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This site was last updated on January 21, 2000.
  • Welcome to ALHN's Pierce County, Washington website.  My name is Suzy Sprague and I am the host of this site.  It is our dream to furnish you, the researcher, with the historical and genealogical information to aid you in your research on your ancestors.

  • These links are to provide information about the vast amount of history and genealogy links already available on the Internet.  The links provided on this website are relative to Pierce County, Washington, and the surrounding area.

  • I will be adding links and data on a regular basis.  You may submit a historical or genealogical link or should you find a link error, just send me an e-mail, Suzy Sprague.

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The American Local History Network is a non-profit, unincorporated association of historical and genealogical researchers.

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Please go here for a listing of the United States and for more links that might aid you in your research for your ancestors! rhodo.gif (1133 bytes) Please go here for a listing of Washington counties and for more links that might aid you in your research for you ancestors!
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