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1938 Marriage License Applications

As reported in the

Covington Leader


6 Jan 1938

L.N. Stewart and Mrs. Cap Harvell

James Leon Hammond and Lottie Shepherd

Elbert Scroggins and Drew Payne Coats

Crofford Williams and Emma Small

Ocie Willingham and Mary Jane Jones

Sam Pearson and Irene Parker

John Payne and Gladys Blackwell

Virgie Gilbert and Roberta Thomas


13 Jan 1938

Howard Fulghum and Ruby Moseley

Leonard E. Needham and LaVerne Lollar

Lester Delashmit and Dorothy Burgess

Ozell Blackwell and Marie Taylor


20 Jan 1938

Jesse Gladden and Martha Ann Millican

Nakomia Braden and Mary Edna Woodrick

Sam Wiggins and Susie Dickson

Willie Treadway and Mary Jones

Willie P. Murphy and Vivian Louise Epps

James Smith and Beatrice Collier


27 Jan 1938

Hollie Walk and Mabel Billings

Shannon Faulkner and Margaret McPeake

Sam Davis and Nancy Smith

James Butler and Nancy White

William Earl Jones and Mary Alice Barbee

Charlie Moore and Bettie Haskins

Martin Hall and Martha Smith


3 Feb 1938

W. V. Poindexter and Inez Liles

Mation Terry and Ruth Mae Hall

L. T. Bragg and Annie Myrtle Bernard

Anthony Adams and Mary Agnes Matthews

James Winn and Veneda Winston

Will Hines and Eddie Bell Dowell

Jim Lewis and Villa Bledsoe


10 Feb 1938 

Othal Gannon and Jince Leggett

Haven Hughlett and Ester Lee Boyland

Charles R. Hampton and Minnie Lee Shaw


17 Feb 1938

Charles P. Noell, Jr. and Elizabeth Harvey

Joe Baker, Jr. and Lauvenia A. Golden

Robert Parks and Louise Culbreath

Thomas Dyson and Sarah Bernard


24 Feb 1938

Casie Terry and Lou Bertha Dalie

James Odie Robinson and Evelena Bomaer

James Sanford and Henretta Shaffer

Theodora Benson and Willie O. Thomas

James Boyd and Carrie Smith


3 Mar 1938

John Davis, Jr. and Minnie Burnett

Albert Hill and Elnora Spenser


10 Mar 1938

Chester Smith and Josie Belle Griffin

Luke Hill and Bertha Braden           


17 Mar 1938

Frank Tanner and Estelle Hurd

Jake Reed and Judy Pickett

Oscar Powell and Renelle Upchurch

Robert Turnage and Linnie Jane Morgan


24 Mar 1938

DeWitt Turner and Dorothy Beaty

Dewey McBroom and Mary Northcutt

E. G. Carroll and Middie D. Rauser

Robert Elkins and Dorothy Shepherd

John Henry Williams and Freddie M. Williams


31 Mar 1938

Carl Brasfield and Jessie Lee Woods

Robert A. Bradley and Ernestine M. Stephenson

John Ed Cleaves and Ruby Bonner

David Jackson and Violet Nichols

James Palmer and Nella Mae McCall


7 Apr 1938

Albert Kelly and Jessie Alleen White

Daniel Travis and Lorene Whaley

H. R. Tate and Mrs. Allie Vines

William Teamer and Louise Teamer

Walter Carouse and Myrtle Gunton


14 Apr 1938

Samuel White and Lois Montgomery

W. E. Lucado and Clara E. Banks

W. B. Massey and Sallie Ballard

Gordon Shoaf and Sarah Whitehorn

Allen Foster and Jennie V. Hayes


21 Apr 1938

Clyde F. Scott and Etta Conelle Brewer

George R. DeSassure and Martha G. Baptist

Tom Mass and Katsie Bernard

James Burchett and Laurine Clark

Robert Winfrey and Catherine Johnson


28 Apr 1938

Ashley White and Willie Cousar

Jessie Munford and Katie Parker


5 May 1938

Samuel Efford Gwinn and Lucile Eloise Huffman

Rudolph Baird and Eleanor Frances Gray


12 May 1938

Rudolph Baird and Eleanor Frances Gray

John H. Simonton and Marjorie Taylor Greer

Pressly A. Atkins and Lillian Cadiens

James H. Hartman and Nellie Agnes Peeler

Edward J. Fowlkes and Inez Wilson

W. E. Reed and Lucy Hardy


19 May 1938

Andrew Miller and Edith Marie Berryhill

William Gray and Hazel Overall

M. S. Wright and Evelyn Turner Craig


26 May 1938

James Johnson and Wilma Goode

Thomas Williams and Leila May Hall


