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1926 Marriage License Applications

As reported in the

Covington Leader


7 Jan 1926

Ernest Ellis Pipkin and Bessie Lou Starks

Edward Jerrell and Lula Childress

W. T. Burns and Virgie McMahon

John W. Vaughan and Virginia D. VanMeter

Wess Barton and Lois McKee

James Hyder Fauli*** and Mrs. Bessie Mai Sterling

(paper torn, cannot read the rest)


21 Jan 1926

Willie Olison Ferrell and Myrte Wymona Wooley

William Frederick Byars and Ruby Lee Moore

Palmer Yoakum and Mary Elizabeth Hamil

Walter Laxton and Ruby Moore

Tom Granderson and Harietta Taylor

Ed Jones and Lillie Willis

F. G. Garrett and Alice Schoffner

Robert Evans and Florence Stitt

Jesse Jordan and Eddie Wynne

Tom Esther Kirk and Annie Mai Thompson

Virty Artry and Lola McLennon

Bob Boyce and Martha Taylor

Cassell Reddick and Ollie Howard


28 Jan 1926

A. A. Beasley and Annie Sue Pinkston

Oliver Wicker and Mabel Scott

Jilson Robert Mitchell and Etta May Pugh

Eddie Robinson and Hattie Paine

Almos Bond and Lottie Johnson

Lazarus Walk and Idilla Reed

Ernest Tipton and Mary Emma Mask

A. D. Elcan and Lou Adams

Willie Lambert and Willie Elmetra Boyd


4 Feb 1926

Morgan Lee Dowdy and Pauline Brammer

D. E. Hanson and Mattie Maxwell

Wilbur Alvis Coats and Golden Rosson

Roy N. Blessengame and Thelma Watkins

Eddie Berry Smith and Dolly Wynne

Bennie Jackson and Lou Ella Bledsoe


11 Feb 1926

Clarence Dille and Ola Rowland

Jesse Terry and Aphia Cade

Willie Olds and Mary C. Williams

C. P. Perkins and Roberta Williams

Robert Clark and Patty Hall

Frank Burrell and Jim Ella Hardin


18 Feb 1926

W. H. Stimpson and Velma Lillie Wilkins

Bryson Sinclair Cooper and Jessie Lee Langford

Montague Overall and Katherlene Morel


25 Feb 1926

Charles Russell Pickard and Eunice Josie Fite

Willie Lee Dotson and Dora May Baker

Alvin Hawkins and Janie Williamson


4 Mar 1926

J. T. Newman and Ada Hawkins Wright

T. S. Townsend and Anna Howard

Vernon Hadley and Margaret Hall

Obie Ellis Gross and Wilda Cleo Gillihan

Olian Falace Smith and Mary Ruby Rice

W. B. Byford and Mrs. Bettie Gadberry

William J. Walker and Adrian May Oswald

Quincy Exum and Zelma Weaver

Jim Weaver and Henrietta Franklin

John Mark Alston and Fannie B. Smith

Joseph Taylor and Ruby Calhoun

Ernest Albritton and Ruby Hill


11 Mar 1926

Walter McKelvey Sage and Jennie Lee Jewell Wise

Adrian Hise and Annie Laurie smith

Harvey Palmer and Peony Bell

Harry Archer and Nadine McCord


18 Mar 1926

Oscar L. Rose and Mrs. Ina Goforth

Louis Sylvester and Muzette Kelly

Odell Anthony and Florence Hall

Emmett Brumley and Rosie Small

Jimmie Beard and Freddie Brewer

Henry Dyson and Zelma Bonds

Warren Johnson and Kate May Somervill

Andy Boykin and Dell Reese


25 Mar 1926

Orange McDonald and Tinie Clay

Charlie Williams Baker and Lucy Thelma Wilson

Forrest Morgan Willis and Maud Elizabeth Clark

Milton Folbe and Louise Gemignani

Samuel Fayne and Clydie Green

Ollie Tate and Vera Lee Harris

Jomes Overall and Lucille Barnes

Willie Webb and Ruth Irwin


1 Apr 1926

Milton C. Glidewell and Elsie Mai Turnage

Aubrey Etheridge and Lizzie Scallions

Ermon Halliday Wilkins and Thelma Irene Skaggs

Silas Bomar and Lois McCraw

Robert Marion Simonton and Mildred Ward Hurt

Howard Bernard and Lucy Monor Vaughan

Arthur Adams and Onie Belle Sale


8 Apr 1926

Luther Washington Berryhill and Louise Delancey

Roy Spiller and Sadie Turner

Jesse Albert Givens and Marion Douglas

Eugene Moore and Eliza Fields

Tommie Dyson and Gracie Bobren

John T. Tuggle and Gertrude Alston


15 Apr 1926

John William Clark and Josephine Witherington

Dennis Thomas and Dinah Harper

Dave Currin and Lena Matthews


22 Apr 1926

John Vernon Mills and Margaret Helen Leach

Jesse Maudlin and Lether McFerson

William Thomas Barton and Ora Belle McKee

Thacker Johnson and Mattie Shaw

Richard Hall and Georgia Davis


6 May 1926

Walter Lee Adams and Jewell Irene Jones

Barney Earl Pouncey and Carrie Mae McDaniel

Will Howard Burchett and Lozzie Tipton


20 May 1926

Albert Marvin Chapman and Willie B. Forbess

Aucie Burlison and Lyda Myrtle Robbins

Robert Owens and Tinnie Sanders

Johnnie Hall and Evelina Devine


27 May 1926

Lesker Porter and Ethel Rhodes

Wells Collar and Bertha Cody

James Kelley and Flous Kelley

Roosevelt Thomas and Lucy Clowney

Allison Plummer and Mary Emma Martin

Willie Taylor, Jr. and Pauline Hill


