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The Reed Family of Quincy Township,

 Franklin County, Pa.



It is believed that SAMUEL REED was one of the sons of JAMES REED, Sr., who died in Quincy Township in September 1850 at the age of 80 years.  It’s possible that James and his wife (to date unknown) were the parents of at least 8 children who lived at one time in the township.  For information on James Reed, Sr. and the other 7 “possible” children, please see the addendum at the end of this article.


SAMUEL REED was born January 18, 1796 in Maryland, and died August 20, 1870 in Quincy Twp., Franklin County, Pa.  He married ELIZABETH KNEPPER, daughter of ABRAHAM KNEPPER and ELIZABETH BENEDICT.  She was born April 12, 1803 in Franklin County, Pa., and died before 1880 in Franklin County, Pa..  (more info on Elizabeth’s family can be found under The Knepper Family on our Congregation page)


Samuel was a farmer, holding 92 acres of land at the time of the 1843 tax census, and in 1859, according to the Valley Spirit, he was one of the committee members responsible for securing a new hook and ladder “apparatus” for the county.  Although, it’s possible this was a different Samuel Reed, evidence points to the fact that this was Samuel Reed of Quincy Township (see Notes).  It appears from the article that the committee members were men who had actually already funded the purchase and were soliciting for contributions to defray their expenses so it would seem that Sam was not only a man of property but also civic minded.


The census AIS mortality schedule lists Samuel’s cause of death in Aug. 1870 as “heart drops” .  There has been no documentation found to date proving that Samuel and Elizabeth Knepper Reed were members of the Snow Hill congregation but it seems likely.  Both Sam and Elizabeth are buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, a short distance from Snow Hill in Quincy Township, on land donated by Elizabeth’s Great-aunt Elizabeth, the daughter of Wilhelm Knepper and Veronica Bloom.


We know of at least five of Samuel’s and Elizabeth’s children, although it’s possible there were more that have escaped historical record.  The known children are Henry, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Benjamin and Emily.


The Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Knepper Reed


HENRY REED, presumably the oldest son was born in 1823 or1824 and died December 1888 in Quincy Twp., Franklin County, Pa.  He married CHRISTIANA BURGER on April 08, 1849 in Franklin County, PA, Christiana was the daughter of DAVID BURGER and ELIZABETH or CATHERINE SHIVELY.  She was born March 20, 1830 in Tomstown, Franklin Cty., PA, and died April 02, 1894 of pneumonia in Quincy Twp., Franklin County, Pa.


Henry farmed with Samuel and assumed the family farm on the death of his father. Henry and Christiana are both buried at the Nunnery Cemetery (Snow Hill)  Henry and Christiana had 13 children.  They were::


(More information about the descendants of Henry and Christiana follows this section on the children of Samuel and Elizabeth Knepper Reed)


SAMUEL REED was born March 1829 in Quincy township and is residing there on the family farm at the age of 21 in 1850   He has left by 1860 and it’s unclear where he was at that time.  He was living in DeKalb County, Missouri, however, when his father Samuel died in 1869.  Census records show him in      Polk township, DeKalb County through 1910, when he’s 81 years old and has an 18-year-old grandson, Lewis Powell, living with him.

The younger Sam Reed married EMMA (maiden name still unknown) sometime before 1867.  Emma was born in 1849 somewhere in Ohio, and died between 1880, when she still is listed in the census records, and 1900, when Samuel is shown as a widower.


According to the census records, the children of Samuel and Emma Reed of DeKalb County are:


ELIZABETH REED was born in October 1838, and died May 15, 1922 in Mt. Alto, Franklin County, Pa..  She married LEVI DAN HEEFNER 1859, son of CONRAD HEEFNER and SARAH DARR.  He was born April 1832 in Washington Twp., Franklin County, PA, and died November 18, 1902.




MARY ANN REED, was born on May 28, 1840.  She died on November 12, 1852 at the age of 12 and is buried near her parents in the Mt. Zion Cemetery in Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pa.


