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The Covington Leader

Tipton County, Tennessee



This newspaper is a treasure trove of family information! If you have family ties to Tipton County, Tennessee and the surrounding areas then your family may be mentioned in this newspaper!


Some of the offerings of this newspaper are: Obits, Marriages, Engagements, Property Transfers, Circuit Court News, Marriage License Applied for, Order of Publication (usually divorce when one party has left the area), Boy Scout news, who is sick that week, who visited who, Birthday parties, Bridge parties, Teas, school news and whose house or barn burned down.


I fully intend to index all the Obituaries from the listed papers. Please be patient. I have to read the whole paper in order to pick up some of these obits. The editor of the older papers just stuck an Obit wherever there was space. Some of the Obits are just text within the page without bold type to distinguish it as an Obit.


My first priority will be the WWII years of 1941 through 1945. Some of the offerings of these years are: lists of every man from Tipton County that enlisted or was drafted during WWII, Photos of those in the military service, visits home by military personnel, letters home from military personnel, promotions, transfers and of course Killed in Action.






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