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Our Stories While I yet breathe, a growing collection of diversely amazing discoveries about my antecedents and their remarkable stories. Please come visit, and please sign my guestbook.
William and Mary A hypertext document relating the tender, terrifying, inspiring, scandalous love story of William Munroe and Mary Ball in mid-17th-Century Massachusetts. Incorporated as a “presentation” into “Our Stories”.
Leola A Gedenkschrift, prepared for the occasion of Leola Seely Anderson’s 100th birthday, 19 June 2010. At her birthplace in East Mill Creek, Utah, we presented a printed copy to the current owner of the house. We’ve continued to expand and correct this hypertext version, as new material has come to hand recounting her life in prose and photographs.
Caroline A report (updated in June, 2010) on recent on-site research in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York, which uncovered our first solid evidence of the life of our Grandma Harriet Page Wheeler’s little sister Caroline. Turns out she became a Sawyer and a Michigan pioneer.
Such a Life An annotated photo-album-cum-personal history, in progress and in hypertext, relating (thus far) my early life and acknowledging the Lord’s goodness to me. Corrections and commentaries eagerly solicited.
Parked Files Photos, PDF books, MP3s, and the odd movie—files too big to e-mail, parked impermanently in my Dropbox for the convenience of correspondents.