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was added to reach the hall from the outside. In 1849, $200 was apropriated by the town for repairs on account of damage done by some ruthless persons.

    Wen the first bell was placed in the belfry is not known, but in 1853 Eleazer Martin was appointed an agent to sell the old bell and buy a new one of 1,200 pounds and hang the same. This bell has tolled for the dead and dying, for young and old to assemble, for the scholars in the academy, who always took delight in turning it over as many times as possible, and it was considered a great feat for any boy. It swung for many years, pulled by a long rope running down to the ground floor of the belfry. Its tongue has pealed the alarm for every fire in the vicinity, and on almost every night before the Fourth of July it has not been forgotten. Its tones are so clear that it can be heard in Tunis. In 1894, a clock was added to the tower, just beneath the bell, and the bell was fastened, that the clock might strike the time of day upon it, so that it no longer swings. In 1874 the town voted $400 to repair the house.