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Law, Andrew Bonar


Law, Andrew Bonar Law, James, Revd. Kidston, Eliza (or Elizabeth) Ann (or Annie) Kidston, William Richard Dawson, Louise Elizabeth Kidston Robley, Annie Pitcairn Robley, Harrington Pitcairn, Isabel Law, Catherine Mary Edith Law, Richard Kidston, First Baron Coleraine Law, Harrington Robley Law, Charles John Law, Isobel Harrington Law, James Kidston Law, un


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Law, James, Revd. 1822  Kidston, Eliza (or Elizabeth) Ann (or Annie) 1822

Partners & Children


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 16 sep 1858 Kingston (now Rexton) Canada
Birth 20 sep 1858
Occupation May 1923 Conservative Party Leader - end (2)
Occupation Oct 1922 Conservative Party Leader - start (2)
Occupation Mar 1921 Conservative Party Leader - end
Occupation Nov 1911 Conservative Party Leader - start
Census 1901 18 Stafford Street Scotland age 42, Iron Merchant (employer), with wife, 4 children, 4 nurses, 3 servants
Place of Residence from 1891 to 1908 Kintillo Scotland
Place of Residence 1899 Kintillo Scotland Billiard room drawings submitted by W Leiper (ABL)
Occupation 1897 Conserv. candidate for Bridgeton / Blackfriars
Place of Residence 1896 Kintillo Scotland Stable Block drawings submitted by Wm. Leiper to ABL
Other Event 23 Mar 1895 death of father-in-law, Harrington Robley
Place of Residence 1895 Kintillo Scotland inherited 'Kintillo'?
Place of Residence 24 Mar 1891 Seabank Scotland at date of marriage
Census 30 Mar 1891 1891 Census - NOT FOUND IN SCOTLAND
Occupation ABT 1885 William Jacks & Co Manager / Director [Iron Merchants]
Occupation abt 1885 Merger of Kidston's Bank with Clydesdale
Census 3 Apr 1881 Scotland 1881 Census
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 Iron Merchants Clerk
Occupation ABT 1876 William Kidston & Sons Glasgow
Occupation 1874 alleged started work at Kidston's Bank
Census 2 apr 1871 1871 - NOT FOUND IN SCOTLAND
Emigration abt June 1871 to Scotland via Ireland with father
Immigration 1870 Scotland move to Scotland
Other Event abt 1867 Kingston (now Rexton) Canada birth of sister Janet E.
Other Event 28 Jun 1865 Richibucto, Kent County Canada father's 2nd marriage to Sophia McLean Wood
Other Event abt 1861 death of mother
Other Event abt 1860 Kingston (now Rexton) Canada birth of sister Mary E
Death 30 Oct 1923






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Robley, Annie PitcairnWifeabt 186631 Oct 1909Harrogate, Yorkshire, England
Brothers & Sisters
Law, Elizabeth MHalf Sisterabt 1869Canada
Law, Janet K.Half Sister1867
Law, Mary ElizabethSister18601929
Law, John Richard KidstonBrotherABT 1856Kingston (now Rexton), New Brunswick, Canada
Law M.D. (Coleraine, Ireland), William KidstonBrotherABT 1854Kingston (now Rexton), New Brunswick, Canada
Law, RobertBrother1853Kingston (now Rexton), New Brunswick, Canada1902
Law, Catherine Mary EdithDaughter1905Kintillo, Helensburgh, Scotlandabt 1993
Law, Richard Kidston, First Baron ColeraineSonABT Mar 1901Helensburgh, Scotland1980
Law, Harrington RobleySon1899Helensburgh, Scotlandabt 1960
Law, Charles JohnSon1897Helensburgh, Scotland19 Apr 1917
Law, Isobel HarringtonDaughter1895Helensburgh, Scotland
Law, James KidstonSon1893Helensburgh, Scotland21 Sep 1917France
Law, unSon1892
Colwell, DavidGrandsonabt 1930USA
Wood, Sophia McLeanStepmother1835aft 1891
Pitcairn, IsabelMother-in-lawabt 1835Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland
Robley, HarringtonFather-in-lawabt 1825England23 Mar 1895Kintillo, Helensburgh, Scotland
Law, James, Revd.Father1822Ireland6 Oct 1882Banaren Maddybenny, Ireland
Kidston, Eliza (or Elizabeth) Ann (or Annie)Mother1822Spryfield, Nova Scotia, Canada1858Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada
Dawson, Louise Elizabeth KidstonGrandmother1790Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada1846Spryfield, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, William RichardGrandfather1788Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1836Spryfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
Dawson, JohnGreat-Grandfather
Kidston, JennetGreat-Grandmother
Kidston, WilliamGreat-Grandfather1757Logie, Stirlingshire, Scotland1831Glasgow, Scotland
Glen, CatherineGreat-Grandmother4 jun 1754Foot o'Green, St Ninians, Stirling, Scotland1831Glasgow, Scotland
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Robley, JosephineSister-in-lawabt 1874Glasgow, Scotland
Robley, MargaretSister-in-lawabt 1872Glasgow, Scotland
Robley, IsabellaSister-in-lawabt 1871Glasgow, Scotland
Robley, William PBrother-in-lawabt 1864Glasgow, Scotland
Robley, ChristopherBrother-in-lawabt 1863Glasgow, Scotland
Uncles & Aunts
Kidston, ElizabethAunt18441858
McKnight, Alex., Rev.Uncle-in-lawbef 1837
Dart, MaryAunt-in-law1836Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1876Spryfield, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, George GlenUncle1834
Kidston, James EUncle18321852
Kidston, Robert AlexanderUncle1831
Kidston, JanetAunt1829Nova Scotia, Canada10 oct 191115 Sutherland Street, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
Kidston, James NaismithUncle1827bef 1832
Kidston, Archibald GlenUncle18241894Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, Catherine GlenAunt1820Spryfield, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1900Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, John Dawson Liddell or LeidellUncle1818Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1854at sea, Newfoundland, Canada
Kidston, William CUncle1816Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1882Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
, MargaretAunt-in-lawbef 1816
Kidston, Richard WilliamUncle1813/1815Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1901Glasgow, Scotland
Kidston, Arthur RoyFirst Cousin (m)18741958
Kidston, RichardFirst Cousin (m)18721963
Kidston, Archibald GFirst Cousin (m)18681939
Kidston, WilliamFirst Cousin (m)18661948
Kidston, IsabellFirst Cousin (f)18641901
Kidston, JohnFirst Cousin (m)1862Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1922Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, ElizaFirst Cousin (f)1859Spryfield, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia, Canada1935Spryfield, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, CatherineFirst Cousin (f)1855
Kidston, JanetFirst Cousin (f)1855Spryfield, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1918Caribou Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kidston, CharlesFirst Cousin (m)1852Nova Scotia, Canada1940Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Great-Uncles & Great-Aunts
Kidston, Robert AlexanderGreat Uncle17991867Victoria Place, Stirling, Scotland
Kidston, Archibald GlenGreat Uncle1794Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1875Newton House, Cambuslang, Scotland
Kidston, CatherineGreat Aunt17921840Bothwell Bank, Bothwell, Lanarkshire
Kidston, AnneGreat Aunt17901875Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Kidston, ElizabethGreat Aunt1786Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1840Silverwells, Bothwell, Scotland
Kidston, Richard AGreat Uncle1785Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada1865