2 Jun 1938

Joe E. Bell and Eloise Templeton

Douglas Delk and Katheryn Lucille Hill

Brewer Potter and Louise Gladner

E. E. Leggett and Virginia Young

Willie Tipton and Channie Adams


9 Jun 1938

A. L. Land and Luna Simmons Palmer

Charlie Wortham and Magnolia Sanders

Elsee Reed and Willie May Brooks


16 Jun 1938

Charles Parks and Ruth L. Archer

Theopolis Jones and Estella Smith

Alefonzy Johnson and Callie Louise Eaton


23 Jun 1938

Floyd Thomas Franklin and Mary Moore

John Winford Clark and Mary Ethel Marshall

J. E. Davis and Muriel Thorpe

Collins Stewart and Willie Mae Camp

Irvin Whitley and Catherine Smith


30 Jun 1938

M. A. Gross and Blanche Jackson

Waddell Smith and Zaddie Lee Slayden

Clark Sherrill and Verline Yarbrough

George Allen and Nancy Brown

Eddie Palmer and Lorcy Bell Williamson


7 Jul 1938

Marvin Ealy and Laura Peete

Roosevelt Hall and Sarah Sprewell


14 Jul 1938

Franklin Hopper and Mary Justice

J. H. Hicks and Corine Beaton

Maurice Ballard and Oce Deen Richardson


21 Jul 1938

James Roan and Pauline Marbry

Eulas Dye and Cora Bert Teamer

Louis R. Dye and Dorothy Alston

Rudolph Barton and Ida May Jones


28 Jul 1938

Leni Williams and Anna Phillips


11 Aug 1938 

Alvie Coleman and Mamie Helen Potts

Charlie Craig and Mable Boyd

Ed Smith and Florence Wiggins


18 Aug 1938

Robert Lee Brookins and Odessa Brown


25 Aug 1938

Joseph Henry Millican and Lorene White

J. A. Blackwell and Bonnie Jean Jamieson

Bob Donelson and Lillie Scott

Willie T. Tipton and Ventriss Ann Smith


1 Sep 1938   

Warren Busby and Mary Belk


8 Sep 1938

Clarence Griffith and Boydie Crews

Edgar Coward and Willie Washington


15 Sep 1938

Grady Phillips and Veira Lawson

George McKee and Mrs. Opal Gray

Russell Cope and Macie G. Fletcher

Cecil Sprewell and Mary Lewis

John Henry Craig and Lorine Hines

Henry Dyson and Edna Butler

Lee O. Murphy and Era May Henderson

Arthur Brown and Velma Hill


22 Sep 1938

Lee A. Faught and Helen K. Smith

Bert Barker and Dorthea Bates

Cecil McCain and Arretta Lemonds


29 Sep 1938

Knox Daniel and Marie Dunn

Norvill Wiggins and Anna May Smith

Josh Davis and Estella Burnett

Usa A. Ervin and Queen Esta Jackson


6 Oct 1938

Lelon Martin and Louise Johnson

Marice Yelvington and Jane Isom

Newton C. McMurray and Robbie Davis

Lynet Banks Huffman and Vernie Davis

James Covert and Dorothy Eddy

Daniel Williams and Mable Lauderdale

Willie James Strange and Goldie Malone


13 Oct 1938

Thomas Sorrell and Elsie Smith

Donnie Verble Fleming, Jr. and Louise Richardson

A. B. Whitaker and Zelzah Maye Chapman

W. V. Roberts and Katherine Hart

Jesse Ruff and Sarah Piggee

Turner Armstrong and Mary Jones

Eddie Blackwell and Anna Cuningham


20 Oct 1938

Tommie Gray and Margaret Elizabeth Craig

Luther Cox and Kathleen Brookins

Lomas Smith and Sallie May Henderson

Robert Samuel Rivers and Inez Alston

Amos Smith and Estella Dyson

Alonza Jackson and Louise Harvey

Ozell Brooks and Earlene Jackson


27 Oct 1938

Glenn Newton Ramsey and Ida Ellen Cole

John D. Smith and Eloise Harchfield

Jack Sanford and Lola May Nelson

Ed Mason and Mary Emma Smith

Robert Sanford and Myrtle Mae Willingham

John Robertson Glass and Effie May Hall

Milton Odum and Lottie Bell McLimore

William Knight and Rosa Wynn

Loyd Grady and Floyd Haywood


3 Nov 1938

Charlie Travis and Katherine Archer

Allen Norwood Midyett and Audrey Maybelle McAfee

Robert Jackson and Marie Lewis

Humphrey Sangster and Sallie Hines

Willie Parsons and Catherine Smith

James Grover Hopkins and Alberta Lavetta Armstrong

Sam Bonner and Della Johnson

Robert Lee Dowell and Lee Johnson