EMILY REED, born in 1844; married WILLIAM BURGER.  They were among a number of families from Franklin County who relocated to Linn County, Iowa in the mid-1860’s, along with John and Susan Sechrist Reed (see Addendum)


BENJAMIN F. REED, apparently the youngest child of Sam and Elizabeth was born in1842.  Benjamin remained living on the family farm through 1860 but by 1870, he, along with another 27-year-old Pennsylvania named Samuel Cromer, is living with the Samuel Sheetzer family in Pike township, Stark County, OH.  He apparently didn’t remain single much longer than that, however, marrying JENNIE (surname still unknown) by the time of the birth of their first child in 1871.  She was born in Ohio in 1852.


In the 1880 census, Ben, Jennie and family are in Bethlehem Twp, Stark County, Ohio.  Ben is found on page 268 and is a hotel keeper. His children were:

·        MOLLY JANE REED, b. 1882. She married LOUIS A. BUCHANAN Abt. 1914.  He was born in 1876.

      Child of MOLLY REED and LOUIS BUCHANAN is:

MARTHA BUCHANAN, b. Abt. 1916.



The Children of Henry and Christiana Burger Reed


·        CHARLES E. REED, was born about. 1853 in Quincy Township and is still there in 1880 at age 28.  About 1883, he marries KATE (maiden name unknown), the Ohio born daughter of a Swiss-German father and an Ohio-born mother so it seems likely that he had moved on to Ohio between 1880 and 1883.   By 1893, he is living in Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio, when he buys his father’s property, containing “about 85 perches”, at public auction for $225.  It would appear that this was not the same property that had been passed down from Samuel since it’s noted that this property was transferred to Henry in 1879 from Upton and Amanda Funk.  In 1910, he and his family are living in York township in Fulton County, Ohio on a farm across from that of George Ross and his wife Minnie.  In 1930, Charles and Katie are shown living in Clinton township, Fulton County. No death records or notices have been found to date for Charles E. and Kate Reed but since they were both in their 70’s in 1930, it ‘s likely they both died sometime between 1930 and 1950.  Charles and Kate may have been childless, had one child or adopted one child, a son:

o       HARRY REED was born about 1883 in Ohio.  Harry is a 17-year-old laborer living with Charles and Kate in Fulton County in 1910 but disappears after that.  There’s a small mystery here because Harry only appears on the 1910 census.  In 1900, 9-year-old Harry Frederick (surname Frederick, that is) is listed as a servant living with Charles and Kate. Kate is listed as never having had a child but having one child still living.  In the 1910 census, Harry’s last name is noted as the same as the head of the household but his relationship has been left blank (where son would have gone).  Under places of birth for Harry and both his parents there is the notation of “N N” so it’s possible this indicates he was not Charles and Kate’s natural child.

·        SAMUEL REED was born 1854 in Quincy township and, as with his brother Charles, was in Quincy with the family in 1880 but in Fulton County, Ohio in 1900 with his wife and 7 children.  It’s possible the two brothers went to northwest Ohio together or very close to the same time.  According to the 1910 census Samuel and his wife Laura B. (maiden name unknown) are living in York township not far from his brother (Charles is at dwelling # 220, Samuel at #267).  Samuel and Laura had been married 28 years, which places their marriage around 1882.  The couple had added two children to their family but the three oldest are no longer living at home.  By 1920, the year after Samuel’s death, only Donald and Clarence remain at home with their mother.  Samuel Reed  died March 03, 1919 in Fulton County., Oh..  Laura B. Reed died January 03, 1933 also in Fulton County, OH,, however a search of the 1830 census does not find her listed.

The children of SAMUEL and LAURA B. REED are:

                   CHARLIE REED, b. 1883.

HARRY REED, b. 1885.

LUCY REED, b. 1887.

WILLIAM REED, b. 1890.

                   PROUDY (?) REED, b. 1892. (this son’s name is nearly impossible to      read)

                   MARY REED, b. 1895.

                   CARL REED, b. 1898.

                   DONALD REED, b. 1902.

                   CLARENCE REED, b. 1906..

