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Abner Chamberlain, William Chamberlain, Jr., Aaron Cady, Aaron Cady, Jr., Nathaniel Cady, Daniel Fowle, Samuel Dodge, Thomas Gustin and Thomas Gustin, Jr.

    They voted to reserve the common land lying on the westerly side of the Mascoma River, northerly of H. G. Lathrop's and adjoining Dame’s Gore, for the right of Richard Wibard. Joseph Dustin and Elijah Blaisdell are appointed a committee to dispose of the remaining undivided land which is not enough to make any further division and account to the proprietors “for their equal share of the proceeds, excepting the land adjoining Bear Pond and the piece reserved for Richard Wibard’s right.” So ends the records; there was no accounting so far as recorded. It is, however, well known that Mr. Dustin under that vote sold several pieces of land. The land around Bear Pond he claimed as his own and was not sold out of the family until long after his death. It was never surveyed.

    There still remain uncancelled the rights of George and Gibson Harris, Allen Whitman, Jared Spencer, Ephraim Wells, Jr., Thomas Wells, Jedediah Lathrop, Clement Daniels, David Chamberlain, Israel Kellogg, George Lamphere, Phineas Sabine, Jabez Jones, Richard Wibard, James Nevins, George King, William King, William Wentworth, Thomas Parker, and Daniel Rogers. The right for the propagation of the Gospel and the Glebe Rights were not cancelled, but the proprietors assumed ownership of them after the Revolution, and sold the land set off to these rights to different parties who occupied them.