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Welcome to my Biographies home page. I have acquired the "Album of Genealogy and Biography, Cook County, Illinois with portraits" published by Calumet Book & Engraving Co. in 1895. This book contains some wonderful biographies of some of the people living in Cook County during that time. I am slowly transcribing the biographies and Michelle Bley is uploading them on the Illinois Biographies Project page. I have also volunteered to do look-ups for people who are looking for relatives in that vicinity and that period.

I have received many requests to do look-ups for people who are not in the book's index and I really hate to disappoint people by telling them they are not in my book. So, I decided to transcribe the book's index and put it on the web. That way people can see if their ancestor is listed and, if so, can request a copy of the biography from me. Also, I have provided links to the Illinois Biography Project for those people that are already transcribed and uploaded.

Another reason for this page is to provide a home for that wonderful book's introduction. I think that if researchers would read it, they will understand what is in the book and how to use it.

Click on the button below to take you where you want to go. And enjoy your visit!!

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This page was last updated on August 05, 2007
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