Margaret’s Obituary:


Mrs. George A Miller

      Mrs. Margaret Pogue Miller died on Wednesday in her home, 435 Spruce Street, Lebanon. She was born August 17, 1861, at Good’s Siding and was a daughter of Henry Reed and Christiana Burger. She spent her early life at Mont Alto. Her first marriage was to George W. Pogue of Mont Alto, who was employed as a foreman by the Mont Alto Iron Company. Later they moved to Lebanon , where Mr. Pogue died. She remained his widow for over twenty years. She then married George A. Miller of Lebanon, who survives her, as do these brothers and sisters: Charles E. Reed of Wauseon, Ohio; George B. Reed, Fayetteville, R. R. 2, Mrs. C. H. Smith of Mont Alto; S. F. Reed and Mrs. Judie McFerron of Lebanon; Mrs. Jennie Ingram of Washington, D.C., and one daughter Orpha of Lebanon. The funeral and burial will be at Lebanon tomorrow.

·        GEORGE BURGER REED was born November 03, 1871 in Mount Alto, Franklin County, Pa., and died April 10, 1944 in Franklin County, Pa..  He married MAUD EMMA BOHN November 18, 1891 in Hagerstown, Maryland, daughter of ADAM BOHN and MARTHA BROWN.  She was born May 09, 1871 in Franklin County, Pa., and died January 17, 1950 in Franklin County, Pa..  George and Maud are buried in the Lincoln Cemetery in Chambersburg, Pa.  They had only one child, a son

   CHARLES HENRY REED was born August 13, 1892 in Franklin

County, Pa., and died March 22, 1935 in Wauseon, Ohio.  He married


Wauseon, Ohio, daughter of GEORGE ROSS and MARY (called

Minnie) MEYERS. She was born November 23, 1890 in Woodstock,

Ontario, Canada, and died June 01, 1960 in Wauseon, Ohio.  C. H.

and Odie are buried in Wauseon Cemetery, Fulton County, Ohio

Children of CHARLES REED and ODIE ROSS are:

·        KATHRYN LOUISE REED was born on July 2, 1914 in Green township, Franklin County, Pa.  Kathryn married Joseph Hicks.  Kathryn and Joe died 3 weeks to the day from each other in early 1988 and are buried at Lincoln Cemetery, Chambersburg, Pa..  They had two sons:

            Joel Edward Hicks 

            William Reed Hicks

·        GEORGE ROSS REED was born on November 03, 1915 in Green township, Franklin County, Pa.  George was a popular and gifted young man and was selected to the Northwest Ohio Football All-Star Team in his senior year of high school.  While playing in the All Star Game in Bryan, Ohio, he contracted spinal meningitis, fell ill on June 12th and died less than 24 hours later on June 13, 1935 at his parents’ home in Wauseon.  George is buried with his parents in Wauseon Cemetery.

·        CHARLES GORDON REED was born on July 3 1923, in Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio.  For the first few days of his life, his parents were unable to agree upon a name and called him “Sparkplug” after a popular comic strip character of the era.  It was to prove a fitting nickname.  Intelligent, with a photographic memory and a keen wit, his college education was cut short when he enlisted in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He was quickly accepted into flight school but suffered a burst appendix midway through training and two weeks in intensive care in a military hospital effectively ended his chance at flight school.  He became a bombardier and flew a number of missions over the Po River Valley in Italy.  He served through 1945 and had just returned stateside, sequestered with an 8:00 lights out, when the war ended.  Charlie had a great love of family and history, and reveled in taking his family on trips where he could explain the historical significance of even the most remotely important landmark.  He particularly enjoyed touring Civil War battlefields, with Gettysburg always his favorite.  Charles Reed died in his sleep in the early morning hours of April 09, 1972 in Toledo, Ohio, 10 days after suffering a heart attack.  He is buried near his parents and older brother in Wauseon Cemetery, Fulton County, Ohio.  Chuck married BETTY JEAN WERNER (private) on June 04, 1950 in Napoleon, Ohio.  They had two daughters:

Cheryll R. Reed

Robin L. Reed

·        NANCY ANN REED (private) married Richard Lewis of Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio.  Dick Lewis was born on 8/23/1933 and died suddenly on 5/14/1988 at their home in Perrysburg, Ohio.  Nancy and Dick had two daughters:

Brenda G. Lewis married Scott Lechlak and has twin

        sons, Corey and Casey 

Dana L. Lewis





Through trying to locate the parents and siblings of Samuel Reed of Quincy township, Franklin County, an extensive search of records has been done.  Although no proof has been found of the relationships of the people included in this addendum, for a variety of reasons, a group of people continued to appear of the same generation of Samuel, all born with the same surname.  Clues such as common names among offspring, a birthplace of “Maryland” for a number of them, proximity to one another in the township,  and marriages to related or the same families seem to point to the chance that they may all have been part of the same immediate family.  I present this information as an additional resource on the Reed Family of Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pa. in the hope that it may be of help to others.


