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The rolling hills and cottonwood lined creeks and valleys of Custer County, once part of the Cheyenne and Arapaho lands, was opened to pioneers in land run of April 19, 1892. Called "G" County, Oklahoma Territory, until county citizens voted November 1896 to name the county "Custer" after General George Armstrong Custer. (Arapaho BEE, June 26, 1896, name proposed; November 6, 1896, election results.)
Custer County farm
Placenames of Custer County
Name: section-township-range
Elm 24-15N-18W Parkersburg 29-12N-17W
Alfalfa 28-12N-17W Ewing 1-12N-17W Pixter 32-12N-20W
history Arapaho 24&25-13N-17W Fimple Junction 5-14N-20W Quartermaster 6-14N-20W
Anthon 33-15N-17W Foley Junction 11-14N-16W Ralph Jct. 16-12N-17W
Belle 6-15N-20W Golden _-15N-14W Rathbone 14-12N-18W
Bellview 31-13N-15W Graves 27-14N-16W Rogers 16-14N-15W
Butler 3-13N-19W Gyp 13-14N-18W Samsville 21-14N-19W
Carpenter 31-13N-20W Hammon 30-14N-20W Sevenoaks 6-15N-15W
Claude 17-13N-15W Hampton3-13N-14W Stafford 4-12N-18W
history Clinton 14&15-12N-17W Hobson 11-13N-18W Sunset 23-15N-17W
Clinton Junction 11-12N-17W Independence 32-15N-16W Swan 21-14N-14
Cochran 24-12N-17W Indianapolis 35-13N-16W Taylor 22-11N-15W
Cody 4 -5N-14W Ivanhoe 27-14N-16W Thomas 25&26-15N-15W
Colonel 22-15N-20W Lawter _-12N-14W Veak 33-14N-18W
Colter 10-12N-20W Leota 8-15N-15W history Weatherford 7&8-12N-14W
Core 18-14N-14W Lone Star 14-12N-18W
Crane 8-15N-14N McClure 34-14N-20W Barnitz Creek (Coffey Creek)
Custer 27 14N 16W Moorewood 29-15N-20W Deer Creek
Dewey 7&8-12N-14W Nance 24-12N-17W Quartermaster Creek
Edwardsville 23-13N-19W Osceola 24-15N-19W Washita River

Three buildings stood in
the day the town
was opened June 3, 1903.

The Custer County Chronicle, moved from nearby Weatherford.

The Townsite office erected
on Frisco Avenue.

The First National Bank building built at the corner of Fourth and Frisco.
Clinton, Oklahoma

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Arapaho "home town" of Leon Chase Phillips, Governor of Oklahoma 1939-1943. He attended Valley View and Arapaho schools 1896-1908.

Arapaho cemetery - burial site for outlaw Red Buck Waitman 1896

re-enactors 30 Sept 2000, Clinton, Okla.
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