Thus there were to be sixty-five shares in the new building at twenty dollars each.

   The names of the signers of only twelve of the thirteen notes have been obtained. They are the following:

   On the first note were Eleazer Martin, March Barber, James Arvin, Bartlett Hoyt and Jesse Martin.

   On the second, William Gordon, Ensign Colby, Thomas Flanders, John Fales and William Kimball.

   On the third, William Martin, William P. Weeks, Guilford Cobb, Henry Martin and Horace Chase.

   On the fourth, Caleb Blodgett, William Doten, Tilton Nichols, Joseph D. Smith and Salmon P. Cobb.

   On the fifth, Joseph L. Richardson, Benjamin Bradbury, Joshua S. Lathrop, Alvah Richardson and Benjamin Kidder.

   On the sixth, Daniel G. Patten, Abram Page, Jr., Josiah Richardson, Joshua W. Richardson, James B. Wallace and Amos B. Clark.

   On the seventh, Joseph Dustin, John Shepherd, Josiah P. Haynes, James Tyler and Nathan M. Currier.

   On the eighth, Simeon Hadley, William Campbell, Peter S. Wells, Daniel Campbell and Nathaniel Shepherd.