Possible patriarch is JAMES REED, Sr. who was born about 1770, and died September 1850 in Franklin County, Pa.


These dates are based on the following:

1840 Quincy Twp., Franklin County Census, which shows James on the same page as John Reed who is between 40 & 50.  James is shown as being between 60 & 70 and living with a female between 50 & 60.


Dates of death are based on the fact that this James is no longer in Quincy Twp. in 1850 according to census records- the following was found in the AIS Mortality schedule on




From the 1843 tax records:


James Sr taxed on 4 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow, and is listed as *old*


Other census records:


Census Year:  1820        County/Township:  Franklin/Washington   pg. 100

Head of Household   Age     Year born Other males   Year born      

James Reed            26-45  1775-1794     under 10   1810-1820          

                                                                      Under 10  1810-1820          

                                                                      16-18        1802-1804                                                                                                                     16-26        1794-1804

                                                                      16-26        1794-1804

Females       Year born

16-26                            1794-1804

16-26                            1794-1804

26-45              1775-1794


Census Year:  1830        County/Township:  Franklin/Washington  pg. 331

Head of Household   Age     Year born Other males   Year born      

James Reed            40-50  1780-1790     5-10          1820-1825                                                                                                                     20-30        1800-1810                                                                                                                       20-30        1800-1810                                                                                                                     20-30        1800-1810          

Females   Year born

under 5     1825-1830

10-15        1815-1820

30-40        1790-1800


Families listed in this order on the page:  William THOMPSON, Edward TILES, William TILES, Henry EBERLY, John REED, James REED, Michael BRUMBAUGH (bottom of pg 331) (top of pg 332) Daniel HELHSIGER (?), John ROYER, John HUBER, Jacob HUBER.



Census Year:  1840        County/Township:  Franklin/Quincy  pg. 246

Head of Household   Age     Year born Other males   Year born      

James Reed            60-70  1770-1780                                  


Females   Year born

50-60        1780-1790


This entire page is the Nunnery “crowd”, including the Nunnery itself and names Fahnestock , Snowberger, Burger, and John Reed


The discrepancies in ages cited in the census records has been noticed and it is possible these entries are for more than one James Reed.  They are included here as a possible explanation for the many contradictory entries for James Reed of Washington and Quincy Townships.



Possible siblings for Samuel Reed of Quincy township, born in 1796 in Maryland.


Charles is admittedly a weak link—his inclusion is based mainly on the repetition of the name Charles in the family of Henry Reed.  Although determining where different families were in proximity to one another in the Washington township census in 1820 is difficult due to the fact the recorder placed the names of heads of families in a loose alphabetical order.  However, Charles is listed next to James Reed in the 1820 census rather than near Philip Reed who is also listed in Washington township so perhaps Charles and James did live in close proximity. 

It’s perhaps more likely that this Charles Reed was the son of an older Charles who is listed in Southampton township in 1800 and Antrim in 1810.  If so, the connection may be that James Reed, Sr., the proposed patriarch for the Quincy township Reeds, and the older Charles Reed of Southampton and Antrim were brothers.  Charles Reed disappears from Franklin County census after 1820.  These census records are:


Census Year:  1820          County/Township:  Franklin/Washington   pg. 100


Head of Household     Age     Year born Other males   Year born

Charles REED            16-26  1794-1804     10-16        1804-1810


Females     Year born

16-26                1794-1804

45+           1775 or before


Census Year:  1810          County/Township:  Franklin/Antrim  pg. 131


Head of Household     Age     Year born Other males   Year born

Charles REED              45+     bef. 1766  under 10       1800-1810

                                                                     10-15                           1795-1800

                                                                     10-15             1795-1800

Females     Year born

Under 10    1800-1810

10-15                    1795-1800

26-44          1766-1774



Census Year:  1800          County/Township:  Franklin/Southampton   pg. 915


Head of Household     Age     Year born Other males   Year born

Charles REED            26-44  1756-1774     under 10   1790-1800

                                                                          Under 10  1790-1800

                                                                          Under 10  1790-1800

Females     Year born

10-15          1785-1790

26-44          1756-1774



From 1848 tax census:

James Jr. taxed on 63 acres - no horse and no cow.