Henry Jones and Della Sumage


10 Nov 1938

Milton White and Rebecca Johnson

Joe Mashburn and Mrs. Lizzie Gladney

Vertle Edwin Peeler and Lila Smith

Carl Pipkin Meyer and Virginia Thompson

George Pennington and Eutha Mae Taylor

Ira Cox and Evelene Whittemore

Elmer Choate and Annie Boyd Hunt

R. D. Fields and Mandy Johnson Flowers

Lee Robertson and Lillie Patterson

Dannie Brown and Lola Marie Willis

Jim Finie and Lucille Smith

John L. Lofton and Annie Fayne


17 Nov 1938

Kelly Davis and Rachel Butler

Ezell Whitmore and Lucille Wortham

Theodos Smith and Flora Brewster

Hertell Tipton and Lillie May Hampton

Eddie Louis Strange and Georgia May Boyd

Bill Boyd and Lucy Grayson

Julius Bonner and Cora Ware

Cornelius July and Rosie Lee Emery


24 Nov 1938

O. D. Tracey and Dorris Earline Coats

John C. Rice, Jr. and Charleen Keeley Jackson

B. A. Taylor and Annie Bilings

Marshal Brown and Clara Rosson

Angus Gray and Lucille Hughley

Jessie White and Mary Thelma Huggins

Andrew Golden and Edith Pruitt

Paul W. Hensley and Lalifi Kelly

Irvin R. Owen and Lucille Wiseman

Isrial Perry and Georgia Dickerson

Walter Lee Wiggins and Ollie Atkins

William Kyles and Lilly Bell Earns

Clarence Strong and Mary Dupree

Mike Hayes and Thelma Payne

Henderson Smith and Mazie Hall

James Somerville and Callie Grant


1 Dec 1938

Jim Price and Floy Belle Brister

Charles Poleos and Emaline Douglas

Forrest Lauchlin Adair and Hanna Gail Smith

William Stitt and Cora Lee Hill

Sam Somerville and Maybell Cross

Ike Atkins and Cora Fayne

Fred Johnson and Lois Burrow

Jessie Jones and Pauline Smith


8 Dec 1938

Robert Gray and Grace Kent

Bruce Walk and Bithia Tollison

Herbert E. Cole and Hattie Mae Cole

Addison Hill and Mary Vance Proctor

Dale Saddler and Rosa Lee Sales

Peter Baker and Pearline M. Pugh

Callen Boddie and Robbie Lee Pearson


15 Dec 1938

Earl Thomas and Lodie Russell

Walter Cross and Francis Byrd

James White and Jimmie Williams

Allen Powell and Lucille Somerville

Dock Beasley and Julia Small

Charlie Stokes and Francis Young

Frank Davis and Viola Boyd


22 Dec 1938

Harold A. Goforth and Helen Flora Wilson

Levy Somerville and Ora Cole

Bland Wortham and Inez Maclin

Willie Ware and Ocie Bell Patterson

D. C. Cobb and Grace Bass


29 Dec 1938

Sebern Embry and Onie Lucille Talley

Marion Elmore Reed and Orpha Hardy

Leroy Poole and Willie May Ferrell

Clarence Poole and Thelma Bryant

Charles Wilson Curlin, Jr. and Sara Margaret Peavler

B. F. Dyson and Mattie Lee Goodman

Wilmer Franklin Posey and Margaret Isabel Fleming

Kenneth Adkins and Opal Rice

Eddie Dyson and Pearl Ollie Cole

Levie Sanford and Cora Somerville

Tom Atkins and Donnie Taylor

Paul Buford and Dorothy Mary Hayes

Hal Lemmons and Juliann Watkins

T. B. Bonds and Louise Tipton

John Cross and Ora Moore

James Lee Taylor and Ella May Teamer

John Henry Degraffenreid and Cora Etta Mitchell

James Neal and Sarah Jones

Garnet Parker and Waxey Pearson

Dave Strange and Beatrice Teamer

Alonzo Wilson and Pearl Taylor

Fentress Richardson and Lula May Brown

Clarence Smith and Julia May Bernard

John Wesley Boyd and Kate Maclin

James Louis Hill and Vernelee Outler

Herman Smith and Alberta Somerville

V. B. Barlow and Carrie Alston

Bum Parker and Alice Terry

Elliehue Moore and Ida Pearl Eaton

Miller Calhoun and Bertha Johnson

Horace Dye and Willie May Dickerson

Ike Dyson and Maggie Estes

Doss Young and Lola Maben

Wilford Culbreath and Georgia May Parks





Source: The Covington Leader 1938-1939, Roll #110

Repository: Tennessee State Archives


Indexed by Sharon Burris

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