17 Jun 1926

G. T. Millican and Magnolia Billings

L. F. Bradford and Myrtle White

Homer R. Rose and Cordelia Maharry

Arthur Hall and Geneya Brown

Pete Tipton and Ella R. Jackson

Richard Rice and Lottie Johnson


24 Jun 1926

Ernest Alvin McWilliams and Irene Dollie Abernathy

Murray D. Whitson and Lois Pinkston

Billie Hill and Lillie Joyner

Alex Stitt and Beatrice Moore


1 Jul 1926

Frawley Pippin and Gertrude Marie Fleming

Walter Grimes Mustin and Mary Sue Pinner

Cecil Ray McLaughlin and Sarah Gillespie Witherington

Will Cross and Lucille Clements


8 Jul 1926

J. W. Talley and Bell Perry

Manley Prinnt Smith and Lul Estelle Faulk

Vernon Brooks and Myrtle Lee Lanier

Henry Fraziere and Velma Webb


15 Jul 1926

Morris Faulk and Nettie Baxter

Curtis Sanford and Ida Lee Bernard

Johnnnie Fields and Mattie Peete

John Hall and Martha Taylor


22 Jul 1926

John A. Miller and Lois Pickens

John Standrige and Leona Goforth

Raymond Hobart Coffman and Mary Catherine Turner

Vernon Martin Smith and Tassie Maud Beaver

George Clyde Naylor and Alice Barton

John Plamer and Henrietta Thomas

John Butler and Mannie D. Holland


12 Aug 1926

John Miles and Susie Jackson

Ashley Wade and Mrs. Ruby cage

Sidney Sanford and Willie Taylor

Buford Whitley and Telore Thomas


19 Aug 1926

Paul Thrmaond and Grace Gatlin

George Lee Shires and Mary Whitehorn

Louis Martin Jeter and Grace Wheeler Cobb

Jesse Moore and Cora Lee White

William Smith and Lillie Pearl Young


26 Aug 1926

Allen Crutchfield and Vernell Stevens


9 Sep 1926

Bertie Daniels and Beatrice Whalley

George Washington and Mary Elizabeth Brown

Jim Hemp and Mariah Watkins

Peter Erwin and Frances Taylor

Edward Hill and May Ella Pickens

Edmond Williams and Carrie Eliza Davis


16 Sep 1926

Jessie Edward Walker and Ruby Pearl Standridge

James Cross and Cora B. Robinson

Eliga Baskins and Annie Lou Howard

Ernest Searcy and Jettie Rushing

George William Wood and Lillie Mai Farmer

Will Bell and Effie Payne

Hampton Nelson and Ruth Alston

Sam Burnett and Louisa Johnson


23 Sep 1926

A. T. Parham and Rosa Callie Proctor

Levi Crowder and Fannie Myers

Milton L. Williams and Thelma Amandil Blaydes

Abraham Wright, Jr. and Frimmie Howard

Landon Howard and Jimmie E. Lewis

Fred Bolton and Alma Wilson


30 Sep 1926

Ashley Young and Gussie Hall

Leno Moffatt and Mary Ethel Webb

Henry Hudson and Mabel Payne


7 Oct 1926

Harry Moss and Leron Atkins

Harry Lee Smith and Ida Myrtle Patterson

Alsie Vowell and Grace Emerson


14 Oct 1926

Richard McPeak and Mavis Deen

George Scurry and Irene Currin

Leler S. Franklin and Martha Maben


21 Oct 1926

Charles McPeak and Mrs. Agnes Wright

J. R. Thomas and Amanda Wynne

Anderson Reames and Saline Coleman


28 Oct 1926

Dave Davis and Emma Hurd

Joe Gracey Stitt and Elizabeth Gracey

William Thomas Cousar and Lula Blanche Coats

Clayton Hartsfield and Mrs. Stella Holmans

H.B. Anderson and Nettie C. Davis

W. F. Flowers and Mrs. Sophroni Hooker

Hobart Johnson and Ella V. Harvey

Willie Martin and Katie Paine


11 Nov 1926

W. A. Pitts and Brockie Grantham

Walter Williams and Lillian Marbry

Thomas Edgar McClain and Lucille Billings

J. C. Blankenship and Annie May Wade

Roy Williams and Pauline McCreight

Walter Harris and Fannie Caruthers

Charlie William Brent and Daisy Calhoun

George Daniels and Perlina Williams


25 Nov 1926

Ernest J. Gray and Essie Lee Bowden

William Cook and Rosella Atkins

Connie Brooks Sage and Agnes Edna Oswald

Sidney Morgan and D. V. Whitehead

Mose Robbins and Martha Mills

John Henry Boyd and Anga May smith

Jim Yandall and Beulah Taylor

Joseph J. Mason and Mabel Washington

Marion C. White and Callie Turner

Walter Tipton and Henrietta Tate


2 Dec 1926

Robbie Lawrence Max and Esther McClain

Freddie Roosevelt Johnson and Ellie May Morris

Clifton Whitehead and Mary Morgan

George Newburn and Lavandia Jones

Curlin Thompson and Lyla Bell Thompson

N. J. Williams and Vera Hall

Houston Millen and Mammie Devine


9 Dec 1926

Buford Yarbrough and Effie Parker

John Kizer and Lucile Barton

Walter Briggs and Mammie Dell Parker

Aubrey Timbs and Mary Sue Timbs

J. H. Bush and Celia Payne

Charles Boyd and Hannah Hill



Source: The Covington Leader 1926-1927, Roll #104

Repository: Tennessee State Archives

Repository: Tennessee State Archives


Indexed by Sharon Burris

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