He's a blacksmith -  also owns 5 lots in Toms Town.


1850 Franklin County, Pa. Census - Quincy Township


Head of Household        Age     Sex     Occupation    Value  Place

James REED                 48  M   Innkeeper $2000 Md

Susan                              49  F                                  Ireland

Adelaide                         22  F                                  Ireland

Luther B. KURTZ            26  M   Tanner                  Pa

Leonard MILK (?)           21  M   Tanner                  Europe

Philip E. DOUGHERTY 26  M   Pedlar                   Md      


Families in this order on the page:  David MONN, John REED, Conrad NULL, James REED, John R. SMITH, and William B. RABRY (Justice of the Peace).


1860 Franklin County, Pa. Census - Waynesboro pg 997



Luther B. KURTZ      41  M   Hotel Keeper $6500 Maryland

Adda                          31  F                                        Pennsylvania

Mary                             9   F                                          Pa.     

Reed                            7   M                                         Pa.           

James                          3   M                                         Pa

Adda                            1   F                                          Pa.           



James REED           59  M   Gentleman           MD     

Susan                        45  F                                  Ireland

Samuel HOOK         16  M   Mail Boy                 Pa.     

Mary O Brian            14  F                                  Ireland      

Points of Interest in these entries:

            Susan Reed is said to be 49 in 1850 but only 45 in 1860


            It would appear that Luther Kurtz has bought James’ Inn or Hotel

Sometime between 1850 and 1860


At first glance, it would seem that Adda Kurtz might be Adelaide Reed, however, Adelaide is supposed to have been born in Ireland.  Is it possible the census recorder listed this birthplace in error since Susan was supposed to have been born there?  Luther and Adda’s oldest son is named Reed, their second son is James.  This seems to indicate a relationship stronger than just the exchange of the Inn


I believe James Reed, Jr. died in April 1863 at the age of 62.  There is a James Reed, Jr. buried one row behind and one grave over from our Samuel in Mt. Zion Cemetery.  There are no notations for dates of birth or death, simply “Father” aged 62


Valley Spirit, April 15, 1863

Old Citizen Deceased

(Column 7)

Summary: Joseph Nail, a veteran of the war of 1812, died at his residence near Waynesboro last Sunday at an advanced age. He was wounded during the "memorable campaign" at the battle of Lake Erie. They also note the death of John Reed at Kurtz's Hotel last Wednesday, after a few days illness. Reed was also of an advanced age.


Origin of Article: Waynesboro Village Record


I believe this is supposed to read James Reed.  I think this is James, Jr., possibly Sam's younger brother, who was a blacksmith in 1843 and an innkeeper after the death of James, Sr. in 1850.

·        JOHN REED was born January 22, 1803 in Maryland, and died June 09, 1867 in Monroe Twp. Linn County, Iowa.  He married SUSAN SECRIST.  She was born February 22, 1808 in Franklin County, Pa., and died February 02, 1895 in Monroe Twp. Linn County, Iowa.  John and Susan are buried at Dunkard Cemetery, Monroe Twp., Linn County, Iowa


Susan Secrist was the wife of John Reed in Quincy Twp., according to Secrist will records.  Ages and children are all from the census in 1850.  John was there in 1840 and still in Quincy Twp. in 1860



From 1848 tax census:

John Reed, Quincy Twp, taxed on  17 acres,

1 horse, 1 cow.   Occupation is laborer.

