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Town Of Lee, Oneida County, New York Odds and Ends

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Researching in Oneida County


New York State did not require the keeping of vital statistics until 1881, except for a short period from 1847 to 1850.

Here's a link to the New York State Department of Health. This website will give you information on how to obtain Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records for New York State.


Some of the larger churches in Oneida County do have records from early years however in the rural areas the clergyman might have traveled the area to provide religious services, carrying the records with him. Very few of these records have survived. Many of the early churches in the small villages had a resident minister and records were probably kept. However as memberships dwindled, churches were disbanded and records lost or destroyed. There have also been several instances where the church has burned, all records being destroyed in the fire.


In 1847 New York State passed a law authorizing the formation of Cemetery Associations to oversee burials and maintain graveyards. Some Cemetery Associations were formed and did begin record keeping to some extent but there was no way to go back and record earlier burials. Many rural cemeteries were family burial grounds and as family moved away the cemetery was abandoned. Some of these are now maintained by the towns but many others are neglected, or stones have been entirely removed by later owners.

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