There's a comment that the horse is old



CENSUS YEAR:  1850              COUNTY/TOWNSHIP:  Franklin/Quincy


Pg. #  415

Dw/Fam#:  190/205

Head of Household         Age     Sex     Occupation    Value  Place Born     (Year Born)

John REED                        44      M           Laborer        $250           Pa.            1806

Susan                                  42      F                                                     Pa.            1808

Alexander                           18      M           Laborer                            Pa.            1832

Harriet                                 14      F                                                     Pa.            1836

Maria                                   12      F                                                     Pa.            1838

Amelia                                 10      F                                                     Pa             1840

Adelaide                                8      F                                                     Pa             1842

Samuel                                   4     M                                                     Pa.            1846

Martin                                      2     M                                                     Pa.            1848


Conrad Null family is 191/206



James REED                      48      M       Innkeeper                            Md

Susan                                   49      F                                                     Ireland

Adelaide                              22      F                                                     Ireland

Luther B. KURTZ                26      M       Tanner                                  Pa

Leonard MILK (?)               21      M       Tanner                                  Europe

Philip E. DOUGHERTY     26      M       Pedlar                                   Md      

Families in this order on the page:  David MONN, John REED, Conrad NULL, James REED, John R. SMITH, and William B. RABRY (Justice of the Peace).


CENSUS YEAR:  1860              COUNTY/TOWNSHIP:  Franklin/Quincy


Pg. #  750

Dw/Fam#:  74/80

Head of Household         Age     Sex     Occupation    Value  Place Born    

John REED                       55      M           Farmer           $200   MD                  pers estate $200

Susanna                            52      F                                                Pa

Martin                                17       M       Farm Laborer                Pa

Samuel                              11      M                                               Pa

Jacob                                10      M                                               Pa.           

Emma                                  8      F                                               Pa      


Nearby neighbors include George GOPART, David SMALL, Jacob GOPART, William GOPART, Napoleon HOUSE, and Susan ROSENBERGER

·        MARY ANN REED was born about 1806.  She married ANDREW KNEPPER.  He was born March 12, 1803, and died November 20, 1846.

Although it’s unproven that she was the younger sister of Samuel, LDS records indicate Mary Ann was the daughter of James Reed.  Andrew and Mary Ann Reed Knepper are buried at Snow Hill. Mary Ann and Andrew had the following children::

              i.   MARY JANE KNEPPER, b. 1828; m. JOHN FUNK; b. Abt. 1829.



spouse is per the 1850 census.  Mary J.'s mother Mary Ann Reed Knepper and her younger children are living with them.  Andrew must have died.


             ii.   HENRIETTA KNEPPER.

            iii.   ADDIE KNEPPER.

            iv.   JAMES ALEXANDER KNEPPER, b. 1830.

             v.   ALBERT KNEPPER.

            vi.   ANDREW KNEPPER.

           vii.   CYRUS KNEPPER.

          viii.   HENRY KNEPPER.


Weak connection based on the 1840 census.  He lived in Quincy Twp. in 1840 but is gone in 1850.  He was between 20 & 30 in 1840, his wife was the same and there was 1 son under 5.


Families in this order on the page:  David BRUMBAUGH, James REED, Christian NEELING, John ZIMMERS, Jacob REED, William REED, Edward CHILDS, Joseph PETERS

·        JACOB REED was born about 1811.  .He married CATHERINE.  As Catherine is listed as head of household in 1860, it would appear Jacob died between 1850 and 1860.  All data is from the census records for Quincy Twp., Franklin County.  Including Jacob would account for all the adult male Reeds who could be considered Samuel's contemporaries in Quincy Twp. in 1850.  However, Jacob’s records indicate that he was a miner and that has not shown up elsewhere in the family as a occupation. Secondly, Jacob could not read or write according to the census recorder.  Literacy generally ran high in the Reed family as in most Snow Hill families


Jacob was in Quincy township in 1840, 1850, and Catherine is listed in 1860


Census Year:  1840        County/Township:  Franklin/Quincy  pg. 252


Jacob Reed, aged 30-40

      2 males under 5

      1 male 20-30

      1 female 5-10

      1 female 30-40


Families in this order on the page:  David BRUMBAUGH, James REED, Christian NEELING, John ZIMMERS, Jacob REED, William REED, Edward CHILDS, Joseph PETERS


CENSUS YEAR:  1850              COUNTY/TOWNSHIP:  Franklin/Quincy


Pg. #  403

Dw/Fam#:  26/28

Head of Household   Age     Sex     Occupation    Value  Place Born     (Year Born)

Jacob REED               39          M   Miner                              Pa.            1811

Catherine                     40          F                                           Md.            1810

Mary A.                        15           F                                           Md             1835

William                         13          M                                           Md             1837

John                              11          M                                           Pa             1839

Daniel                             7          M                                           Pa             1843

Jacob                             5           M                                           Pa             1845

James                             3          M                                           Pa             1847


Nearby neighbors include Joseph RENNEL, John LUCKEY,  Patrick FURY, John BLUEBAUGH, Andrew BRUMBAUGH,  and Lewis BRUMBAUGH.


CENSUS YEAR:  1860              COUNTY/TOWNSHIP:  Franklin/Quincy


Pg. #  795

Dw/Fam#:  413/411

Head of Household         Age     Sex     Occupation    Value  Place Born    

Catherine REED               48      F                                              MD                   pers estate $200

Mary                                   24       F                                              Pa      


Children of JACOB REED and CATHERINE are:


ii.   JOHN REED.



             v.   JAMES REED.






From:  Valley Spirit, January 12, 1859


Hook and Ladder

(Column 1)

Summary: Hook and Ladder Committee has ordered an apparatus from Philadelphia.



Excerpt: "The Committee appointed by the Hook and Ladder Company, to purchase an apparatus, visited Philadelphia last week and succeeded in purchasing the "PROTECTION" apparatus of that city, on very reasonable terms."



Full Text of Article:


--The Committee appointed by the Hook and Ladder Company, to purchase an apparatus, visited Philadelphia last week and succeeded in purchasing the "PROTECTION" apparatus of that city, on very reasonable terms. This apparatus is one of the very best, and the latest style the city affords. Our community will see the necessity of contributing liberally towards this enterprise. The Committee have advanced their own funds and paid for the apparatus, as it could only be purchased for cash. The money already subscribed must be immediately collected, and the following named persons are authorized to take it up as well as to solicit further aid:--James King, J. P. Culbertson, J. S. Nixon, SAMUEL REED, and Thomas Grier. The apparatus will be ready to be delivered in this place about the 22 inst., and we understand the "Hope" and "Friendship" intend giving it a handsome reception.


Reasons for suspecting that the Samuel Reed referenced above are Samuel Reed of Quincy township, are based on census records.


In 1850, there were only two adult Samuel Reeds living in Franklin County:

  1. Samuel B. Reed of Greene Township is 24 years old and a carpenter born in Pennsylvania.  His household includes his wife, Mary aged 24, daughter Nancy I. and son Edward 5 months.  Samuel B. Reed is listed as owning no property.
  2. Samuel Reed of Quincy Township with property valued at $3000


In 1860, “our” Sam is the only adult male named Samuel Reed listed as residing in Franklin County, Pa.  He is still in Quincy township, family # 227, is 63 years old and his property value is now $4000.


There are 4 other Samuel Reeds listed in the 1860 Franklin County Census---all children.  They are:


Samuel Reed, age 11, of Quincy township, the son of John and Susan Sechrist Reed (see addendum)


Samuel Reed, age 5, of Quincy township, the son of Henry and Christiana Burger Reed, whose family is outlined in the main body of this document.


Samuel Reed, age 6, in Lurgan Township would appear to be the son of John and Catherine Reed.  The listing for this family is:


      John Reed, age 35, a carpenter born in Pa., with property valued at $400 and personal property valued at $100

      Cath., age 28, born in Pa.

      Barb., age 10, born in Pa.

      Jos. L, age 8 , born in Pa.

      Sam’l, age 6 , born in Pa.

      Emma J., age 3, born in Pa.

      Amos M., age 1 year, born in Pa.


Samuel Reed, age 7, is living in Montgomery Township, a member of the Jacob Reed family

      Jacob Reed, age 38, a farmer born in Pa., with property valued at $12,000 and personal estate valued at $100

      Mary, age 31, born in Pa.

      Louisa, age 9, born in Pa.

      Sam’l, age 7, born in Pa.

      Jacob, age 1, born in Pa.